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smartwatches listening

Is it Time for the Smartwatches to Start Listening Carefully?

As Apple says, the Apple Watch is definitely the most personal device they’ve manufactured. Still, the tech giants who have immersed themselves in the rise of the smartwatch industry may not have completely acknowledged what being a personal device can mean. Unlike a mobile phone, a smartphone can hear almost the same things what your […]
wearable insulin pump

JDRF Partners with Korean Company to Develop Wearable Insulin Pump

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) has collaborated with EOFlow, a South Korean medical device company, to speed up the development of a tiny, wearable insulin pump called EOPatch. JDRF issued a statement, with its research scientist Jaime Giraldo, Ph.D. saying: “JDRF is working hard to reduce the burden of living with Type 1 diabetes […]
V-go wearable insulin delivery

Valeritas’ V-Go Wearable Insulin Delivery Device Shows Promise for Type 2 Diabetes Patients

Valeritas, a medical technology company which developed a Wearable Insulin Delivery device called V-Go, has announced that it presented the data demonstrating the effectiveness of the device at the Annual International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland. The company said that its device was found to be effective in terms […]

enFuse Allows Patients Self-Administer Biologics with Ease

Enable Injections, a Cincinnati, Ohio-based startup has developed a device called enFuse that allows patients to self-administer biologics with ease. While most of the time we take our medicines orally, other types of medications, such as biologics, must be injected. Biologics are products such as vaccines, allergenics, blood and blood components, somatic cells, gene therapy […]
smart pill

How Smart Pills Could Revolutionize Healthcare

Since FDA approved the first smart pill for use in the United States last year, several companies have come forward with similar pills and trying to get FDA approval for their products. Abilify MyCite The smart pill that FDA approved is called Abilify MyCite. This tiny pill has a drug and an ingestible sensor. The […]
blood pressure

Innovative Bracelet Will Monitor Your Blood Pressure 24 Hours a Day

Checking your blood pressure usually means visiting your doctor, or if you want to do it at home, take out the blood pressure machine, strap it to your arm and try to make sense out of the complicated readings. This could soon be changing. A Swiss startup called aktiia has just launched with the goal […]