Wearable Technologies Conference 2013 I USA

July 22/23, 2013
San Francisco

The Wearable Technologies Conference took place on July 22 and 23 in San Francisco and was sold out already 2 weeks before. About 300 attendees were part of the original conference and joined our 2 day event at Fort Mason Center.

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Since 2006 Wearable Technologies Conferences are the leading event, showcasing cutting-edge innovation, focusing on decision makers, experts and developers from commerce, production and research, in particular from the fields of Health, Wellness, Active Life, Lifestyle Computing, Communication, Security/Safety, and Fashion. These unique events aim to encourage a dialogue between the respective industries to bring forward new solutions and applications for a rapidly growing target group. Attendees experience the most comprehensive line-up of technology innovations, discuss the latest trends, and meet new start-ups in this area as well as thought leaders.


  • John Dwyer, Flextronics

    John Dwyer, Flextronics


    John Dwyer is VP Engineering & Technology Development for Flextronics High Velocity Solutions (HVS). HVS services customers in the consumer electronics markets with a full offering of product development and supply chain capabilities. John has held various leadership roles within Flextronics over the last 13 years. He has 25 years industry experience in operations, manufacturing technologies, and product development with companies such as Honeywell, Motorola, and Newell-Rubbermaid. John holds an MBA from Northern Illinois University and a BS Industrial Engineering from Millikin University.

  • David Fattal, HP Labs

    David Fattal, HP Labs


    David Fattal is a researcher at HP Labs working on various aspects of quantum information and photonics. His research recently focused on the physics of gratings and their potential industrial applications. He holds a BS in theoretical physics from Ecole Polytechnique, France, and PhD in Physics from Stanford University. He received the 2010 Pierre Faurre award for early industrial career achievements, and was named French Innovator of the year 2013 by the MIT technology Review.

  • Michael Emerson, Preventice

    Michael Emerson, Preventice


    Michael Emerson has a 25 year career focused on transforming early stage companies with big ideas into successful businesses. His education and career has led him to combine technology, analytics, and science to create successful products and establish new markets. At Preventice, he has led a broad effort to build and launch the BodyGuardian Remote Monitoring System. He was the chief marketing officer of Aprimo which created a one billion dollar integrated marketing technology product category. Aprimo doubled its revenue during his three-year tenure there. Aprimo was sold to Teradata in 2011 for $525 million.Michael also served as a general manager for a customer relationship management product line at Siebel, a $2 billion company that was sold to Oracle in 2005. He was chief marketing officer and chief product officer for Protagona, a European-based software and analytics company. Protagona was recognized as the fastest growing company on the London Stock Exchange in 2000. Michael is a Ph.D. Candidate in Applied Psychology.

  • Simon Randall, Autographer

    Simon Randall, Autographer


    Simon is Managing Director of OMG Life. He’s worked for a range of global businesses in Istanbul, Sydney and London and brings with him a wealth of recent experience from over 12 successful years at Nokia. He lives in southwest London with his wife and new baby daughter and cannot wait to see what the world creates with Autographer.

  • James Iliff, Project Holodeck

    James Iliff, Project Holodeck


    James Iliff is a virtual reality game designer with 3+ years experience working with head-mounted displays, motion capture systems, avatar embodiment, interactive cinema, spatial storytelling, and a bunch of other weird stuff. He previously worked at Insomniac Games and talkTECH Communications. In addition to managing a team of over twenty people for Project Holodeck, he crafted branding and strategic marketing campaigns, forged relationships with VR communities and publications, and developed several VR games for the Project Holodeck prototype system.
    James is a candidate for a B.A. in Interactive Entertainment at the USC Interactive Media Division, part of the School of Cinematic Arts. His focus is the intersection of narrative architecture with virtual reality - how storytelling happens in intimate immersive virtual space.

  • Billie Whitehouse, Wearable Experiments

    Billie Whitehouse, Wearable Experiments


    Billie Whitehouse is the designer and inventor of FUNDAWEAR. Fundawear was the catalyst to Billie founding the company WE:EX [Wearable Experiments]. As director and designer Billie is invigorating the fashion industry and transforming it into a business focused on improving the quality of our lives. Billie was brought up in the design industry, working from the early age of 16 at Australia’s leading tertiary design school, Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia. Billie has been recognised for her work on FUNDAWEAR, with the campaign receiving a Silver Lion at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Billie is an aesthetic specialist with a naturally inquisitive nature towards technology and innovation. As a garment engineer she strongly believes people should not have to look like the technology that they have grown to love and depend on. Billie’s designs are sharp, experimental, naturally confident and subtly feminine in appearance integrating the latest technology. Design principals of colour, line, shape, proportion, tone, silhouette and texture are being brought to the wearable technology industry by Billie Whitehouse.

  • Rob Royea, First Warning Systems

    Rob Royea, First Warning Systems


    Rob Royea has significant expertise in global medical operations. Currently serving as CEO of First Warning Systems, Inc., a growing organization dedicated to early breast cancer detection, Royea has successfully led efforts of both public and private venture capital backed technology companies with worldwide operations for more than 25 years. Now, Royea lends his talents to the creation and execution of strategic visions to grow FWS. Founded in 2008 and based in Reno, Nev., the First Warning process uses a non-irradiative, non-compressive method to create a dynamic cell chaos profile correlated to dysfunctional circadian genes. Multiple bioinformatics algorithms compare the circadian gene protein profiles to identify breast tissue abnormalities at early stages of development of disturbed breast cancerous cells. To learn more about the development of this breakthrough technology, visit www.firstwarningsystems.com.

  • Shaun Rahimi, Thimble Bioelectronics

    Shaun Rahimi, Thimble Bioelectronics


    Shaun Rahimi is the founder of Thimble Bioelectronics and the main inventor of the Thimble pain treatment technology. His experiences with chronic arm and back pain motivated him to create a pain treatment product that offers an experience that is as easy as applying a band-aid. Prior to Thimble Bioelectronics, Shaun was involved with the design of medical products at Abbot Labs, Neuropace and Sadra Medical. He has worked on a variety of medical products within biosensors, polymer molding systems, intravascular devices and consumer products.

  • Andrew Cheng, ViviTouch

    Andrew Cheng, ViviTouch


    Andy has more than 15 years of marketing, sales and general management experience with entrepreneurial organizations such as Apple Inc. and Kaplan Inc. a Washington Post Company. He has also co-authored business case studies as well as been a business school guest lecturer. Andy currently heads up global Marketing including Product, Communications, Internet and Brand Strategies for ViviTouch®, a Bayer company.

  • Nikhil J George, Mobisante

    Nikhil J George, Mobisante


    Nikhil is the Chief Engineer at Mobisante, where he lead the commercialization of the pioneering MobiUS ultrasound system. At Mobisante, Nikhil is responsible for product design, architecture, engineering and QA. As a technology leader, Nikhil is passionate about working on hard problems and bringing disruptive products to market. Nikhil has a Masters in Robotics from the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University and a Bachelor’s in Electronics from the University of Mumbai. Nikhil’s work has won him multiple awards from IEEE, IIT Bombay, Sony Corporation and Carnegie Mellon University.

  • Manu Prakash, Stanford University

    Manu Prakash, Stanford University


    Manu Prakash, Ph.D., is currently an assistant professor at the department of bioengineering and affiliate of the Woods Institute of the Environment at Stanford University. Prior to joining the faculty at Stanford in 2011, Dr. Prakash was a Junior Fellow in Physics at Harvard Society of Fellows at Harvard University. He completed his graduate work at MIT where he pioneered high throughput technologies for biological sciences and soft-matter physics. At Stanford, Dr. Prakash‘s laboratory is a curiosity driven research group working in the field of physical biology and frugal science. The lab applies experimental and theoretical techniques from soft-condensed matter physics, fluid dynamics, physics of computation and unconventional nano-fabrication to open problems in organismic biophysics and global health. The lab often focuses its experimental expertise on inventing precision measurement technologies to both probe and perturb biological machines and their synthetic analogues. These new physical measurement and manipulation tools are not only providing critical insights into the functioning of biological machines, but are also being utilized in clinical applications with a current focus on global health in extremely resource poor settings.
    For his work in „Frugal Science“ and „Global Health“ - Dr. Prakash has won several awards including Gates Foundations explorations award (2012), Vodafone Wireless Challenge (2012) and more recently the Pew Young Scholars Awards in Biomedical Sciences (2013).

  • Bj~~u00f6rn Weigel, Bioservo

    Bj~~u00f6rn Weigel, Bioservo


    Bjorn has more than 15 years experience from business development in growth companies as an investor, management consultant, entrepreneur, CEO and board member.
    Bjorn commenced his career as a management consultant for Booz & Company before entering the world of entrepreneurs and founded his first company 2004. He has worked with several industries – including renewable energy, med tech, media and private equity – and participated in a number of company internationalizations also in emerging markets such as China and parts of Sub Sahara Africa.
    Bjorn joined Bioservo as an investor 2011 and became Chairman of the Board 2013.

  • Sonny Vu, Misfits Wearables

    Sonny Vu, Misfits Wearables


    Founder of Misfits Wearables, makers of highly wearable computing products, including the award-winning Shine, an elegant activity monitor. Founder of AgaMatrix, makers of the world‘s first iPhone-connected hardware medical device (Red Dot & GOOD Design Awards). Built AgaMatrix from a two-person start-up to shipping 15+ FDA-cleared medical device products, 1B+ biosensors, 3M+ glucose meters for diabetics. Worked at Microsoft Research on machine learning / linguistic technologies. Studied math (BS) at UIUC and linguistics (PhD) under Noam Chomsky at MIT. Knows a number of interesting languages and is a patron of good product design. Believes an era of wearable computing is coming soon where UX design will be geared towards glance-able displays as well as non-visual modalities.

  • Todd Thompson, Proteus Digital Health

    Todd Thompson, Proteus Digital Health


    Todd Thompson is Vice President of Corporate Development for Proteus Digital Health, Inc. He also manages the Proteus Wearable Monitors business, creating platform and product standards for physiologic sensing in fitness, health and medical applications with a network of partners. He was formerly the Vice President of Product Development at Proteus and has been a key technical and product leader in the creation of the Proteus digital health feedback system. Prior to joining Proteus, he contributed to a number of innovative start-up companies including Origin Medsystems, Fem-Rx, and Timi3 Systems. His R&D management experience spans numerous medical specialties including orthopedics, cardiology, general surgery and Women’s health. Mr. Thompson holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from San Jose State University and an M.B.A from Santa Clara University Graduate School of Business.

  • Brian Gally, Qualcomm MEMS Technologies

    Brian Gally, Qualcomm MEMS Technologies


    Brian Gally is a Senior Director of Product Development for Qualcomm MEMS Technologies (QMT). In this role, he leads all external marketing efforts for QMT’s Mirasol® display technology covering product development and management, sales, business development and communications.
    Gally joined Qualcomm with the acquisition of Iridigm Display Corporation in 2004, where he served as director of product engineering. Prior to Iridigm, he worked at Exponent, an engineering consulting company, where he specialized in MEMS reliability.
    Gally earned a Sc.D. in material science and engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a B.S. in material science and engineering from Cornell University.

  • Amir Abolfathi, Sonitus Medical

    Amir Abolfathi, Sonitus Medical


    Amir founded Sonitus Medical, Inc. in 2006, leveraging 20 years of experience in founding, building, and managing medical device companies. Prior to Sonitus, Amir served for six years as an Officer, Vice President of R&D at Align Technology Inc. (NASDAQ: ALGN), creators of a unique, invisible orthodontic product. Previously, Amir was the first member of the senior management team at Embolic Protection Inc., where he was a consulting VP of Operations. EPI was successfully acquired by Boston Scientific in 2001. In early 1995, Amir co-founded EndoTex Interventional Systems, developers of minimally invasive solutions for treatment of carotid artery disease, which was also acquired by Boston Scientific in 2006. Amir has also held various management and engineering positions at Pfizer, Guidant, and Baxter-Edwards. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Amir has over 60 issued and pending patent applications, including 11 publications in peer review journals. Amir received his M.S. in Engineering Management from the University of Southern California and a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from UC San Diego.

  • Philipp Miehlich, VARTA Microbattery

    Philipp Miehlich, VARTA Microbattery


    Started his career as an accomplished Radio- and TV-Technician for seven years before studying Economics & Electronics. In 1986, he joined former Philips Signetics Corporation. In 1991, he joined VARTA Batterie AG (now VARTA Microbattery GmbH) and has held various Key Product and Sales Management positions.Since 2009, General Manager Marketing and Sales OEM.

  • Luke Larson, TASER International

    Luke Larson, TASER International


    Luke Larson is Director of Video Products for TASER International. Prior to his current position at TASER, he chaired recruitment efforts for the firm’s keystone Leadership Development Program. Luke served as a Marine Corps infantry officer and saw action in two tours to Ar Ramadi, Iraq in 2005 and then again in 2007. He was awarded the Bronze Star with V for valor on his first tour. He is the author of the 2010 critically acclaimed book Senator’s Son: An Iraq War Novel, recognized by Tom Ricks of Foreign Affairs & The Washington Post as “The Best Iraq War Novel Yet.” Luke’s writing has appeared in The Christian Science Monitor, The Arizona Republic, Small Wars Journal and Leatherneck Magazine among many other publications. He was a featured guest on Fox News Strategy Room. Luke serves on the board of the Eternal Valor Foundation, providing educational opportunities and memorial scholarships in honor of service members who have been killed in action. Luke attended the University of Arizona on an NROTC Scholarship, received an MBA in International Business from Thunderbird School of Global Management, and gained further executive training at Singularity University.

  • Jon Howes, Beecham Research

    Jon Howes, Beecham Research


    Jon Howes is based in the UK. Before joining Beecham Research in 2011, Jon led his own NEuW Limited consultancy team since 1993 building products and services based on new semiconductor and other advanced technologies for clients around the world, in sectors as wide-ranging as automotive, smart grid and healthcare. Leading R&D and marketing activities with Fujitsu and Ferranti in the preceding years, Jon helped launch many types of products including some of the first GSM solutions. He combines a strong technical background – particularly in wireless, semiconductor technologies and system software – with deep market knowledge of M2M-related sectors and is an expert in M2M solution security. His Professor title is a result of his past work in delivering Industry and Markets insights at the University of Newcastle in the UK, and highlights his continuing links with leading research institutions.

  • Oliver Bolthause, Bridgehouse Law

    Oliver Bolthause, Bridgehouse Law


    Oliver Bolthausen is the Managing Partner of the Munich office and the Head of the Dispute Resolution Practice Group within BridgehouseLaw.
    He represents clients in front of German courts as well as in national and international arbitration proceedings. Mr. Bolthausen is a nominated arbitrator and often recommended in national and international matters.
    Because of his international education (Germany, USA, UK), he handles cross-border issues, disputes as well as contract negotiations in English and German. His international Experience includes besides USA and UK especially the countries in the Middle East.
    In recognition of outstanding performance and reputation Oliver Bolthausen and his BridgehouseLaw Dispute Resolution Team was awarded „Cross Border Dispute Advisory Firm of the Year 2012 – Germany“ by the Corporate Finance Magazine -Acquisition International.

  • Lucie Merkle, Invest in Bavaria

    Lucie Merkle, Invest in Bavaria


    Ms. Lucie E. Merkle was appointed Executive Director of the Bavarian U.S. Offices for Economic Development, LLC (West Coast Division, Palo Alto) in November 2005. Her long standing, direct ties to the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology and extensive experience in the field of strategic management and location marketing in Germany and abroad are giving her a clear edge in bridging the gap between the U.S. West Coast and Bavaria in the field of international business development.
    Career highlights include positions in the field of strategic management and trade policy at a renowned German chemicals company, research positions at the University of Munich and a posting at the government of Upper Franconia in Bayreuth, Germany.
    Lucie E. Merkle holds a German and a U.S. Masters Degree in economics and business administration and a Ph.D. in economics of the University of Munich, Germany. She represents the Bavarian U.S. Offices for Economic Development, LLC (West Coast Division) in various local and international professional organizations and frequently speaks at industry events.

  • J~~u00f6rg Kemke, Bridgehouse Tax

    J~~u00f6rg Kemke, Bridgehouse Tax


    Jörg Kemkes provides over 20 years of tax consultancy in the areas of international tax, transfer pricing, real estate taxation, and tax compliance. He has been a Partner with Rüter & Partner for over 15 years as Steuerberater and is an expert in German corporate tax matters. Mr. Kemkes’ successes include representing companies in matters ranging from full tax advisory services, payroll support, and representation of companies before German tax authorities. Mr. Kemkes is also a founding member and the Managing Director of BridgehouseTax.

  • Harry Strasser, Wearable Technologies

    Harry Strasser, Wearable Technologies


    Harry Strasser has 25 years senior management experience as well as industry proficiency in telecommunications, IT, Internet, media, and consumer electronics, including wearable technologies. Additionally he brings entrepreneurial experiences with innovative start-ups, major innovation activities, and M&A projects with a proven track record in creating new businesses and launching market impacting innovations.

  • Christian Stammel, Wearable Technologies

    Christian Stammel, Wearable Technologies


    As founder and CEO Christian Stammel has more than 20 years’ experience in marketing and sales as well as an excellent international network. Using this expertise he supported numerous international companies of all sizes regarding business development, technology marketing, and increase of sales activities with his innovation and marketing company Navispace AG. The natural next step to Navispace’s huge success “Wearable Technology” was the incorporation of the Wearable Technologies AG in 2011. Since then, WT served as a business accelerator for more than 3000 renowned companies and will remain the key hub for marketing new technologies in this field in the years to come.

  • Richard Dym, SIIA

    Richard Dym, SIIA


    Richard is an entrepreneurial CMO with 25 years of private and public company experience marketing SaaS and Cloud products and services to SMBs and enterprises worldwide.
    He has positioned and re-positioned companies, built very strong efficient metric driven marketing teams, partnered with sales to deliver thousands of qualified leads, collaboratively developed and launched category leading products and services, developed and run successful partner referral, re-seller and white-label programs and established meaningful strategic relationships with major ISVs and SIs. And, along the way, he has actively contributed to securing venture funding as well as to liquidity events including IPO and M&A.
    Richard is currently CMO of BigCloud Sales, a Cloud strategic sales consultancy. Previously he has been a principal of the BondiGroup, a marketing consultancy, CMO at OpSource, CMO/EVP AXS-One Inc., SVP of Marketing SiteSmith/Abovenet; VP Marketing at Tribal Voice; and SVP Marketing and GM International Operations at ParcPlace.
    Richard holds a B.A. in Economics from Franklin & Marshall College; an M.A. in Economics from American University, serves as board co-chairman of the Software Division of the Software Information Industry Association and is a GigaOm Professional Analyst.

  • Abe Carter, Amiigo

    Abe Carter, Amiigo


    Abe Carter is a passionate entrepreneur and co-founder of Amiigo. His love and interest in disruptive technologies have guided him throughout his entrepreneurial experiences. Amiigo is the second mobile start-up founded by Abe. Prior to Amiigo, he co-founded Skweez, a text-message based mobile marketing company. Abe currently oversees all of Amiigo's hardware and software development and particularly enjoys working with his team on the development of Amiigo's activity recognition technology and wearable platform. He holds a BS in Finance from the University of Utah.

  • Andrew Leone, ST Microelectronics

    Andrew Leone, ST Microelectronics


    Andrew is a Business Development Manager in the Strategic Sectors Development Group at STMicroelectronics and is located in the USA out of the Burlington, MA office. Andrew’s responsibilities include managing and growing the fitness and wellness business in the Americas. Through systems solutions and dedicated products STMicroelectronics can address many of the new and exciting applications in the fitness and wellness space.
    Andrew graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Electrical Engineering and is scheduled to receive his MBA from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in December 2013. 

  • Robin Duke-Woolley, Beecham Research

    Robin Duke-Woolley, Beecham Research


    Beecham Research is based in Cambridge UK, with offices in Boston MA, and specializes in the development of the rapidly-growing M2M/IoT market worldwide. Robin has over 35 years experience in the telecom/IT industry. Firstly in commercial roles covering Marketing Management, Sales Management and General Management in international technology vendor companies including General Electric Company, STC/Nortel and in start-ups. Secondly in market analysis/consulting roles, including as a Director of Research at Dataquest/Gartner and as an independent consultant. He has been researching the M2M market for over a decade, since 2001.
    Robin gained a BSc honours degree in Electronics, followed by an MSc in Management and Business studies at Warwick University in the UK. He also studied at INSEAD in Fontainebleu, France.

  • Volker Pr~~u00fcller, Texas Instruments

    Volker Pr~~u00fcller, Texas Instruments


    Volker Prüller is Marketing Director for Texas Instruments Wireless
    Connectivity products.
    Volker joined Texas Instruments in 1999 with different product
    marketing and sales responsibilities in the Analog, Wireless and
    Embedded Processing businesses. In 2007, he took the lead of the
    combined low power MCU and Wireless groups in EMEA and starting
    2008 he was managing all MCU and Low Power Wireless business
    activities in EMEA. In September 2009, Volker moved to Oslo,
    Norway, where he is heading worldwide marketing of the Low Power RF
    Connectivity group of Texas Instruments’ Embedded Processing Division.
    Volker holds a Master’s level degree in Electrical Engineering from the
    University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. He is married and has two

  • Chih-Cheng Lu, AiQ Smart Clothing

    Chih-Cheng Lu, AiQ Smart Clothing


    Dr. Lu is an international specialist with all his background training
    in Biomedical Engineering. During his career as an innovative medical
    instrument design and development engineer, medical electronic is his
    focus of interest.

  • Michael Wagner, Telit Wireless Solutions

    Michael Wagner, Telit Wireless Solutions


    Michael Wagner is VP of Sales, Western Region, for Telit Wireless
    Solutions, the US-based company with over 12 years exclusively
    dedicated to the M2M market. Wagner is charged with development and
    execution of channel partner strategies for Telit products, which enable
    machines, devices or vehicles to communicate via mobile networks. He
    also drives business in the West, South Central and Mexico territories.
    Wagner earned his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from
    Worcester Polytechnic Institute and is a member of the advisory board
    executive committee for the University of Advancing Technology.

  • Cindy Soo, Flextronics

    Cindy Soo, Flextronics


    With over 13 years of professional design experience, consulting for
    Fortune 500 companies across Asia, the US, and Europe, Cindy’s
    expertise is in creating engaging experiences throughout a product
    or service’s lifecycle. She has received various awards, including the iF
    Communications Design Award, and is recognized as a creative leader in
    the experience design field.
    As Creative Director & Creative Strategist for Flex Interactive, Cindy leads
    a multidisciplinary team of designers, orchestrating creative strategy, with
    emphasis on user behavior, insight, and adaptability and consumer trends.
    Besides designing meaningful experiences, the team strives to innovate
    in potential white spaces. Cindy has a BA in Communications, a minor
    in Asia-Canada Studies, and Post-Graduate Certification at Emily Carr
    University of Art and Design. She speaks fluent English, Japanese,
    Cantonese, and conversational Mandarin.

  • Gernot Bahle, DFKI

    Gernot Bahle, DFKI


    Mr. Gernot Bahle studied computer science at the University of Passau. After
    graduating with a diploma in computer science as major subject and minors in
    medicine and psychology, he worked at Advanced Cad in Regensburg. Clients
    included companies like Airbus and Bombardier.
    In 2009, he joined the Embedded Systems research group of Prof. Dr. Paul Lukowicz
    at the University of Passau; when Prof. Lukowicz accepted the post of director at
    the DFKI (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence), he joined the newly
    formed Embedded Intelligence Lab there.
    His research interests include context and activity recognition, abstract and formal
    context modelling, sensor fusion as well as learning and emergence in complex,
    distributed and collaborating systems.

  • Lior Shtram, Flextronics

    Lior Shtram, Flextronics


    Lior Shtram is Director of Technology Management at Flextronics
    Medical, a Flextronics market segment that provides design, manufacturing
    and post manufacturing services for medical devices. Lior graduated from the
    Technion Institute of Technology Israel. He has over 17 years of experience
    in the electronics industry, covering a wide variety of markets ranging from
    semiconductors and communication systems to medical devices. During the
    last 10 years in the medical device industry, he has led a development team
    creating technology platforms to accelerate the development and launch
    of multiple medical devices such as diagnostic meters and drug delivery

  • Zarko Maletin, Plug and Play Tech Center

    Zarko Maletin, Plug and Play Tech Center


    Zarko Maletin is Managing Partner at Plug & Play Ventures, Investment
    Arm of Plug & Play Tech Center.
    Zarko’s current investments at Plug & Play Ventures include Stipple
    (analytics, advertising & messaging inside images web-wide,
    Floodgate, KPCB), Mainframe2 (new graphics virtualization technology),
    NatureBox (personalized food shopping experience online, Redpoint,
    General Catalyst), Mon.ki, Weddingsnap, Envizio.
    Since 2009, Zarko has been advising and mentoring more than
    80 start-ups and more than 20 start-ups in the wearable technology
    space. Some of the wearable technology companies include: Olea,
    Mavizon, Muzzley, Mojo Mobility, Impring Energy, XYZ, Orbeus,
    Imimtek, Stratio, EIE Materials, Ultrasonic Audio Technologies, Zikon, Evo,
    Speaktoit etc.
    Zarko holds MBA from University of Cambridge and completed his Final
    Research MBA Exam at Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

  • Andrew Chang, Lumoback

    Andrew Chang, Lumoback


    Andrew Chang is passionate about building technology to enhance our relationships with ourselves, each other and the world around us. He is an engineer, back pain sufferer and designer. At LUMO he leads the technology team and focuses on building a new ecosystem of smart devices & physical apps to solve problems for the human body – focusing first on his own experience with finding that improving posture helped to mitigate his back pain tremendously. He has a BSE in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan and MS from Stanford University.

  • Afshin Partovi, Mojo Mobility

    Afshin Partovi, Mojo Mobility


    Afshin founded Mojo Mobility in 2005 sensing a need for a ubiquitous intuitive method to charge and power the expanding range of mobile devices. He has been leading Mojo and has been instrumental in the product development, the OEM relationships, fund raising, and the technology for the company. Before founding Mojo Mobility, Afshin was president of Exel Technologies, a Company focusing on providing strategic and investment management advice to companies and governments. The Government of Republic of Ireland was a major client where Exel Technologies managed an investment and grant hardware portfolio of 150M Euros and over 50 project for Science Foundation Ireland and associated Institutes. Prior to that, Afshin led Product Management and Product Dev at Digilens where he had overall responsibility for the definition, design and development of the company’s products until its acquisition by Hoya Crop. Prior to that, Afshin held a number of roles at Lucent Technologies including managing Strategy and Business Development at Lucent’s Broadband Networks Bus. In the earlier part of his career, Afshin held a number of product development and R&D roles with AT&T Bell Laboratories, Hughes Electronics & NASA (JPL).

  • Domingos Bruges, Muzzley

    Domingos Bruges, Muzzley


    Muzzley CTO & co-founder. Strong technology background and devoted entrepreneur focused on research and disruption. What others may call laziness he calls effectiveness. Always looking for the least cost, efficient and fast way to do something, even if it takes to accept some risks. That's what his newest creation is for. A simple idea, a great technology that connects and provides interaction experience between humans and machines.

  • Frank Morese, Olea Systems

    Frank Morese, Olea Systems


    Frank Morese is CEO & Founder of Olea Systems, Inc. At Olea, Frank is leading the development of Olea’s proprietary, patent-pending technologies enabling disruptive wireless wearable vital sign monitoring & identity management solutions for mobile commerce and mobile health & fitness applications. A veteran in the wireless industry, Frankhas been a pioneer in the wireless wearable industry developing the first wireless headset for mobile devices in 1995 and developed a number of advanced wireless wearable biosensors for remote health monitoring applications. He also participated in the advancement of 3G & 4G mobile, GPS, M2M and Wireless Sensor Networks utilizing multi-sensor data and information fusion technologies. Frank holds a BSEE from Northeastern University and completed post-graduate work at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and The Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania.

  • Adam Riggs-Zeigen, Rock My World

    Adam Riggs-Zeigen, Rock My World


    Adam Riggs-Zeigen is the Chief Rocker of Rock My World, a health & fitness tool that combines curated music and sensor technology to create a phenomenon called “Body Driven Music”. Prior to Rock My World, Adam held senior roles at Qualcomm in Business Development and Product Management, helping drive adoption of various software technologies and working with mobile operators, large brands major app publishers and small garage developers along the way. He holds a B.S. in Economics from UC Santa Barbara and an MBA with emphasis in technology commercialization and Entrepreneurship from San Diego State University.

  • Richard Stokvis, Secondbeat

    Richard Stokvis, Secondbeat


    Richard Stokvis MD has been in Healthcare for 30 years; first as a practising physician in emergency healthcare and medevac. Followed by pharmaceutical marketing in Big Pharma launching cardiovascular and gastroenterology products. After this he worked as an advisor and investment banker advising pharma biotech and medical technologies in respect to M&A and licensing. In the last year he partnered with Dr Ehud Baron a prolific inventor in medical technology and Dr Gerald Pohost a renowned cardiologist and pioneer of cardiovascular imaging and diagnostics forming SecondBeat. He is passionate about science and technology and bringing innovative meaningful products to the market and helping people to stay fit and healthy. He is of Dutch origin, worked in multiple countries and is multilingual.

  • Eric Dy, IMEC

    Eric Dy, IMEC


    Eric Dy is IMEC’s North American Business Development Manager
    responsible for the strategic growth of IMEC’s life sciences and
    medical business endeavors as well as the Wireless Autonomous
    Transducer Systems business.
    He earned his Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering from Cornell
    University (2003) and later his Masters of Science (2005) and PhD in
    Biomedical Engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles
    (2008). He is the recipient of many prestigious scholarship awards
    including the Chancellor’s Fellowship, Graduate Research Mentorship
    Fellowship, and Belgian American Education Foundation Fellowship and
    has 10+ years experience in MEMS design and processing.

  • Tanya Vlach, Eye Tanya

    Tanya Vlach, Eye Tanya


    Fifth generation San Franciscan, Tanya Marie Vlach has a multidisciplinary
    background in dance, theater, visual, and literary arts. The
    founder of COLIBRITA, Tanya has produced and curated several arts
    events throughout the Bay Area.
    In 2005 Tanya was found on the side of the road unconscious from a
    severe car-accident. Since losing her left eye and her brush with death,
    Tanya changed the direction of her work to the more personal dealing
    with perception, identity, and transformation. Besides writing and
    creating multimedia pieces exploring these themes, it led to the the
    sci-fi idea of an augmented technological upgrade of her prosthetic eye.
    Tanya balances her technological and artistic experimentations with
    teaching media literacy to youth, as well as organizing large scale
    community art events for Art Inner Sunset in the Sunset District
    neighborhood of San Francisco where she was born and raised.


Monday, 22nd July 2013
1:00 Networking and Interactive Tech booths by Flextronics
2:00 Welcome and Introduction
  Convergence between Cloud, Internet of things and Wearable Technologies Harry Strasser, Managing Partner, Wearable Technologies
  Keynote: Partnering to enable Wearable Technologies for global markets John Dwyer, VP, Engineering & Technology, High Velocity Solutions, Flextronics
  Towards Function with Style: Assessing the WT Market Opportunity Robin Duke-Woolley, CEO and Jon Howes, Technology Director, Beecham Research
3:15 Smarter Living on a Smarter Planet
  Connecting Life Wirelessly Volker Prüller, Marketing Director, Texas Instruments
  Life Augmented Andrew Leone, Business Development Manager Strategic Sectors Development, STMicroelectronics
  Enhanced Biofeedback via Innovative Smart Textiles Chih-Cheng Lu, CTO, AiQ
  Power for Wearable Technologies Philipp Miehlich, General Manager Marketing & Sales OEM, VARTA Microbattery
4:30 Break
4:45 Machine-to-Machine / Internet of Things Session moderated by Robin Duke-Woolley
  Wearable Tech – The First Act in the Always On Revolution Brian Gally , Senior Director of Product Development, Qualcomm MEMS Technologies
  Getting your device connected – how to overcome integration challenges Michael Wagner, VP of Sales, Western Region, Telit Wireless Solutions
  Living Our Lives in the Cloud Richard Dym, CMO, BigCloud Sales, Chairman of the Board ,SIIA
  Panel Discussion moderated by Robin Duke-Woolley, CEO, Beecham Research
5:35 WT for a Better World
  To Boldly go Where No Ultrasound Has Gone Before Nikhil J George, Chief Engineer, Mobisante
  Frugal Science and Global Health Manu Prakash , Assistant Professor, Prakash Lab, Dept. of Bioengineering, Stanford University
  Empower body functions Björn Weigel, Björn Weigel, Chairman of the Board and Part-Owner, Bioservo Technologies
6:35 Smart Internationalization Strategies for Smart Technologies by Invest in Bavaria, BridgehouseLaw and BridgehouseTax
  Wearable Technologies in Bavaria: Utilizing an Untapped Potential Lucie Merkle, Executive Director, Invest in Bavaria
  Building Bridges – Between Business, Law and Taxation Joerg Kemkes , Tax Counselor, Managing Partner,BridgehouseTax
  Smart Internationalization Strategies for Smart Technologies Oliver Bolthausen, LL.M, FCIArb, Attorney at Law, BridgehouseLaw
  Case Study and Q&A session
7.30 Evening Reception
Tuesday, 23rd July 2013
9:00 Introduction
  Augmented Body: Products and Technologies Christian Stammel, CEO, Wearable Technologies
  Designing Around the User Just Isn´t Enough Anymore Cindy Soo,, Creative Director & Creative Strategist, Flex Interactive, Flextronics
9:45 Health & Fitness Session
  Connected Care. Everywhere. Michael Emerson, SVP of Marketing, Preventice
  Digital Medicines Powered by You Todd Thompson, Vice President, Corporate Development, Proteus Digital Health
  Digital Pain Relief Shaun Rahimi, Chairman & CEO, Thimble Bioelectronics
  Empowering Women: Early Breast Cancer Detection Rob Royea, CEO, First Warning Systems
11:00 Break
11:20 Gamification Session
  Contextualizing Health Data with Wearable Tech and Mobile Connectivity Abe Carter, Co-founder, Amiigo
  Textile based Capacitive and Resistive Sensors for Daily Activity Recognition Gernot Bahle, Senior Researcher, Group Embedded Intelligence, DFKI
  Fully Embodied VR - How Wearable Gaming and Virtual Reality are Transforming Consumer Entertainment James Iliff, Producer, Project Holodeck
  Vivitouch® HD Feel Enables Advanced and Multi-Dimensional Communication through Touch Andrew Cheng, Director of Marketing, ViviTouch | A Bayer Brand
12:35 Session by Flextronics
  Wearable Technologies – Building Blocks for Future Medical Devices Lior Shtram , Director, Technology Management, Flextronics Medical
1:05 Lunch Break
2:30 Plug and Play Start-up Showcase
  Silicon Valley Rockstar Startups Present their Wearable Solutions moderated by Zarko Maletin, Managing Partner, Plug and Play Tech Center
  featuring Lumoback, Mojo Mobility, Muzzeley, OLEA Systems, Rock my World and Secondbeat
3:00 Augmentation Session
  Augmented Reality Contact Lens Eric Dy, North American Business Development Manager, IMEC
  Transformation: Journey from Loss to Super Vision Tanya Vlach, Entrepreneur & Artist, EyeTanya
  A Multiview Backlight for Mobile, Glasses-free 3D Displays David Fattal, Principal Scienitst, HP Labs
  SoundBite Hearing System Amir Abolfathi, CEO, Sonitus Medical
4:15 Break
4:35 Enabling Lifestyle session
  Fundawear: the Future of Foreplay Billie Whitehouse, Director, Wearable Experiments
  Wearable Technology Impacting Public Safety Luke Larson, Director of Video, Taser International
  Wearability Design from the Outside In Sonny Vu, Founder and CEO, Misfit Wearables
  Autography, not Photography Simon Randall, Managing Director, OMG Life
6:00 Wrap-up Session