Xiaomi – The Young Hero Of Wearables

by My Nguyen, October 14, 2015

“Even a pig can fly if it stands at the centre of a whirlwind” – Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi.
It sounds like a fiction but it’s real. Xiaomi – a Chinese startup company in Smartphone and wearable device has much attention from all over the world. Their rise has been unprecedented for merely five years. The Chinese Tech company has defeated Smartphone giants (LG, Sony) and has become the third biggest Smartphone manufacturer in the world. Xiaomi CEO, Lei Jun released the Mi Band in 2014 – marking the beginning of Xiaomi’s activities in the wearable market. Surprisingly, after a year Xiaomi became the world’s second largest seller of wearables -after Fitbit. According to IDC, in the first period of 2015, Xiaomi sold 2.8 millions of Mi Bands; thus concluding why Xiaomi makes up 24.6% of the wearable market worldwide. Today, Xiaomi is the most valuable private tech startup in the world.

WT | Wearable Technologies has been digging to find out what the company’s secret to success is.

Mi Band
Mi Band is designed at the core of wearable device; with the ability to track your steps, distance, calories burned, activities and sleep. The Mi Band consists of the oval-shaped tracking module which has a matte chrome finish with a neat and a variety of colored rubber up. The Mi Band is super light and comfortable to wear. A plus for Mi Band is their 30-days of battery life; which is still a challenge for many wearable devices now. Moreover, the Mi Band is waterproof -down to 1m for up to 30 minutes. It means you can definitely wear the device all day long, even when you are taking a shower! The downside to Mi Band is it does not provide the most accurate tracker. However, its accuracy is acceptable in terms of what the consumer wants. Maybe this is so because sometimes Mi Band can overestimate your steps and distance, making you think you worked more than you actually did.

Price Strategy
Selling a full-feature tracker at a cheap price of $14.99 is a smart strategy when approaching the wearable market. They are able to keep this price because they are only selling their products online – where prices don’t need to include a profit margin for retailers. Moreover, Xiaomi keeps marketing costs low by marketing to their fan base instead of advertisements. Their scheme is quite smart, they host “fan parties” every few weeks in different cities. At these events Xiaomi Executives can meet enthusiasts and provide them with fun gifts. Besides, they have an army of employees to interact with consumers on social media such as Weibo (Chinese twitter).

In 2015, 40% of wearable devices on market are sold under $100. The other 60% are marked at high price range; such as Google and Pebble. However, despite the good quality of these products these companies have not received an ideal turnover. Even so people are now curious about activity trackers and becoming connected to their health. Nevertheless, it seems that consumers either can’t or won’t spend a lot of money on wearables.

Xiaomi’s low price seems to be enough to satisfy the curiosity of common consumers not only the early adopters. The success of Xiaomi’s price strategy alarms many wearables producers. The question that remains is when will the rest of the activity tracking companies be able to release their products for under $100?

Besides Xiaomi range of smart gadgets as smartphone and Mi Band, Xiaomi CEO invests in cool electronic bike called Yunbike that can connect with smartphone. The Yunbike is a foldable e-bike with 16kg weights. The point is that users can hit 25 km/h with a single charge to travel as far as they expect. To experience more with Yunbike, users are encouraged to connect with its app on smartphone. Let’s see if Yunbike can be the next big hit of Xiaomi.

To round things up, according to its CEO Lei Jun, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal stated that Xiaomi’s success formula is “simply about seizing the right opportunity.”

A “Smart Step” towards the Future… Insole with wireless transmission wins the Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup

by Zuriñe Dopacio González, January 28, 2014

Herrsching, January 28, 2014 – It is done! Wearable Technologies, the leading platform for technologies worn close to, on, or even in the body announced the winner of the Innovation World Cup yesterday. Wearables stepped out of the niche and early adopter market and are becoming more popular. The Wearable Technologies World Cup again found the newest, most innovative and brilliant solutions in this area and has awarded the WT Innovator of the Year 13/14.

And the winner of the Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup 13/14 is: Moticon. The company won with its insole OpenGo Therapist and was formally recognized last evening.

The award ceremony took place during the Wearable Technologies Conference 2014 Europe, the leading European event for wearables at the International Congress Center (ICM) in Munich, Germany. Andrea Onetti, General Manager of Analog and Audio Systems Division at STMicroelectronics started the thrilling session everyone had been waiting for. Twenty finalists, selected by an international jury, presented their cutting-edge solutions. At the official award ceremony the overall winner and WT Innovator of the Year Moticon was awarded by title sponsor STMicroelectronics.

About 20 international experts chose the finalists and winners out of 600 entries from 69 different countries.

„Right now wearables are moving from a niche market and are being adapted by the mass market rapidly. As one of the biggest electronics and semiconductor manufacturers, we were thrilled to see so many life-augmenting wearable solutions nominated. The Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup proves that there are countless innovations and great ideas out there, just waiting to be recognized,” said Andrea Onetti, General Manager of Analog and Audio Systems Division at STMicroelectronics.

Moticon, the Innovator of the Year, developed an intelligent insole. OpenGo Therapist is equipped with sensors that measure a patient’s or athletes’ weight distribution and motion, providing data for gait training and overload prevention. The data is then transmitted wirelessly to a mobile device. The winner of the category Healthcare & Wellness scored with the international jury for its innovative product combining newest research results, market readiness, and smartness.


Category winners of the Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup  awarded by the partners Texas Instruments, Samsung, Allianz Digital Accelerator, C.Schneider – New Solutions, Varta Microbattery and AiQ Smart Clothing, are:

In the category Sports & Fitness, Myontec Ltd. convinced the jury with their MBody Shorts, which, in connection with a smartphone, tablet or computer monitor, transmit, and analyze athletic performance.

Limmex AG won the category Security & Prevention with its Limmex Emergency Watch. The watch has an integrated GSM module, a microphone and speaker. In case of an emergency, the watch calls a preset person with the press of a button.

In the category Gaming & Lifestyle ViviTouch took the lead. The ViviTouch EAP over-the-ear-headphone promises a whole new 4D listening experience – close to what you’d experience at a concert or a movie theater.

For the special prize “Evolve Insurance Award,” provided by the Allianz Digital Accelerator, the experts awarded BodyTel Europe GmbH for their certified tele-monitoring system for chronic diseases. The device measures and transmits different parameters to a doctor for easy collection of all relevant data.

And, last but not least, the best Smart Clothing solution, also a special prize, went to Smart Button by Artur Technologies LLC. The button can be attached to any pajama or nightgown to monitor sleep movements, activities, and breathing in real-time, streaming the data to a mobile device.

The winners of the Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup 13/14 are now part of the glorious hall of fame that can be visited here: http://www.wearable-technologies.com/innovation-worldcup/hall-of-fame/

The next Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup is already in planning. Starting June 2014 developers and innovative start-ups will again have the opportunity to submit their solutions to the leading innovation competition. Stay tuned for more information at www.innovation-worldcup.com/wt.

About the WT Innovation World Cup

The Innovation World Cup was first launched in 2009. The world’s leading innovation competition in wearable technologies invites contestants from all over the world to submit innovative solutions for wearable technologies in the areas of sports & fitness, healthcare & wellness, gaming & lifestyle and security & prevention. This year the WT Innovation World Cup also includes three Special Prizes. An international panel of industry experts will select the most innovative products according to criteria such as level of innovation, marketability, and usability.

The WT Innovation World Cup is sponsored by STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, Samsung Semiconductor Europe, Allianz Digital Accelerator, AiQ Smart Clothing, C. Schneider – New Solutions, VARTA Microbattery. Further partners include SIIA, Medica, ISPO, Continua Health Alliance and Wearable Technologies Group, as well as the regional and media partners Plug and Play Tech Center, Cluster 55, Taitra, Team Cote D’Azur, Comm4Innov, Innovative City Convention, CSEM, and AlpICT.

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New “News” Site online

by Florian Schumacher, January 20, 2014

Recently we released our new “News” section. This site includes all the information you need in order to stay up to date with the wearable technologies industry. Never miss important news, articles from the web and conversations on twitter. Our carefully curated news site is the best way to follow the latest  trends in wearable technologies.