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Combining Wearable Tech and AI

Combining Wearable Tech and AI Could Help Predict Onset of Diseases

Researchers from the University of Waterloo have found that applying artificial Intelligence (AI) to the data retrieved from wearable technology may detect failing health. The data from this combined technology that assesses changes in aerobic responses could predict onset of respiratory or cardiovascular disease. “The onset of a lot of chronic diseases, including type 2 […]

This Wearable Device Wants You to Sweat So that It Can Monitor Your Health

Sweatronics is a wearable device developed by Cincinnati-based startup Eccrine Systems that monitors your health using sweat. Biofluids like blood and urine, contain a wealth of information about our health, but they require diuretics or sharp needles to be collected in useful quantities. No sweat, says Sweatronics. The device samples a biofluid that we all […]
modular hearing aid

Australian Company Develops World’s First Modular Hearing Aid

The world’s first modular hearing aid has been designed by Melbourne-based hearing aid designer Blamey Saunders. The invention has changed the way hearing aids look and function. The groundbreaking device, called Facett, was unveiled at a glitzy ceremony at Sydney Opera House by the designers who won Australia’s prestigious Good Design Award of the Year […]

Smartphone App to Test Preeclampsia at Home

Scientists from Purdue University are developing an app and wearable technology to enable pregnant women to use a smartphone to find out whether they have or are susceptible to a preeclampsia, a condition if undiagnosed, could lead to eclampsia – a serious health complication that can put the mother and the baby at risk, and […]
stroke patients

Kessler Foundation and Virtualwear Team Up to Improve Recovery Outcomes in Stroke Patients

Kessler Foundation, a leader in rehabilitation research, has collaborated with Virtualware Group, a leading business group in immersive and interactive technologies, to produce a virtual reality (VR) based treatment option for spatial neglect in stroke patients. Spatial neglect is a condition that normally occurs after a person has a stroke where the patient has difficulty […]
superman vision

This Company Has Developed a Device with ‘Superman Vision’ that Can See Through Solid...

Vayyar Imaging, an Israel-based company, has created a device with “Superman vision” that can literally see through solid objects. The device, which is actually a powerful sensor, uses radio frequencies to detect movement and, it can also tell the difference between humans and objects. “People are amazed by it,” Raviv Melamed, Co-Founder and CEO of […]