Wearables & Connected Devices @MOMO

April 7, 2014
mei:do INSTITUT, Hamburg

Join us for a WTsession on Wearables & Connected Devices at Mobile Monday on Monday, April 7 from 6pm to 10pm.

Wearable technology has moved beyond science fiction and secret undercover tech to the forefront of consumerism in radical time. The global market for wearables in health, clothing, watches, and fitness could exceed 170 million devices by 2017.

Advances in materials sciences, battery life, augmented reality and chip evolution have made the possibilities for consumer wearables to grow rapidly. Big-time technology players have taken the hint and are making a leap into the world of wearable tech. Wearables have moved beyond product concepts to consumer sales

Register via the Mobile Monday website.


  • Harry Strasse, Wearable Technologies
  • David K~~u00f6rdel, ICEdot
  • Walter Hermsen, TomTom
  • Marc Meurer, Polar
  • Manuel Fehler, Garmin



Monday, 7th April 2014
6:00 Welcome and Introduction
6:20 Tomorrow's medicine
  Dr. Kathrin Adlkofer, Founder & CEO , mei:do Institut
6:45 Keynote
  What trends will affect future markets and companies? Nick Sohnemann, FUTURECANDY
7:15 WTsession
  Connected Body - Connected Life Harry Strasser, Managing Partner, Wearable Technologies AG
  vívofit The fitness band that moves at the pace of your life Manuel Fehler, Head of Area X Innovation Vetting & Exploration, Garmin
  The easiest way to improve Walter Hermsen, VP Product Management Fitness, TomTom
  Polar Loop. A new and fun way to track your moves 24/7 Marc Meurer, Head of Software Definition, Polar
  Adventure Responsibly David Kördel, ICEdot Europe