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Empowered brain shipped

Brain Power Ships Empowered Brain, World’s First Smartglasses to Help People with Autism

Boston-based neurotechnology company Brain Power has shipped the first 60 units of its award-winning Empowered Brain™ smartglasses, and plans to ship successive rounds of orders ahead of schedule. Orders for […]
Naked 3d fitness tracker

Naked Labs Raises $14M Investment as It Begins Shipping 3D Body-Scanning Mirror

Naked Labs Inc, a California-based startup specializing on 3D scanning technology, has raised $14 million and has begun shipping its product to pre-order customers. The money was raised in Series […]
Brain advantage wearable

Brain Advantage, The Wearable Device That May Improve Brain Performance

Our brain changes with age, and mental function changes along with it. Our brain’s neuroplasticity enables it to change for better or worse at any age. However, we always want […]
Healthstyle life

Healthstyles That Will Help You Live Healthy and Boost Mental Abilities

We all know what health is. It is the ability of a biological system to acquire, allocate, convert, distribute, and utilize energy sustainably. In its 1948 constitution, the World Health […]
FitBit Zip PAD

Home-Based Exercise Program Using FitBit Zip Plus Telephone Coaching Did Not Improve Peripheral Arterial...

In just a few years after inception, wearable technology has taken a big chunk of the health tracking market. Millions of wearable devices for tracking fitness and activity have been […]
Virtual health employees

How Some Companies are Using Virtual Health for its Employees

Employers looking to provide quality care for their employees find it difficult to choose from the hundreds of digital vendors. While some companies prefer the most cutting-edge apps, others may […]