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Where are the glasses now?

What happened to the buzz of smart glasses? Are they still in? Will it be a product category that will succeed in the end? Let’s go back in time to review where it all started and where they stand now. In 2012 Google announced their Google Glasses. At that time people were wondering, “What’s that? […]

10 Years of WT | Wearable Technologies!

In 2016 we will celebrate in the 10th anniversary of WT | Conferences! It’s hard to believe that 10 years have passed in this relatively young industry. In 2006, wearables looked different than how they look today. Do you remember? We reminisced through our archives and compiled an overview of the major conference topics. Starting with […]

Wearables for Rehabilitation, Health Monitoring, First Responders and Conception

Only a few days left until MEDICA, the worldwide leading trade show in the medical sector, opens the doors for about 130,000 international visitors. Our 27 co-exhibitors will cover a vibrant variety of health related topics in hall 15 A23. Like announced in our previous articles, here is part 3 of our exhibitor overview. Rehabilitation, […]

Take A Deep Breath!

  Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease that causes your airways to swell; making it difficult to breathe. Respiratory problems are a huge health problem of modern society. In fact, lung diseases are one of the most common medical conditions in the world. Although we know asthma and allergies are often caused by the life […]

The Best Health Apps For Wearables

The healthcare organisations across the world are facing billion dollar challenges in savings, service improvements and aging population. The application of innovative wearable devices in healthcare promises to be a great solution for the current issues. When patients move from clinic to clinic, their electronic health and care records will move with them, quickly, economically […]

Adding Value to Wearable Technology – Simple, Accurate, Useful

“The role of analytics is expected to grow. Wearable tech is useful when it truly provides feedback in an understandable and consistent manner. Only then can you learn and develop. In order to reach this level, we demand a lot from our technology. It needs to be physiology-based in order to show what’s happening in […]