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Jadore Adorn luxury headsets

J’adore Adorn Launches Luxury Swarovski Elements Crystal Earphones for Women

J’adore Adorn Launches Luxury Swarovski Elements Crystal Earphones for Women Seetal Fatania, founder of J’Adore Adorn is passionate about personal expression, therefore it is not surprising that in a world […]
Wearables for fitness

Groundbreaking Wearables That Will Keep You Healthy, Fit and Balanced

Since the launch of its first fitness tracker in 2009, Fitbit has become synonymous with fitness tracking. Then there are others like Apple, Garmin and Xiaomi, all of whom are […]

Instabeat Review: Immersive Real-Time Swim Training Straight from Your Heart

In terms of connectivity and technology, swimming has always been slightly behind other endurance sports as measuring heart rate, the most common training metric is challenging in water. Competitive swimmers […]

Where are the glasses now?

What happened to the buzz of smart glasses? Are they still in? Will it be a product category that will succeed in the end? Let’s go back in time to […]
Uv ray wearables

Stay Safe in the Sun: Smart Wearables to Monitor UV Radiation

The energy radiated by the sun comes in a wide range of wavelengths, most of which are not visible to our eyes. Sunlight is the main source of ultraviolet (UV) […]
Livall Bling BH60SE helmet

Livall Bling BH60SE Smart Bike Helmet: Smart, Safe and More

To keep up with the ‘Smart’ trend of today, Livall has introduced Bling BH60SE smart helmet which provides you more than just safety. The Bling BH60 is also a crash […]