11th Wearable Technologies Conference 2014 I Europe

January 27/28, 2014
International Congress Center Munich (Germany)

The world’s biggest event for wearables gathered the most important players of the wearable tech ecosystem at the 11th Wearable Technologies Conference in Munich on January 27 and 28.

Find the conference recap here.


  • Neil Cox, Intel

    Neil Cox, Intel


    Neil is the EMEA Marketing Director for New Markets at Intel, based in Munich, Germany. He leads a new team responsible for Intel’s go-to-market activities for Wearables, Smartphones and the Internet of Things across Europe, Middle East and Africa. He has 20 years’ experience in consumer technology sales and marketing and in previous roles led Intel’s marketing efforts through all consumer channels, including retail, resellers and telco’s. Prior to Intel, he held senior sales and marketing roles at leading EMEA consumer electronics retailers. He holds an MBA from Durham University, specialising in International Marketing and Ecommerce and a first degree in Economics.

  • Jonas Olsson, Sony Mobile Companion Products

    Jonas Olsson, Sony Mobile Companion Products


    Working with IT and Telecom for 20 years, Head of sales for Services within a consultancy company. During the past 10 years within Sony Ericsson and Sony Mobile in various positions. As Senior Manager Head of Music & Media, part of introducing the Walkman Phones to the Market in 2006. As a Director, Head of Application Planning within Sony Ericsson. As of 2010, moved to Accessories Business as Head of Experience Planning and Design. Heading up a team of Experience Planners and Designers For Sony Mobile, Companion Products. The Daily task is to supervise and take part of creating new and compelling propositions together with the Product Development Organizations, Sony at large and Partners with specific focus on Smart Accessories and Wearables

  • Dr. Stylianos Mamagkakis, Samsung Semiconductor Europe GmbH

    Dr. Stylianos Mamagkakis, Samsung Semiconductor Europe GmbH


    Dr. Stylianos Mamagkakis is Manager for Strategic Business Development at Samsung Semiconductor Europe, responsible for strategic engagements in the memory, display, System LSI and LED areas. He holds M.Sc. and Ph.D. in hardware/software co-design and embedded systems and an executive MBA in innovation and business models. In the past, he has worked for almost a decade for the R&D institute IMEC in Belgium in R&D management and business development positions, focusing on semiconductors and their various applications and for a couple of years managing a business unit for engineering and strategy consulting in Germany. At Samsung Semiconductor, he now concentrates on networking, market sensing, building relationships with key customers, enablers and other ecosystem players, as well as, evangelizing Samsung Semiconductor products in various industry events and forums. His key areas of interest include Wearable Technologies, Embedded and Automotive Systems.

  • Tim Moore, Rochester Optical

    Tim Moore, Rochester Optical


    Tim Moore is the founder and Principal at Venture Glass and tapped by Google to be an early Glass Explorer. He works closely with wearable tech developers and investors on designing solutions, from digital eyewear to hands-free medical software. Tim has over 20 years experience in enterprise digital leadership positions, such as The New York Times Company, and as the founder of multiple startup companies such as Venture Glass, SayItSocial, and CrushIQ which are all profitable thriving companies today. Tim's entire focus since 2012 has been on the realistic applications of wearable technologies and digital vision. In 2013, Forbes identified Tim as "an emerging thought leader in wearable technology" and has been named as one of 2014's top wearable technology entrepreneurs to follow. He also writes a weekly column on wearable technologies on The Next Web.

  • Dr. Isabel Pedersen, University of Ontario Institute of Technology Canada

    Dr. Isabel Pedersen, University of Ontario Institute of Technology Canada


    Dr. Isabel Pedersen is Canada Research Chair in Digital Life, Media, and Culture and an Associate Professor at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. She completed her Ph.D. at the University of Waterloo. For the past fifteen years, Pedersen has explored the coming era of wearable computer devices. She addresses questions concerning how gadgets worn on the body will shift reality for us, change how we interact with others, and participate in digital culture. She is interested in how society is persuaded to adopt these gadgets because they involve vast contexts such as popular film, traditional mythology, social media outlets, entrepreneurial adventures, consumer contexts, government ideologies, transhuman beliefs, and inventors’ writing. She concentrates on inventions promised for the future as these predictions also bear consequences for humanity in the present. Currently, she holds a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) grant for her research under the title Wearable, Mobile, Augmented. Her Book Ready to Wear: A Rhetoric of Wearable Computers and Reality-Shifting Media was recently released.

  • Nick Hunn, Wifore Consulting Ltd

    Nick Hunn, Wifore Consulting Ltd


    Nick Hunn is the founder and CTO of WiFore Consulting. For the past twenty years he has been closely involved with short range wireless and communications, designing technology that helps to bring mobility to products, particularly in the areas of telematics, M2M, smart energy and mobile health. Over the past few years he has helped Onzo roll out connected home systems which have collected over three trillion domestic energy readings.

    He has been closely involved with the Bluetooth SIG, the Continua Health Alliance, the ZigBee Alliance and other medical, smart energy and standards groups. He is the author of “The Essentials of Short Range Wireless” – a book attempting to explain the application of wireless technologies to product developers, and is currently writing a second book about the use of Bluetooth low energy for Appcessories and the Internet of Things. Nick has an M.A. from Cambridge University.

  • Christoph Dressel, Kwamecorp, Ltd.

    Christoph Dressel, Kwamecorp, Ltd.


    Christoph studied business and business computing in Portugal and Germany. He holds an MBA (Diplom) from the University of Luneburg. Christoph has more than 15 years of experience in starting up and consolidating tech companies. As an expert for user interfaces and user interaction he worked on various mobile operating systems with companies like Nokia, Intel and Samsung. His experience in the mobile world was extended to wearable technology as a logical evolution. Christoph co-invented and develops several wearable projects inside of Kwamecorp where he is appointed as COO. He is especially interested in wearable technology which enables seamless user interaction (no UX) and augments subtle and indirect communication. Christoph lives in San Francisco and Lisbon.

  • Eugene Jorov, Seraphim Sense

    Eugene Jorov, Seraphim Sense


    Eugene wrote his first line of code at the age of twelve. He went all the way from LED toggling to writing a micro kernel. He graduated from MAMRAM to become professional engineer in the military. Furthermore Eugene established and led an embedded software group. He had the privilege to work at Sun Microsystems developing the Java virtual machine for mobile devices and became a Linux fan. Eugene paid his telecom dues building digital video platforms at Arris and earned to appreciate jQuery and Python. He is a devoted Agile believer and teaches methodology, programming languages and free thinking.

  • Dr. Wolfgang Schmitt, Bosch Sensortec GmbH

    Dr. Wolfgang Schmitt, Bosch Sensortec GmbH


    Dr. Wolfgang Schmitt is Senior Manager Strategic Marketing at Bosch Sensortec GmbH, responsible for business intelligence and strategic planning in the area of MEMS sensors and solutions for consumer electronics. Before shifting his focus on strategic marketing, Wolfgang has been working six years at Bosch Sensortec as product manager responsible for product planning, product definition and product life-cycle management of accelerometers, gyroscopes, geomagnetic sensors and barometric pressure sensors. His strong background in the semiconductor industry otherwise originates from his prior positions as product marketing manager at NEC Electronics (now Renesas Electronics) responsible for technical marketing of digital ASICs and System-on-Chip products, and as a manufacturing process engineer at SMST (a former joint-venture of IBM/Philips). Wolfgang holds degrees of a “Dipl.-Physiker” and a “Dr. rer. nat.” from the University of Bonn.

  • Mark Melnykowycz, Empa - Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology

    Mark Melnykowycz, Empa - Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology


    Mark worked in the academic and industrial research areas in the United States, Switzerland, and Japan on extended projects including biomaterials, smart materials, automotive engineering and various topics within composite materials. His work approach includes a mix of analytical thinking and research methods combined with an artistic flexibility to develop unique solutions. He is an active ideator and but believes that ideas are worthless without execution. He embraces the lean startup philosophy of developing products and business case iteration combined with user experience testing to build software that fulfill user needs. Currently he is developing a story immersion mobile application with a team in Lisbon/Zurich, which uses location-based storytelling and augmented reality technology to combine the magic of books with the local environment of the user.

  • Muhammad Abdurrahman, Playtabase

    Muhammad Abdurrahman, Playtabase


    Muhammad Abdurrahman, PhD took Gandhi's 'be the change you wish to see in the world' quote and decided his best paths for change were business and technology. Before becoming co-founder, CEO and co-inventor for Playtabase, Muhammad gained diverse experiences in SaaS, marketing, VC, natural language processing, music, non-profit, videogame design, alternative energy, and automotive racing. Muhammad is also deeply interested in our ability to extend the power of wearable technology to solve problems we don't yet recognize we face to improve our increasingly connected world.

  • Simon Tian, Neptune

    Simon Tian, Neptune


    Simon Tian is the Founder of Neptune Computer, maker of the Neptune Pine smartwatch. Hailing from Montreal, Simon comes from a family of entrepreneurs who, from an early age, instilled the values of hard work and risk taking. In 2012, 19-year-old Simon quit Pure and Applied Sciences to work full time creating his smartwatch. In a confluence of factors – from lower production costs, to the ability to combine disparate technologies in new ways – Simon saw an opportunity to take wearable technology to a new level in a manner previously unseen. The result, the Pine, is the world’s first truly independent, untethered smartwatch: a powerful Android device and phone. Last fall, he impressed Kickstarter crowdfunding investors so thoroughly that his product reached its goal of raising $100,000 in just 27 hours, raising a total of $800,000 in 30 days. Simon and his company have been profiled by media in over 30 countries and have appeared in CNN, Mashable, Engadget, the Globe and Mail and Fox News. Simon’s experience lends credence to the notion that age is just a number. His company’s story, which continues to unfold, suggests that David can indeed confront Goliath and thrive.

  • Gareth Jones, Fitbit

    Gareth Jones, Fitbit


    Gareth has over 20 years of experience in Global Sales and Marketing, and if he'd worn his Fitbit during this time, it would have earned millions of steps across Hong Kong, Australia, and Europe. Gareth previously worked as a GM in Europe for Coca-Cola and Mars and then for consumer electronics companies Iomega, Kodak Cameras, and Flip Video. He helped pioneer the successful introduction of Kodak Digital Cameras into Europe in the early 2000s and was involved with Flip Video both before and after the Cisco acquisition. At Fitbit, Gareth led launches in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Israel, Dubai, and South Africa.

  • Volker Pr~~u00fcller, Texas Instruments

    Volker Pr~~u00fcller, Texas Instruments


    Volker Prüller is Marketing Director for Texas Instruments Wireless Connectivity products. Volker joined Texas Instruments in 1999 with different product marketing and sales responsibilities in the Analog, Wireless and Embedded Processing businesses. In 2007, he took the lead of the combined low power MCU and Wireless groups in EMEA and starting 2008 he was managing all MCU and Low Power Wireless business activities in EMEA. In September 2009, Volker moved to Oslo, Norway, where he is heading worldwide marketing of the Low Power RF Connectivity group of Texas Instruments’ Embedded Processing Division. Volker holds a Master’s level degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. He is married and has two children.

  • Dhananja Jayalath (DJ), Athos

    Dhananja Jayalath (DJ), Athos


    Athos Co-Founder Dhananja (DJ) Jayalath has always had a passion for building things; he honed his technical breadth from mechanical to electrical to software engineering as he finished an Electrical Engineering degree at the University of Waterloo. Like many tech pioneers of his generation, DJ started the development of Athos between classes. Motivated by the desire for an affordable trainer and frustrated with the hassle of current training technology, he sought to create a product that could help him achieve more. To this extent he wanted a product that would integrate well with his existing routine, and provide guidance not data – so he and his co-founder created Athos. Since co-founding Athos in the summer of 2012, DJ has been working on developing the product and driving the vision for a healthier lifestyle through technology.

  • Matthias Kassner, EnOcean GmbH

    Matthias Kassner, EnOcean GmbH


    Matthias Kassner is Product Marketing Director at EnOcean GmbH where he is responsible for defining highly innovative future EnOcean products and product marketing activities for the current portfolio.
    Before joining EnOcean Matthias worked 12 years at Texas Instruments (TI) in various positions ranging from Wireless Field Application Engineer to Product Marketing Manager.
    Matthias holds the degree of Diplomingenieur in Electrical Engineering from Technical University Ilmenau.

  • Richelieu Quoi, UL

    Richelieu Quoi, UL


    Bachelor of Engineering (Honours): Computer Engineering and Digital Systems
    Over 9 years experience in RF testing and Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) testing / Service Leader, UL
    FCC Telecommunications Certification Body SAR Reviewer, UL
    UL Verification Services EMF decision maker / expert
    Working to improve the understanding and measurement methods regarding the radio frequency exposure of Wireless Technologies on the human body using SAR evaluation and MPE calculations.
    Member of the IEC TC 106/MT1 standard working group
    Member of the GEL/106 Committee - Human exposure to low frequency and high frequency electromagnetic radiation

  • Dr. Thomas Alt, Metaio GmbH

    Dr. Thomas Alt, Metaio GmbH


    Dr. Thomas Alt is the co-founder and CEO of Metaio GmbH in Munich/Germany and San Francisco/USA. Metaio is the leading provider of Augmented Reality systems. Incorporated in 2003, Metaio´s operations employ approximately 105 people and is headquartered in Munich, Germany. The company has managed to fund its operations through revenues obtained from various major companies including Daimler, Volkswagen, LEGO and Siemens and currently has no external capital base. Previous to his engagement with Metaio, Thomas Alt was working in the Central Manufacturing Department of Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg/Germany. Thomas Alt holds a Master of Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Munich/Germany as well as a PhD. from the University of Magdeburg/Germany.

  • Dr. Roland Aubauer, Microchip Technology

    Dr. Roland Aubauer, Microchip Technology


    Professional Experience:
    Microchip Technology - Gilching (Munich), Germany - since 2012
    Technical Director
    - Head of Advanced Input Technologies - E-Field Sensors
    IDENT Technology AG – Wessling (Munich), Germany - 2007-2012
    Chief Technology Officer
    - Head of Research and Development
    - Speaker of the Managing Board
    1&1 Internet AG – Karlsruhe, Germany - 2007
    Vice-President Product Management
    - Product Management Web Hosting
    BenQ Mobile – Munich, Germany - 2006
    Director Key Customer Strategy and Projects
    - Mobile network operator specific portfolio and product management
    Siemens Mobile Phones – Munich, Germany – 2003-2005
    Senior Product Manager
    - Portfolio definition and mobile phone product and project management
    Siemens Communication Devices – Bocholt, Germany - 1999-2002
    Head of Technology and Innovation
    - Technology pre-development and inventions in audio and signal processing

  • Bo Ilsoe, Nokia Growth Partners

    Bo Ilsoe, Nokia Growth Partners


    Bo is a Partner at Nokia Growth Partners, the venture investment arm of Nokia, where he spearheads the investment strategy for hardware, software and embedded systems. He has more than two decades of experience in venture capital, investment management, fundraising, organizational and strategic development as well as sales and marketing. Having lived and worked in the UK, Italy, France, Switzerland, Finland, Spain and Singapore, he has an international perspective on business. Bo began his career in the telecom infrastructure business with Alcatel and Nokia where he launched some of the first GSM networks in the world and negotiated GSM supply contracts in Europe and South East Asia. In 2002 he joined Vertex Management, where he managed several investments with successful M&A transactions generating in excess of $300 million. Bo has also started two companies and raised money for an investment fund focused on Eastern Europe. He has He graduated with honors with a Masters in Electronics Engineering from Aalborg University, Denmark.

  • Richard C.T. Howe, Cambridge Graphene Centre, University of Cambridge

    Richard C.T. Howe, Cambridge Graphene Centre, University of Cambridge


    Richard studied Physics at the University of Bristol, receiving his masters in 2011. He then moved to the University of Cambridge, joining the NanoDTC doctoral training centre programme. He is currently doing his PhD in the Cambridge Graphene Centre. His research is focused on solution processing and printing of graphene and other 2-dimensional nanomaterials for electronics and optoelectronics.

  • Joshua Flood, ABI Research

    Joshua Flood, ABI Research


    Research Focus
    Based in the UK, Josh Flood is a senior analyst for ABI Research's mobile devices, applications and content team. Josh focuses on mobile device enabling technologies, functionality, user interfaces, and form factors used in wearables and handsets, such as smartphones, enhanced feature phones, and low-cost phones. He also covers mobile software, security, and other services.
    Past Experience, Memberships, Accolades and Media
    Josh is an experienced market analyst with strong analytical and relationship-building skills. Prior to joining ABI Research he worked for Harris Interactive as a research account manager for its business, industrial, and consumer sectors on custom research projects.
    Previous to his work at Harris Interactive, Josh served as a market analyst at IMS Research, producing in-depth reports on the power management and power supply markets.
    Josh holds a BA (Hons) in Accounting from the University of Liverpool.

  • B. Leo Kwak, Applied Materials

    B. Leo Kwak, Applied Materials


    B. Leo Kwak is a Distinguished MTS at Applied Materials. He works in the Office of the Corporate CTO and leads an RD&E group to develop company’s future technologies, products and business. His professional career started at ORNL where he worked on electrochemical materials science and devices. Subsequently, he has been working in the semiconductor and cleantech (energy storage/conservation) industries. Over his career, he has authored or coauthored over 40 journal publications and has over 50 granted and pending US patents. Leo holds a B.S. and an M.S. in Chem. E. from Columbia and Caltech, respectively, and a Ph.D. in Physics from Georgia Tech.

  • Anmol Sood, Equivital

    Anmol Sood, Equivital


    Anmol gained considerable corporate finance experience with some of the best known institutions in the City of London. As CEO of Hidalgo Ltd - Equivital, Anmol has been instrumental in re-defining the company strategy from Design Consultancy to Product focussed, managing some of the largest customer relationships directly. As CFO for the Jaltek Group which owns Hidalgo Ltd - Equivital, Anmol has led 3 significant business acquisitions. Anmol has been pivotal in establishing the Group’s strategies within the military, aerospace, medical & logistics sectors.

  • Horst Merkle, Roche Diagnostics

    Horst Merkle, Roche Diagnostics


    Director Diabetes Management Systems since 2003. In this position he is responsible for the innovative initiation, definition and the development of key components for the Roche Diabetes Management Solutions product portfolio with focus on interoperability/connectivity and standardization as well as mobile and cloud based applications and decision support. This position interfaces with all global and regional functions within the Roche Diabetes Care business. A native German with 30+ year experience in life sciences, health care and health informatics, he held management positions in sales, global marketing, business, portfolio and product development. Horst has been living in the United States since 1997 interrupted by a 2 year assignment back at the Roche Diabetes Care Headquarters in Mannheim, Germany.
    Before moving to the USA he worked 5 years as global marketing and portfolio manager for AVL Medical Instruments in Switzerland. Focus: Critical Care Blood Gas Analysis and associated Information Management.
    With Roche’s strong and sustained engagement in the Continua Health Alliance Horst became member of the board of directors in June 2008 where he serves as vice president and co-chair of the board. Continua is about to publish its 3rd revision of Interoperability Design Guidelines for Personalized Health which are accepted as international standards by the International telecommunication Union (ITU). Between 2000 and 2003 Horst served on the executive committee of the Connectivity Industry Consortium (CIC). The CIC developed the accredited POCT-1 standard for Point-of-Care systems interoperability. From 2001 to 2004 he was a member of "Deutsches Institute für Normung" (German National Standards Organization) special interests group "Medical" called "NAMed".
    Horst holds bachelors degrees in Organic Chemistry and Business Administration.

  • Thomas J. Olesen, Qualcomm Life

    Thomas J. Olesen, Qualcomm Life


    Thomas J. Olesen serves as Qualcomm Life’s Commercial Director, Europe, establishing 2Net as preferred platform for remote patient monitoring. He brings extensive global experience from the world of medical devices and in recent years specifically within mHealth and telemedicine. A native Dane, he recently contributed in making Denmark a leader in telemedicine consulting the ministries of Science and Health. Due to his global background having lived and operated 10+ years in major markets such as US, Brazil and today Germany, Thomas J. Olesen offers a global view on today’s challenges and opportunities in telemedicine and digital health monitoring.

  • Thomas Fickert, DEXPERIO

    Thomas Fickert, DEXPERIO


    Thomas Fickert is founder and CEO of DEXPERIO, a San Francisco and Munich based agency and consultancy specialized in creating connected and context driven experiences within the realm of the internet of things, the web and the mobile world. Thomas has a degree in Business Informatics, is a Certified User Experience Professional and is just finishing his Executive MBA in Innovation and Business Creation.

  • Gernot Bahle, DFKI

    Gernot Bahle, DFKI


    Mr. Gernot Bahle studied computer science at the University of Passau. After graduating with a diploma in computer science as major subject and minors in medicine and psychology, he worked at Advanced Cad in Regensburg. Clients included companies like Airbus and Bombardier. In 2009, he joined the Embedded Systems research group of Prof. Dr. Paul Lukowicz at the University of Passau; when Prof. Lukowicz accepted the post of director at the DFKI (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence), he joined the newly formed Embedded Intelligence Lab there. His research interests include context and activity recognition, abstract and formal context modelling, sensor fusion as well as learning and emergence in complex, distributed and collaborating systems.

  • Esther Zahn, Fashion Design

    Esther Zahn, Fashion Design


    Esther Zahn is a german-born fashion designer based in Berlin, Germany. She started her industry experience via training as dressmaker for the Opera Berlin, costume seamstress at the Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin and productions for various hollywood, fashion design studies at the University Berlin Weißensee. She has one daughter and lives in Berlin. In 2013 she finished her final thesis themed "rainbow warriors" at Kunsthochschule Weissensee and took part in several exhibitions at the Bauhaus Dessau, HnF Paderborn and the Goethe Institute in Dubai. Developing several personal projects, both individually and in collaboration with designers.

  • Harry Strasser, Wearable Technologies

    Harry Strasser, Wearable Technologies


    Harry Strasser is among other roles Managing Partner of Wearable Technologies Group, the leading innovation and market development platform for wearable technologies. He has more than 30 years of professional experience in telecommunications, IT/Internet and consumer electronics, thereof 15 years in senior executive roles at leading companies with worldwide responsibilities (CTO & SVP Innovation at Siemens, CSO/CMO at Philips, VP Sales at Matra Nortel and Alcatel). As a senior expert in digital convergence and innovation Harry now acts as managing partner, board member, business angel and mentor for trendsetting companies, advises senior management in business transformation and innovation, and gets involved in worldwide innovation activities in wearable technologies, cloud computing and Internet of Things. He is based in Munich/Germany, holds an MBA and attended executive courses at Stanford University, Harvard University and INSEAD France.

  • Christian Stammel, Wearable Technologies

    Christian Stammel, Wearable Technologies


    As founder and CEO Christian Stammel has more than 20 years’ experience in marketing and sales as well as an excellent international network. Using this expertise he supported numerous international companies of all sizes regarding business development, technology marketing, and increase of sales activities with his innovation and marketing company Navispace AG. The natural next step to Navispace’s huge success “Wearable Technology” was the incorporation of the Wearable Technologies AG in 2011. Since then, WT served as a business accelerator for more than 3000 renowned companies and will remain the key hub for marketing new technologies in this field in the years to come.

  • Simon Jones, OnPR
  • Andrea Onetti, STMicroelectronics

    Andrea Onetti, STMicroelectronics


    Andrea joined STMicroelectronics' R&D Lab in Castelletto, Italy, in 1990 as designer of mixed signal audio IC’s for both consumer and car radio applications. After five years of successful activity with several patents in the Audio field, he moved to Product Management, in charge of Marketing for Consumer Audio and had the full responsibility of design, marketing and application for Audio Systems products. In 2005, Onetti’s organization was transformed into a Product Division and his scope was subsequently enlarged to include management in Planning, Operation and Quality of Audio products. Andrea Onetti is now in charge of Analog and Audio Systems Division, including – on top of Audio – catalog analog standard products, Space, Defense and Automotive, analog ASIC’s for consumer applications and low power wireless solutions.

  • Patrice Slupowski, Orange

    Patrice Slupowski, Orange


    Patrice Slupowski is Vice-President Digital Innovation running an open-innovation team transforming trends into products. He used to be a startuper from 1999 to 2006 before joining Orange. Patrice is a graduate from Paris-Dauphine University.

  • Sophie Willborn, ROCKATOO

    Sophie Willborn, ROCKATOO


    Sophie Willborn is the founder and CEO of HEADWAY, a hardware business headquartered in Berlin. Combining her two passions motor bikes and music, the 27 year old Berliner is developing and marketing a new audio solution for helmets of all kinds. With her project, she has quickly made a name in the German startup scene and won several awards certifying her determination and spirit of innovation. Sophie has studied product design at Academy of Art Berlin and business administration and engineering at Technical University of Berlin. Prior to HEADWAY, she founded a web and graphic design agency in 2006 and worked as a freelance financial consultant. With this background she brings diverse experience in sales, multi-media and design to HEADWAY - infusing the project with creative flair and inspiration. Sophie loves new challenges and enjoys pushing herself to meet them.

  • Maximilian M~~u00fcller, Moticon

    Maximilian M~~u00fcller, Moticon


    2008 – 2013:tFounder and CEO of Moticon GmbH
    2004 – 2008:tResearch assistant at the Department Sports Equipment and Materials as well as at the Department for Product Development, Technische Universität München.
    2006-2008:tProject engineer development of biomechanical measurement systems for various customers (Motorola, BIKE Magazine, Messingschlager).
    2004:tResearch assistant at the Department of Orthopeadic Surgery, Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, USA.
    2003:tLecturer at the Universidad Polytecnica de Chimborazo, Riobamba, Ecuador.

  • Zeev Zalevsky, Bar-Ilan University

    Zeev Zalevsky, Bar-Ilan University


    Zeev Zalevsky received his B.Sc. and direct Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from Tel-Aviv University in 1993 and 1996 respectively. Zeev is currently a full Professor in the faculty of engineering in Bar-Ilan University, Israel. His major fields of research are optical super resolution, biomedical optics, nano-photonics and electro-optical devices, RF photonics and beam shaping. Zeev has published more than 340 refereed journal papers, more than 190 conference proceeding papers, more than 315 international presentations out of which more than 105 were invited or plenary, 32 issued patents and more than 15 patents pending, 6 authored books, 3 books as an editor, 27 book chapters and 4 papers in SPIE Milestone series.

  • Bhairav Shankar, Avantari

    Bhairav Shankar, Avantari


    After completing his education from Oxford University in Biomedical Engineering, Bhairav Shankar, whose experience was more tilted towards Research and Development, dove into innovation and design while working at NChant 3D. After completing one of the biggest media events in India, he went on to start Avantari, and focussed his attention on improving the health of the lower income groups in India, hence focusing on cost-efficient but reliable and cutting edge wearable technology.

  • Karin Edgett, Sensor Sensor

    Karin Edgett, Sensor Sensor


    Karin Edgett began her career in advertising with over 30 years in marketing and branding, including owning an agency for 20 years. She and her partner, Dr. Shahid Aslam, a space scientist and expert in sensor technology at NASA, co-invented the UVA+B SunFriend® wearable UV monitor in early 2011 to provide a tool to help combat skin cancer which effects nearly 1 in 5 people in the United States and nearly double that in countries such as Australia and New Zealand. Dr. Aslam has developed UV sensors for various space programs. As an added bonus, the SunFriend may become an extremely helpful tool to optimizing vitamin D from the sun. Vitamin D deficiency is at a pandemic level world-wide.

  • Ants Patrik Maran, Ulocs

    Ants Patrik Maran, Ulocs


    Double citizen of Sweden and Estonia with more than 15 years leading innovation, software and hardware development, startups, teams, non-profit organizations and guiding individual entrepreneurs. Currently holding a Scholarship for best Technology from Sten K Johnsons foundation, head innovator of Ulocs, business developer at FlangR and mentor at Nyföretagarcentrum Öresund. Holds a masters degree in urban planning and geography from SLU and a degree in Programming from Swit. Rewarded with Best innovation Guldmobilen and first prize at White Bull Barcelona 2011, Finalist Seedcamp Sweden and Microsoft Mobile Incubation Week in 2009. Married and father of four children, residing in Höör, Sweden.

  • Michael Sz~~u00fccs, 9solutions

    Michael Sz~~u00fccs, 9solutions


    Michael is working in the security and identification industry for more than a decade and an expert for international sales and marketing of advanced security solutions. He has in-depth knowledge about latest trends in the world of real-time locating and electromechanical locking technologies as well as access management and access control solutions. During year 2013 he joined 9Solutions Ltd as Director of Marketing & Business Development. 9Solutions Ltd is a fast growing manufacturer of advanced real-time locating solutions for increasing safety and security in the healthcare sector. As Director of Sales & Marketing of iLOQ Ltd. From 2008 to 2013 he was responsible for building up the national and international sales and marketing activities for the innovatively, self-powered iLOQ locking technology. iLOQ was the fastest growing Greentech Company in the 2013 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA. Earlier Michael held several management positions at RFID expert Idesco Ltd where he was also member of the company executive management team. Before moving to Finland in year 2000 he was active in various business consulting and market research organizations in Germany.

  • Antti Pihlakoski, Myontec

    Antti Pihlakoski, Myontec


    •tProject Manager, Saab-Valmet, 1985-87
    •tPlant Manager, Sasmo Windows, 1988-90
    •tMarketing Manager, Finnish Athletics Federation, 1990-92
    •tManaging Director, Finnish Athletics Federation 1992-2002
    •tPresident, Track and Field Finland Ltd (Marketing and Event Company) 1999-2012
    •tCEO, the IAAF World Championships in Athletics in Helsinki 2005
    •tPresident, Finnish Athletics Federation 2006-2012
    •tCOO and CEO, Footbalance System Ltd (customized insoles) 2005-2011
    •tCouncil Member, European Athletics Federation 2007-
    •tVice President, Board member, Finnish Olympic Committee 2008-
    •tPresident, Organizing Committee of the European Championships in Athletics Helsinki 2012
    •tChairman, Myontec Ltd 2012-

  • Alexandros Giannakis, SenseCore

    Alexandros Giannakis, SenseCore


    Alexandros Giannakis is a technology and innovation management expert, with an educational and professional background combining technology, economics and management. He has led SenseCore all the way through from an initial market study, business planning, consecutive financial rounds, hardware and software development, as well as build up towards commercial presence. He holds a BS in applied informatics from the Athens University of Economics and Business AUEB Greece, and a Master in Sports Administration and Technologies from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Switzerland. He has published papers regarding innovations’ commercialisation and is a lecturer at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne EPFL regarding entrepreneurship and technology management.

  • Dr. Arturas Vaitaitis, Artur Technologies LLC

    Dr. Arturas Vaitaitis, Artur Technologies LLC


    Arturas Vaitaitis holds a Ph.D. in Experimental Physics from Columbia University. He has conducted fundamental research at the Fermilab National Laboratory in the field of particle physics, and has authored over 50 scientific publications. Over the past 12 years Arturas has worked on Wall Street with a focus on financial technology. Currently he is a Managing Director and a CTO of a financial start-up firm. His experience spans management, problem solving, data analysis and statistics. Arturas holds patents related to IT industry, and is passionate about technology, its role in changing the world around us and it's impact in improving our lives. Arturas grew up in Lithuania, went to MIPT College in Russia to study Physics, and came to settle in US. He currently lives in New Jersey with his wife and 2 boys.

  • Badreddine Zebbiche, GuideMe
  • Hind Hobeika, Instabeat

    Hind Hobeika, Instabeat


    Hind is the founder and CEO of Instabeat, an award winning startup developing a heads-up display for swimmers to monitor their workouts. Instabeat won the 3rd prize of the Stars of Science competition (2010) and 1st prize of the MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab Business Plan competition (2012). In 2012, Hind was selected as one of the top 5 Pan Arab innovators under 35 by MIT Technology Review, a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum, and a fellow at the INK conference in association with TED. A big believer in the power of technology to improve the quality of life, she is an active member of the Quantified Self organization, and has founded the Beirut Chapter, becoming a pioneer in the movement’s growth in the Middle East. Hind is a former swimming champion, a big fan of running and yoga and never goes out without her pedometer.

  • Stefan Schraps, BodyTel

    Stefan Schraps, BodyTel


    Stefan Schraps is one of the founders of BodyTel. He is responsible for strategically bringing life to the BodyTel concept. Stefan Schraps previously held senior management positions in several other companies. These included more than ten years in IT and IT security companies. Before joining BodyTel, he was head of operational business at a global IT company that develops products for the telecommunications market. He graduated in economics from the University of Hannover and has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Georgia Southern University, Georgia, USA.

  • Chris Bryant, HzO

    Chris Bryant, HzO


    Chris Bryant is the Vice President and Business Unit Manager for Consumer Electronics at HzO. Chris brings a vast knowledge of nano technology and coatings, especially for use in the protection of electronic devices. He started a venture backed nano coatings company which then joined a competitor P2i. At P2i, he was the VP of Business Development as well as being over the licensing of new technologies. Chris’ has 12+ years of commercializing technology as a Product Developer to Chief Executive.

  • Lining Peng , KeLiWei

    Lining Peng , KeLiWei


    Linning PENG services as a Research Scientist in KeLiWei Company. From 2006, he has researched in the interconnection of the patient monitor and signal processing for biomedical signals. Now he is specializing in design and implementation of the Mobile E-Health system for personal health monitoring. He is also a 4th year PhD student in Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA)-Rennes, France

  • Karin Clauberg, ViviTouch | A Bayer Brand

    Karin Clauberg, ViviTouch | A Bayer Brand


    Karin Clauberg, born 1980 in Sao Paulo, studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf. She joined Bayers BU Coatings, Adhesives and Specialties in 2010. Today she is responsible for the development of a multilayer process for stacked electro active polymer actuators.

  • Martin Reber, Limmex

    Martin Reber, Limmex


    After completing a doctorate in microelectronics, Martin Reber worked for Philips Semiconductors while pursuing a part-time course in business administration at the ETH Zurich. He then joined SVOX AG and became CEO, overseeing the company's development into the global market leader for language technologies. With locations around the world, SVOX AG was sold to a leading NASDAQ company under his leadership in 2011. This sale counts as one of the most successful acquisitions of a Swiss start-up in recent years. In June 2013 Martin Reber joined Limmex, a lead manufacturer of emergency watches, to drive the global expansion of the company.

  • Friedrich Raith, EVENA

    Friedrich Raith, EVENA


    Friedrich studied Feinwerktechnik at the University for Applied Science in Munich from 1981 to 1986. After 15 month as development engineer at EFAFLEX GmbH responsible for the development for an optoelectronic door safety system he moved into sales for lasers and laser diodes at Laser Components GmbH. 5 years later in 1992 he has founded together with his wife Helga the company IMM Photonics GmbH (formally IMM Messtechnologie GmbH) in Unterschleissheim in the northern area of Munich. Friedrich is responsible as managing director for technology and sales. IMM Photonics GmbH has grown continuously and has 45 employees. In 2000 IMM has founded the production site in Viechtach (Bavarian Forrest) which is located since November 2013 at the Technology Campus Teisnach just across the street from the Bavarian Optics Centre of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology. IMM Photonics is supplying laser and LED sources for analytical, medical and industrial applications. In his role as head of development since 1996 Friedrich is holing a variety of patents especially in the coupling of lasers and LEDs to fibers and optical light guides. IMM Photonics is one of the key suppliers for EVENA.

  • Matthias Ziegler, Accenture

    Matthias Ziegler, Accenture


    Dr. Matthias Ziegler leads the Emerging Technology Innovation team in Austria, Switzerland and Germany at Accenture. With his team, Dr. Ziegler scouts and evaluates emerging technologies with a focus on the business value they can bring for Accenture’s clients. Currently, Matthias is looking for examples into applications of cloud computing especially PaaS and hybrid cloud integration, Big Data and Analytics based on Hadoop, Neo4j or other NoSQL databases, 3D printing, wearable technologies, or enabling the digital enterprise with API Management. His role ranges from creating awareness in internal and external presentations, inspiring in innovation workshops and delivering lighthouse projects.


Monday, 27th January 2014
09:00 Welcome and Introduction
  Introduction Christian Stammel, CEO, Wearable Technologies
  Keynote: To Ubiquity and Beyond – the Growth of Appcessories Nick Hunn, Wireless Evangelist, Wifore Consulting Ltd
9:50 Enabling Tech: New Materials
  From Memory to Processing Power: Mobile Components for Your Wearable Device Dr. Stylianos Mamagkakis, Manager Strategic Business Development, Samsung Semiconductor Europe GmbH
  Integrating Printed Graphene Inks with Traditional Electronics Richard C.T. Howe, Scientist, Cambridge Graphene Centre, University of Cambridge
  Rainbow Warriors - Wearable & Sustainable Technologies for Children Esther Zahn, Designer, Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee
10:55 Break
11:25 Enabling Tech: Communication
  Connecting Life Wirelessly Volker Prüller, Marketing Director, Texas Instruments
  GestIC – Touchless Gesture Interface Dr. Roland Aubauer, Technical Director, Microchip Technology
  Mobile: the Largest Health and Wellness Platform Thomas J. Olesen, Commercial Director, Qualcomm Life
12:25 Lunch Break
14:00 Enabling Tech: Sensors
  Emerging MEMS Sensor Technologies and Applications Dr. Wolfgang Schmitt, Senior Manager Strategic Marketing, Bosch Sensortec GmbH
  Flexible Sensor Materials for Improved Product Development Dr. Mark Melnykowycz, Scientist, Empa - Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology
14:40 Enabling Tech: Energy moderated by Simon Jones, OnPR
  The power in you: Energy-Harvesting Sensors for Body Area Networks Matthias Kassner, Product Marketing Director, EnOcean GmbH
  Solid State Thin Film Battery: Future Energy Storage Source for Wearable Devices B. Leo Kwak, DMTS, Applied Materials, Inc.
15:20 Break
15:50 Enabling Tech: User Interface & Prototyping
  Design & Prototyping of User Experiences for Google Glass Thomas Fickert, Founder and CEO, DEXPERIO
16:10 WT Innovation World Cup Award Ceremony
  Introduction Andrea Onetti, General Manager of Analog and Audio Systems Division, STMicroelectronics
  Elevator Pitches of the Finalists
  Contact lens display Prof. Zeev Zalevsky, Vice Dean, Bar-Ilan University Faculty of engineering
  Instabeat Hind Hobeika, Founder, Instabeat
  Mbody Shorts with Sensors Measuring Muscular Activity Antti Pihlakoski, Chairman of the Board, Myontec
  Revolutionary Human Performance Monitoring Tools Alexandros Giannakis, CEO, SenseCore
  A Wearable Continuous Remote Monitoring and Emergency Device Bhairav Shankar, CEO, Avantari
  VSM - Next Generation Wearable Vital Sign Monitoring Dr. Andreas Caduff, CEO, Biovotion
  Eyes-On Glasses: Medical Imaging & Informatics Heads Mounted Display/Camera System Friedrich Raith, Managing Director, Evena Medical
  OpenGo Therapist Dr. Maximilian Müller, CEO, Moticon
  UVA+B SunFriend Karin Edgett, CEO & Owner, Sensor Sensor
  GuideMe Badreddine Zebbiche, Founder, GuideMe
  Limmex Emergency Watch Martin Reber, CEO, Limmex
  Healthcare Safety through Advanced Real-Time Locating Michael Szücs, Director Marketing & Business Development, 9Solutions
  Headway - the New Generation of Loudspeaker for Motorcycle Helmets Sophie Willborn, CEO, Headway
  Mood Player Ants Patrik Maran, Owner, Ulocs
  ViviTouch EAP Headphone - 4D Sound Karin Clauberg, EAP Research LEV Bayer Material Science, ViviTouch | A Bayer Brand
  Certified Telemonitoring System Helps to Improve Chronic Disease Management Stefan Schraps, Managing Director, BodyTel
  HzO WaterBlock Chris Bryant, Vice President, HzO
  Portable Monitor with the "Cloud" Lining Peng, KeLiWei
  A Smart Button - Wearable Sensor and Sleep Analyser Dr. Arturas Vaitaitis, Managing Director, Artur Technologies LLC
  Announcement of the Winner
18:00 Get-Together
Tuesday, 28th January 2014
09:00 Welcome and Introduction
  Keynote: From Carryables to Wearables to Implantables and Beyond Dr. Isabel Pedersen, Research Chair and Associate Professor, University of Ontario Institute of Technology Canada
  Keynote: Make it Wearable Neil Cox, Marketing Director, Intel Corporation
10:00 Panel Discussion: Wearable Technologies - Growth Potential
  Harry Strasser, Managing Partner, Wearable Technologies AG
  Josh Flood, Senior Analyst, ABI Research
  Special guest
10:45 Break
11:15 Smart Watches & Wristbands moderated by Simon Jones, OnPR
  Smart Wearables – A New Ecosystem of Wearable Devices and Partners Jonas Olsson, Head of Experience Planning and Senior Specialist, Sony Mobile Companion Products
  Bond Touch – a modular system of high tech jewellery Christoph Dressel, COO, Kwamecorp, Ltd.
  Investing in Wearables – What are the Prospects for the New Entrants? Bo Ilsoe, Partner, Nokia Growth Partners
  Smartwatch. Reinvented. Simon Tian, Founder & CEO, Neptune
12:35 Lunch Break
14:00 Smart Glasses & AR moderated by Thomas Alt, CEO, metaio
  From Vanity to Vogue: The Evolution of Smart Glasses Tim Moore, Director of Technology, Rochester Optical
  Google Glass: From Head Mounted Displays to Microinteractions Based Computing Gernot Bahle, Senior Researcher, DFKI
14:40 Safety & Security
  Wearable Technology the Reality behind the Hype Anmol Sood, CEO, Equivital
  Diabetes: Connected for Better Outcome Horst Merkle, Director Information Management Systems, Roche Diagnostics
  Certification and Interoperability Richelieu Quoi, Product Manager, UL
15:40 Break
16:10 Health & Fitness
  Grassroots in digital health Eugene Jorov, Co-founder, Seraphim Sense
  Push your Fitness Further with Stats Right on Your Wrist Gareth Jones, General Manager EMEA, Fitbit
  Designing an Experience not a Technology Dhananja Jayalath, CEO, Athos
17:10 Beyond the Body
  The Connected Body Patrice Slupowski, Vice-President Digital Innovation, Orange
  Welcome To the Clickable World Muhammad Abdurrahman, CEO, Playtabase
17:50 Wrap-Up Session