WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2015 USA

July 9-10, 2015
Fort Mason Center, San Francisco

The 16th WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2015 USA was hosted in our home away from home, San Francisco on July 9 and 10. We showcased the entire Wearable Technologies ecosystem, with more than 500 attendees. This includes chip vendors, integrators, distributed networks; as well as network, product, and service solutions providers.

The two days were filled with imagination, innovation, and important insight into the future development of the wearable tech industry. If you are curious to learn about what happened, here is the live feed from day one, and day two.

Impressions WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2015 USA in San Francisco:

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Speakers 2015

  • Julio Terra, Kickstarter

    Julio Terra, Kickstarter


    Julio Terra works closely with Kickstarter creators from the Design and Technology communities. He helps them plan, develop and run campaigns to bring projects and products to life. Before Kickstarter Julio worked as a producer of interactive installations at the LAB at Rockwell Group, and explored creative applications of hardware technology at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program.

  • Alexandra Fine, DAME Products

    Alexandra Fine, DAME Products


    Co-founder and CEO of DAME Products, the brand behind Eva: Indiegogo’s #1 adult product campaign & top campaign with an all-female team. Alexandra Fine has had a life long fascination with human sexuality. At 7, she had taught her first grade about the differences between identifying as a transgendered individual and versus as a drag queen. Though her first stab at sex education ended in a time out, she continued to pursue her passion both formally and informally. Fine graduated from Columbia University with a Masters in Clinical Psychology concentrating in sex therapy. She has worked to promote sexual health at multiple non-profits, chaired her undergraduate’s Sex Week and taught sexual education programs. Instead of pursuing her PhD in sex therapy, Fine realized that she could help more individuals by creating better resources for people to explore their sexuality. Coming from an entrepreneurial background, she set out to gain experience at a consumer goods startup, and once she was ready founded Dame Products to realize her vision. Launching the company into its first year, Fine is devoted to proving that sex can be equally as pleasurable for both men and women and aiding that assertion with creative, well-designed and flawlessly-executed sexual innovations.

  • Brian Toleno, Henkel Electronic Materials

    Brian Toleno, Henkel Electronic Materials


    Brian J. Toleno, Ph.D. is the Director of Global Product Management for Henkel Electronic Materials, LLC in Irvine, California. He is the product manager for the underfill and encapsluant business. Brian obtained a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from Penn State University, and his B.S. in chemistry from Ursinus College. Brian is an active member of IPC serving as the underfill handbook committee (J-STD-030) chairperson and former vice-chair of the Solder Paste Standards Committee (J-STD-005). Brian is also a frequent speaker and contributor to SMTA, and was elected and severed on the SMTA Board of Directors from 2010 to 2014. Brian has written courses on underfill materials, Pb-free soldering, and failure analysis. He has also authored many publications for trade journals and peer reviewed publications on various aspects of materials in electronics, and two chapters for electronic engineering handbooks on adhesives and materials.

  • David Cannington, Nuheara

    David Cannington, Nuheara


    David is the Co-founder of Nuheara, an innovative audio Wearables company that is building adaptive augmented hearing technology to enable consumers to hear what they want to hear. David has been a leader and advisor to many technology startups and Nuheara is the second hearing technology company he has been instrumental in building.

  • Robert Kaul, Cloud DX

    Robert Kaul, Cloud DX


    Robert has over 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, operations and a successful track record leading early-stage technology companies. Robert is the former Founder and CEO of Cloud Diagnostics LLC, a healthcare IT distribution company he founded in 2009. In June 2010, Cloud was sold to Biosign Technologies Inc, a publicly traded healthcare IT company based in Toronto. Robert served as Executive Vice President of Biosign from 2010-2011, and in 2012 he became President & CEO. In August 2014 Robert led a buy-out of the medical device assets of Biosign and along with members of his team, founded Cloud DX Inc. The new company is based in Toronto Canada and Brooklyn NY, and offers state-of-the-art Pulsewave® vital sign monitors to medical professionals. Robert is also part of TEAM CLOUD DX. The team proposes to build the Vitaliti™ Platform, combining Pulsewave® sensing technology, Cloud Diagnostics® software and a new proprietary in-vitro diagnostics platform (IVDP) - all together the system is capable of autonomously diagnosing 15 separate health conditions, ranging from sleep apnea to stroke.

  • Patrick Ruane, Chrono Therapeutics

    Patrick Ruane, Chrono Therapeutics


    Dr. Ruane has nearly 2 decades of experience in drug delivery for combination medical devices. Prior to Chrono Therapeutics, he served as Vice President of R&D at CV Ingenuity (acquired by Covidien) and has held various positions in R&D at Xtent Inc., Cook Group and Navigant Biotechnologies. Dr. Ruane received his primary degrees in Chemistry from The Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology and Trinity College Dublin, his Ph.D. from University College Dublin and Post-Docs at University of Toronto and The Johns Hopkins University. He is published extensively in both the academic and patent literature.

  • Mark Hanna, Richline Group

    Mark Hanna, Richline Group


    Mr. Hanna is Chief Marketing Officer of Richline Group, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway Company. During Mark’s 44 years in the jewelry industry, he has had experience in all facets of management, manufacturing, marketing, sales and compliance. Prior to this position, he served (1996 – 2007) as EVP Sales and Marketing for both Bel-Oro International and Michael Anthony Jewelers. From 1990-1995, Mark was President of Leach & Garner International. In 2012, he was honored as one of US’s top 200 CMOs. Additionally he a board member of Special Olympics and the Responsible Jewellery Council plus an active member and contributor to the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, Manufacturing Jewelers Association, the CMO Club and the American Marketing Association. Mr. Hanna received an MBA, Marketing, from NYU Stern School of Business.

  • Ben O~~u0027Brien, StretchSense

    Ben O~~u0027Brien, StretchSense


    Dr. Ben O'Brien is the award winning co-founder and CEO of StretchSense Limited. StretchSense manufactures sensors that can be used to measure the subtle movements of the human body and the world around us. When you move, the sensor stretches - enabling new forms of healthcare, sports tracking and entertainment.

  • Marco Suvilaakso, Polar

    Marco Suvilaakso, Polar


    Marco Suvilaakso is the Global Director of Product Management for Polar, the original fitness wearables pioneer. He is leading the global product management team along with strategic and portfolio planning at Polar. The product management team that Marco leads is pioneering the future standard for fitness and sports experience.

    Marco joined Polar in 2002 to establish the highly successful running product category for Polar. During his time at Polar, Marco has led and supported teams that have launched groundbreaking fitness tech innovations like the world’s first phone syncing sports watch /HRM (2006), the world’s first integrated training system (shirt+shoes+watch) and some of the very first smart activity monitors (2007).

    During his years at Polar, Marco has also held various key product management and marketing positions within the company. Prior to joining Polar he was working in international business development and marketing in the mobile telecoms sector. Altogether Marco has 20 years of experience in the international product and service marketing.

  • Jean-Francois Rubon, Gemalto

    Jean-Francois Rubon, Gemalto


    Jean-Francois Rubon is SVP of Innovation & Strategy within Gemalto. He is currently based at the HQ of Gemalto in France and is responsible for defining research axis and establishing technology partnerships between Gemalto and innovative players of the mobile ecosystem. Jean-Francois spent the past several years as a technology evangelist for Gemalto in the heart of Silicon Valley and worked closely with many disruptive companies from startups to large enterprises.

    In his 15+ year career at Gemalto, Jean-Francois has held various positions in R&D, product management, innovation, standardization within the Telecommunications department.

    Prior to Gemalto, Jean-Francois worked with several French telecommunication companies, and lead the design and development of several wireless devices. Jean-Francois holds an MSc in Computer Science from the National Institute for Applied Sciences (INSA) in Rennes, France.

  • Robert Falco, TÜV SÜD

    Robert Falco, TÜV SÜD


    Robert has worked for more than a decade in regulatory compliance and served globally diverse corporations including Whirlpool and Honeywell. He earned an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management and a Bachelor of Arts degree from UC Berkeley.
    Currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Robert spent several years abroad in Europe (Germany) and Asia (Japan). At TÜV SÜD, Robert Falco is part of the global regulatory services team, working primarily with companies headquartered in North America.

    TÜV SÜD is a business-to-business engineering services firm providing international safety testing and certification services. Founded nearly 150 years ago in 1866, TÜV SÜD employs over 20,000 professionals active in over 600 locations worldwide. With revenue exceeding EUR 2.0B. in 2014, TÜV SÜD is one of the largest companies in the testing and certification industry.

  • Charles Michael Yim, Breathometer

    Charles Michael Yim, Breathometer


    Charles Michael Yim is a 3x serial entrepreneur from Silicon Valley, that is passionate about inventing and building innovative products that consistently delight customers. He is a young veteran in the startup world with a proven track record of success. Charles is best known for being a Reality TV Star on ABC's Emmy Award winning show Shark Tank where he convinced all 5 celebrity Sharks to invest $1M together into Breathometer. Being the Founder and CEO of Breathometer, Charles is responsible for overall direction and product strategy.

  • Daniel Kraft, Singularity University

    Daniel Kraft, Singularity University


    Daniel Kraft is a Stanford and Harvard trained physician-scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, and innovator. With over 20 years of experience in clinical practice, biomedical research and healthcare innovation, Kraft has chaired the Medicine Track for Singularity University since SU’s inception, and founded and is Executive Director of Exponential Medicine, a program that explores convergent, rapidly developing technologies and their potential in biomedicine and healthcare.

  • Barrett Larson , Leaf Healthcare

    Barrett Larson , Leaf Healthcare


    Barrett Larson is a Stanford trained physician, entrepreneur and innovator. He earned his medical degree from Stanford University and stayed there to do his residency training in anesthesiology. His research has spanned a wide range of disciplines, from wound healing to new technology development, resulting in dozens of publications and national speaking engagements. Dr. Larson has received numerous research and technology innovation awards and is focused on developing disruptive medical technologies that improve patient care and healthcare efficiency.

  • Dr. Vincent Chou, US Micro Products

    Dr. Vincent Chou, US Micro Products


    Dr. Vincent Chou is the Chief Technical Officer of US Micro Products. US Micro Products is a leading provider of engineered display solutions. As a custom display manufacturer, US Micro Products combines exceptional technology, design, and value to provide the perfection solution. Dr. Chou has over 15 years experience with different types of displays, such as OLEDs and TFT-LCDs.

    Dr. Chou holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry form the National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan.

    Prior to working at US Micro Products, Dr. Chou was a Project Manager, Technical Director, and Sales Director at display companies. Dr. Chou has extensive experience with the use of displays in consumer, industrial, medical and other applications. He also has experience with the development of cutting edge technologies used in wearable display applications.

  • Oded Cohen, Upright

    Oded Cohen, Upright


    Oded Cohen is the founder and CEO of UpRight, a wearable that trains you to stand and sit upright. Oded, born in 1970 in Uganda, has lead an international lifestyle, being raised in Israel, Kenya and Thailand. He also moved from Israel to work in Taiwan and Nigeria throughout his career. Previous to UpRight, Oded has lead influential ventures in companies such as Elbit Systems, SEED2NET, Comverse Ltd, and managed a group of private companies in various industries. Some of these ventures include developing and selling the design of a new cockpit, leading the Unified messaging team at Comverse, managing a marine infrastructure company, retail furniture factory, and other communication projects. Oded’s educational background consists of a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and EMBA from Tel Aviv University. He served as a combat pilot and Squadron deputy commander in the Israeli Air Force. Oded moved back to Israel in 2014, to officially begin to build UpRight.

  • Peter Treadway, ACTON

    Peter Treadway, ACTON


    Peter Treadway is the inventor and head designer behind ACTON RocketSkates™ and M Scooter. As a teenager, Peter loved spending time working on cars in his parents’ garage, which drove him to participate in an antique automobile restoration program. After attending Rhode Island School of Design, Peter received his Master’s Degree at the Art Center College of Design with a focus on transportation. With more than 16 years of design and consulting experience for Fortune 500 companies across many disciplines, including Crate & Barrel, Razor, and Disney, Peter combined his experience and passion for cars and fashion to found ACTON.

  • Xin Wei, K3OPS

    Xin Wei, K3OPS


    Makes things simple is Xin best assessment. He holds a master’s degree of mathematics from France and learned to resume everything in simple ways. As complicated as math seems, it can be simplified by + and -. Based on Nikola Tesla’s work, it was normal to Xin that harvesting Energy and conversion to DC could be simplified and optimized. He co-founded K3OPS with that reasoning and created battery like devices that replace toxic batteries and Smartphone cases that charge mobiles by harvesting surrounding RF emissions to turn them into a constant flowing source of green energy.

  • Tim Jacobs, Bayer Material Science

    Tim Jacobs, Bayer Material Science


    Tim has 30 years of application and material development for both Injection molding and extrusion grades of TPU. He has been with Bayer for over 16 years supporting global OEM’s and processors interested in TPU’s performance properties in their applications. He currently participates and supports the Bayer wearable TPU marketing team and brings a wealth of knowledge on materials to a variety of applications.

  • Sam Yang, Kairos Watches

    Sam Yang, Kairos Watches


    Sam Yang is the founder and Managing Director of Kairos Watches, a pioneer and leader in analog-digital hybrid smart watches. Kairos Watches is the 2nd most successfully crowdfunded smart watch company in the world with over $2M in pre-orders and another $2M in outside funding. It’s patented technology is now being used by several major watch brands around the world. Sam has over 17 years of entrepreneur experience since the late 90’s where he was one of the early dot-com entrepreneurs. He has experience in software, hardware and design through his 8 start-up ventures.

  • Dave Monahan, FitLinxx

    Dave Monahan, FitLinxx


    With expertise in sales, marketing, engineering and growing businesses through partnerships, Dave has helped transform FitLinxx into an industry-leading provider of activity devices and wireless healthcare products. Prior to joining Microsoft, Dave held senior management positions with SkyTel and Phillips International. Dave has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University and an MBA in International Business from Loyola College.

  • John Pelochino, Ringly

    John Pelochino, Ringly


    As a Director of Product Engineering, John Pelochino is helping Ringly solve the technical difficulties of producing a leading edge wearable and define new opportunities for future products. Before Ringly, John was a principal at Pocobor, a product development consultancy in San Francisco specializing in consumer electronics and embedded systems. Clients at Pocobor included Adidas, Tesla, Stanford University, Volkswagon, Solar City, Carbon 3D, Bosch, Ploom, and Minna Life. John received his MS degree from Stanford University and holds a BS from the University of California-Berkeley.

  • Mike Dennison, Flextronics

    Mike Dennison, Flextronics


    Mike Dennison is president of the Consumer Technologies Group at Flextronics (NASDAQ: FLEX), which is a $26B, industry-leading, Fortune Global 500 end-to-end supply chain solutions company with a global workforce of 200,000 and operations in over 30 countries. Since joining Flextronics in 1999, Mr. Dennison has occupied a number of roles, including most recently as senior vice president of Business Management for High Velocity Solutions. Additionally, he has served as senior vice president of Business Management for the Mobile and Consumer Segment, senior vice president of Consumer Digital Products and senior vice president of the Flextronics Novo Group. Mr. Dennison also led Procurement and Global Supply Chain organizations for the Company. Prior to joining Flextronics, he was the regional director at Arrow Electronics based out of New York. Mr. Dennison holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts from Oregon State University.

  • Shaun Rahimi , CUR

    Shaun Rahimi , CUR


    Shaun Rahimi has a decade of experience developing products for consumer and medical technology firms including Abbott Labs, Neuropace and Boston Scientific. He started Cur after he recovering from back pain using electrical stimulation, a technology used by doctors of top NFL/NBA teams to treat pain and swelling. CUR's first product is a smart band-aid that allows you to experience this form of relief in a simple and affordable way for the first time ever.

  • Andrew Wu, NXP

    Andrew Wu, NXP


    Andrew Wu currently holds the position of Product Marketing Manager for Wireless Charging at NXP. He specializes in resonant charging technologies, power conversion and delivery. At NXP, he is responsible for driving wireless charging into the consumer markets and building the global wireless charging ecosystem. He has a Bachelor and Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Arizona. With close to 20 years in DC/DC power conversion, he has worked at companies such as Fairchild Semiconductor, Monolithic Power Systems, ST microelectronics, and National Semiconductor. Before moving to a marketing role, he has held titles as an Applications Engineering Manager, Lead Design Engineer and Device Engineer.

  • Petteri Lahtela, Ōura

    Petteri Lahtela, Ōura


    Petteri Lahtela is a CEO and Co-Founder of ŌURA, and a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years experience in creating market leading high-tech products, building international businesses, and opening new markets and sales channels in 20+ countries. He has wide expertise from leading positions in the context of Mobile telecoms, Healthcare IT Systems, Medical/Wellness Technology businesses as well as Healthcare and Wellness services. ŌURA brings together Petteri’s passion on real human wellbeing, physiology and creating products that people love. ŌURA, the world's first wellness ring, combines style with ultimate wearing comfort and latest high-end technology with three decades of pioneering research.

  • Saara Tuurala , VTT

    Saara Tuurala , VTT


    Saara Tuurala, a research scientist in applied physics and chemistry, loves to create unique multidisciplinary solutions for health and wellness applications. During her career at VTT’s Centre for Printed and Hybrid Functionalities, she specialized in printed biopower sources and biosensors. Lately, she has been actively commercializing VTT's Beauty Patch concept for cosmetic markets. As an innovative and open-minded teamworker, Saara likes bringing new ideas to the table. In her spare time she is an avid rock climber and skier who enjoys experimental cooking in the company of her friends and family.

  • Jay Sales, VSP Global

    Jay Sales, VSP Global


    In 2006, Jay Sales joined VSP Global, an industry-leading organization that brings together high quality, high fashion eyewear, customized lenses and ophthalmic technology to help more than 75 million people see. Since then, Jay has been an integral part of launching VSP's innovation lab, The SHOP. Predicated on design thinking, lean methodologies, and disruption theory, The SHOP is breaking down boundaries between the digital and physical worlds where design, fashion and healthcare collide. Jay has over 20 years of experience in technology, which has included positions working with IBM and its premiere business partners, HP, and multiple start-ups and Internet companies. He is currently leading a fast-paced team that emphasizes design-driven disruption via technology for the healthcare and vision industries.

  • Philippe Kahn, Fullpower Technologies

    Philippe Kahn, Fullpower Technologies


    Philippe Kahn is the CEO of Fullpower, the creative team behind the MotionX technology platform for wearable and IoT sensor based solutions. Philippe studied at the ETH in Zurich Switzerland and Sofia-Antipolis, receiving a Masters Degree in Mathematics, while simultaneously earning a Masters in Classical Flute and dual minors in both composition and chamber music from the Zurich Music Conservatory. Philippe is credited with creating the first camera phone solution to share pictures instantly on public networks. The first known publicly transmitted camera-phone picture was taken by Philippe at the birth of his daughter on June 11, 1997. Kahn has founded four successful technology companies: Fullpower Technologies (Leading Wearable & IoT Ecosystem), LightSurf (The Camera-Phone), Starfish (Wireless Synchronization), and Borland (Professional Development Tools). He is also the inventor of 100 technology patents covering wearable & IoT, eyewear, smartphone, mobile, imaging, wireless, synchronization and medical technologies.

  • Allison Dreiband , Walker Sands Communication

    Allison Dreiband , Walker Sands Communication


    Allison has more than seven years of experience in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer communications with specialties in the wearable technology, electronics distribution and payments spaces. She is responsible for leading successful media relations campaigns resulting in direct influence in the overall business goals of Walker Sands clients. Her work has won recognition from PRSA, Publicity Club of Chicago and the American Business Awards

  • Scott Amyx , Amyx + McKinsey

    Scott Amyx , Amyx + McKinsey


    Scott Amyx is the CEO of Amyx+McKinsey. He is a thought leader in wearables and the Internet of Things, an industry member of AllSeen Alliance, writes for Wired, InformationWeek, IEEE, Wearable Technologies, and speaks at global conferences. Previously, as VP of Product Management, Scott helped the company be acquired by a Fortune 500 publicly traded company. Scott has a MPP from the University of Chicago and is a national Woodrow Wilson/ Sloan Fellow.

  • Steven Heintz, Flextronics

    Steven Heintz, Flextronics


    VP, design and engineering at Flextronics, and leads the new San Francisco based Invention Lab. Steve’s team focuses on early product prototyping and small-batch manufacturing. Earlier, Steve was Chief Technology Officer at Quirky and led the worldwide product engineering organization across San Francisco, New York, and Hong Kong. Before Quirky, Steve led product teams at Logitech, Adobe, and Wind River systems.

  • Pat Meagher, Skully Helmets / Riverwood Solutions

    Pat Meagher, Skully Helmets / Riverwood Solutions


    Over 30 years leading global technology, product development, entrepreneurial, and business transformation organizations active in broad base of market technologies such as consumer electronics, aerospace, defense, telecommunications, green energy, and automotive applications. Uniquely positioned to leverage a wide range of capabilities and long term relationships in technology, product design, supply chain, low cost/high volume manufacturing, capital, suppliers, partners, and potential customers. Key technical contributor to multiple +$B business opportunities that were transformational for fortune 100 customers.

  • Timothy Skowronski , Sproutling

    Timothy Skowronski , Sproutling


    Expert in taking products to production, developing supply chains and managing contract manufacturers. Previously Intel, Apple, and Square.

  • Rich Stump, Fathom

    Rich Stump, Fathom


    Rich Stump co-founded FATHOM in 2008 to change the way products are being designed and manufactured, applying his professional experience that spans the entire product development process. As Co-Founder and Principal, he has built FATHOM with his business partner Michelle Mihevc into one of the fastest growing companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and Greater Seattle Area. FATHOM has been recognized locally and nationally by the Inc 500|5000, ICIC’s Inner City, SF Business Times, Seattle Business, East Bay EDA, and CMTA as the new face of manufacturing. Leveraging an expertise in 3D printing, additive manufacturing and advanced technologies, FATHOM is helping its customers innovate faster and more efficiently. Stump also co-founded Simple Wave LLC, the creator of the CaliBowl brand, and currently sits on the board of multiple companies across various industries.

  • Fotini Markopoulou, Team Turqoise

    Fotini Markopoulou, Team Turqoise


    Fotini Markopoulou is a theoretical physicist and hardware tech designer. Her physics work is on gravity, cosmology, quantum information theory, complex systems and networks. She was one of the founders of Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada, one of the premier institutes on the frontiers of theoretical physics. Since 2012 Fotini has moved into the area of innovation and design and her main interest is the interface between systems design and personal experience. She is co-founder of Team Turquoise, a wearable tech company that uses research in psycho-physiology, how mind and body affect one-another, to create technology that changes how we perceive, feel and behave.

  • Alex Porter, ST Microelectronics

    Alex Porter, ST Microelectronics


    Manages Global resources at ST Microelectronics with responsibility over 20 design centers across all Flextronics Business Groups.

Agenda WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2015 USA

Thursday, 9th July 2015
10:00 Introduction by Christian Stammel, Wearable Technologies
  Opening Keynote: From Quantified Self to Quantified Health, Training and beyond Daniel Kraft and Oded Cohen, Singularity University and UpRight
  Keynote: Building a Smarter Future Mike Dennison, President Consumer Technologies Group, Flextronics
11:05 Coffee Break
11:30 The Ear a Good Idea? featuring wristables, hearables, eyewear and more moderated by Scott Amyx
  Understanding What Your Body is Telling You Marco Suvilaakso, Director of Product Management, Polar
  Empathic Wearables Fotini Markopoulou, Co- founder, Team Turquoise
  Talking. Tracking. Smart Living tba, Huawei
  Hearables - Solving a Real Consumer Problem David Cannington, Co-founder, Nuheara
12:50 Lunch Break
02:30 Fashion, Luxury and Jewels featuring the latest in fashionable wearables, tech jewelry and accessories moderated by Scott Amyx
  The Elegant Empowered Woman, Function Needs Fashion Mark Hanna, Chief Marketing Officer, Richline Group Inc.
  Hardware Production: So Easy, So Hard John Pelochino, Director of Product Engineering, Ringly
  Designed to Be Worn - Revolutionary Ring for Your Wellness Petteri Lahtela, CEO and Co-Founder, Oura
  The Importance of Fashion, Brand Power, and Status for Wearables. Sam Yang, Founder and Managing Director, Kairos Watches
03:50 Coffee Break
04:15 Keynote: Crowdfunding
  Creating Wearable Devices in Public Julio Terra, Design and Technology Outreach Lead, Kickstarter
04:45 Key Enablers for Wearables featuring enabling tech for wearables
  Display Features for Wearable Applications Dr. Vincent Chou, CTO , US Micro Products
  Materials to Enhance Reliability of Wearable Devices Brian J. Toleno, Director Global Product Management, Henkel Electronic Materials LLC
  Materials Tailored for Wearable Medical Devices and More Tim Jacobs, Key Account Manager for TPU Resins in NAFTA, Bayer Material Science
  Digital Security Jean-Francois Rubon, SVP of Innovation and Strategy , Gemalto
06:00 Closing Remarks by Christian Stammel, Wearable Technologies
06:15 Get-Together and Networking Party at WT exhibition
Friday, 10th July 2015
09:00 Introduction moderated by Christian Stammel, Wearable Technologies
  Panel Discussion: Right Product, Right Price, Right time… feat. Polar, Riverwood Solutions, Sproutling, STMicroelectronics and Fathom Steven Heintz, VP Design and Engineering, Flextronics
09:45 The Juice Problem featuring energy harvesting and other energy technologies
  Wireless Charging in the Wearables Revolution Andrew Wu, Product Marketing Manager for Smart Power, NXP
  Energy Harvesting for Wearables Ben O'Brien, CEO, StretchSense
  Printed Biofuel Cell as a Wearable µ-Power Generator Saara Tuurala, Research Scientist and Project Manager, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
  Squeeze the most Juice from RF Xin WEI, Co-Founder, K3OPS
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Keynote: Introduced by Allison Dreiband, Walker Sands Communications
  How to Create a New Iconic Horological Smartwatch Design Philippe Kahn, CEO, Fullpower Technologies
12:00 New Fields of Applications featuring new products from sex to cosmetics, wellness and more. Moderated by Allison Dreiband
  Reducing Pain and Improving Athletic Performance Shaun Rahimi, Founder, CUR
  Wearable Transportation: Travel Lightly Peter Treadway, CTO and Co-Founder, ACTON
  Wearables Beyond the Wrist Alexandra Fine, CEO and Co-Founder, Dame Products
01:00 Lunch Break
02:45 Medical Grade Wearables featuring the latest wearables for the medical sector
  Reinventing Quitting with a Super Wearable Patrick Ruane, SVP of R&D , Chrono Therapeutics
  Expanding Applications in the Hospital Environment Barrett Larson, Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Leaf Healthcare
  Multi-Function Virtual Medical Device and Cloud Diagnostics Robert Kaul, President and CEO, Cloud DX Inc
03:45 Coffee break
04:15 The Wearable Ecosystem featuring topics from the greater ecosystem
  Making Your Life Easier and Your Products Safer Robert Falco, Global Sales Manager, TÜV SÜD
  Insurance to Assurance: Contextualizing Health Data through Wearables Jay Sales, Innovation Strategist, VSP Global
04:45 Wrap-Up session moderated by Christian Stammel, Wearable Technologies
  Closing Keynote: From Idea, to Start-up, to Mass Market Adoption Charles Michael Yim, CEO and Shark Tank Reality TV Star, Breathometer
05:15 Closing Remarks