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PhysiApp 2.0 Physitrack AI

Physitrack launches two enterprise-focused offerings for new or current customers

Physitrack, a digital physical therapy, telehealth, and patient engagement platform, has launched two new enterprise-focused offerings for new or current customers. PhysiApp 2.0 is the first of these platforms. It is a reconstruction of Physitrack’s patient-facing physical therapy app that is better suited for long-term treatment and guided patient education. Read more Qardio Launches Remote […]
Inlab design scarves

InLab Design™ Unveils Garments to Keep People Warm

InLab Design, a visionary in lifestyle, health, and wearables, has launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, unveiling groundbreaking Comfort Touch Series, an apparel collection that combines knitting and heating technology designed to keep people warm. The scarves are made with premium natural wool, and are knitted with a tiny, durable heating wire that is powered […]
Temptraq for body temperature

TempTraq is Vying to Become the New Gold Standard for Monitoring Patient Body Temperature...

A new study has shown that TempTraq®, a wearable, Bluetooth continuous body temperature monitor, is in line with Pulmonary Artery Catheters (PAC) temperature measurement, the current gold standard for temperature comparison. While the PAC is an invasive form of body temperature monitoring, the TempTraq is a tiny, non-invasive patch. When placed on the underarm skin, […]
Verily resmed sleep apnea

Alphabet’s Verily Partners Up With ResMed to Study Sleep Apnea

Alphabet subsidiary Verily has teamed up with ResMed to study and explore treatments for sleep apnea. ResMed, who will exhibiting at our WT | Wearable Technologies Show MEDICA on November 12-15 in Düsseldorf, manufactures remote monitoring devices and software for sleep apnea patients. Combined with Verily’s data analytics technologies, the two companies plan to develop […]
Maxim ecg monitor

Maxim Enables a Healthier World with Health Band and ECG Monitor

Due to the complexity involved in designing good optical solutions and motion-compensated algorithms, many designers find it very difficult to develop good optical heart-rate solutions for health and fitness wearables. Customer expectations, accuracy, and longer battery life must also be considered while designing these devices. With that in mind, Maxim has developed MAX-HEALTH-BAND and MAX-ECG-MONITOR […]
Wearable ecg monitoring

Wearable ECG Monitoring Patch Can Detect Atrial Fibrillation Earlier and More Efficiently, Says Study

A wearable ECG monitoring patch can identify people with asymptomatic atrial fibrillation (AFib) earlier and more efficiently than regular care, according to a research published in Jama. Researchers from The Scripps Research Institute used an ECG screening wearable called iRhythm Zio patch to monitor patients with a risk for the condition. Researchers found that patients […]