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Health Manager iPhone

With Medisana, you can turn your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into your personal, digital health manager. Under the name VitaDock, the company developed an app with which measured data can be saved on an Apple device and individually evaluated. One great advantage here is that your personal information remains on your device and doesn’t […]

Mobile diabetes systems

Today, having diabetes is no longer an absolute tragedy but, for patients, it does require full discipline and means a certain limitation of freedom. These days there are many mobile and easy-to-handle devices and sticks that allow diabetes patients to manage their blood sugar levels, as stress-free as possible. These products include the Accu-Chek Mobile […]

How can I prevent my body from becoming a wreck from sitting in front...

People who work with their brains don’t move very much. For them, a normal workday generally comprises a number of hours crouched in front of a monitor. In addition good nutrition often takes a back seat during a stressful work week. Fortunately, the wearable tech market offers some great products to keep bad habits from […]

The Sixth Dimension in Wearable Technologies

Christian Stammel, CEO Navispace AG and founder of Wearable Technologies, on the sixth dimension of Wearable Technologies: Because WT so closely relates to the functions of human beings, WT products should cater to all five human senses – hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell. Dimension one (hearing) covers such products as hearing aids and Bluetooth […]

WT for an aging population

These days, we have modern medicine to thank for longevity. But with this long life comes a need to live independently as long as possible. According to the German Federal Statistical Office, DeStatis, there will be a deficit of 260,000 caregivers until 2025. And Germany is not alone with this problem – the need for […]

How many calories have I burned on the way to my printer?

One of the latest trends on the Wearable Technologies consumer health care market is the activity monitor. These are often coupled with an online coaching service. Activity monitors are small wearable devices that track the activity of the wearer throughout the day – and some busy versions keep on going through the night. The often […]