WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2016 USA

July 12-13, 2016
Fort Mason Center, San Francisco

Interested in further WT | Wearable Technologies events? We are in Munich on January 30-31, 2018 and back in San Francisco in July 2018.


On July 12 and 13, 2016 was the 5th birthday of the US edition of the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference. 2016 also marks the 10th anniversary of the WT | Wearable Technologies brand; therefore nearly 1000 members of the WT | Network met by The Bay in San Francisco. The conference was spectacular in content and networking. The attendees covered the entire wearable ecosystem; including chip vendors, integrators, distributed networks; as well as network, product, and service solutions providers.

Every year the WT | Team travels the world to gather the global influencers of the wearable connected devices market. We will return to Silicon Valley in July 2017, please contact us if you would like to attend as a speaker, exhibitor, press or regular attendee.

Some impressions of #WTUS16:

  • Daniel Shen, Chief Clinical and Science Officer, Eargo at #WTUS16

Speakers 2016

  • Andreas Gall, Red Bull Media House

    Andreas Gall, Red Bull Media House


    Born on July 2nd, 1964 in Munich. Professional radio and television engineer, sound engineer. CEO of SAE, Austria’s first private sound engineering school. Deputy head of technology at Antenne Bayern radio station from 1989 to 1991; head of technology of 104.6 RTL (Berlin). Founder and CEO of Mondocom GmbH (Munich and Vienna) in 1992, which operates the technical premises of Austrian national radio Ö3 since 1998. From 2002 to 2007 Chief technology officer for Austrian national broadcaster ORF. Chief technology officer Officer of Red Bull Media House since 2007. Married, one son.

  • Rajesh Anandan, UNICEF Ventures

    Rajesh Anandan, UNICEF Ventures


    Rajesh Anandan is an intrapreneur, entrepreneur and growth architect, the co-creator of UNICEF Kid Power, the world’s first wearable-for-good, and co-founder of ULTRA Testing, a high quality software testing company employing individuals on the Autism Spectrum. Rajesh began his career at Microsoft as a program manager, then joined Bain & Company where he focused on business incubation and growth strategy, and for the past decade, he has worked in the impact sector, including launching and running UNICEF Ventures. Rajesh has a BSc and MEng in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from MIT with concentrations in Artificial Intelligence, Systems Dynamics and Economics.

  • Chetan Chaudhary, Twilio

    Chetan Chaudhary, Twilio


    Chetan Chaudhary is the Head of the IoT Business unit at Twilio. Chetan is a long-time Twilio employee and entrepreneur. Previously, Chetan held sales leadership roles at both Cisco and Oracle driving revenue globally. As Twilio expands, Chetan has been tasked in building this newly created business unit focused on IoT.

  • Josh Waddell, SAP

    Josh Waddell, SAP


    Josh Waddell is Global Vice President for SAP’s Internet of Things Business Innovation team. In this role, he works with SAP customers, partners, and prospects to test and prove out new IoT applications in the market, and then implement these in standard SAP IoT offerings. Josh and his team work across SAP’s worldwide technology and solution portfolio, helping SAP customers and partners to become better-run mobile enterprises. Josh joined SAP in 2003, as a mobile technology consultant, and has since held key positions with SAP in pre-sales, operations, and mobile EcoSystem and Channels. During his tenure, Josh established SAP¹s first three co-innovation partnerships with BlackBerry, Sybase, and Syclo. Prior to joining SAP, Josh worked for several mobile start-ups, where he led an impressive series of successful product launches, acquisitions, and integrations.

  • Russell Okung, Denver Broncos

    Russell Okung, Denver Broncos


    Russell Okung is an offensive tackle with the Denver Broncos. Chosen sixth in the 2010 NFL draft by the Seahawks, Russell has earned his way to a Pro Bowl and two Super Bowl appearances, claiming a victory and the World Champion title in 2014. Off the field, Russell is active in the community, helping kids and investing in startups. He started GREATER, which works with community organizations to foster the next generation of leaders. Focused on at risk youth, GREATER is involved in helping youth get a step into the technology economy. Russell has also invested in several startups including eSports company, Matcherino. He was born to Nigerian immigrants, raised in Houston and graduated from Oklahoma State with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing. Russell is currently working towards an Executive MBA at the University of Miami.

  • Monisha Perkash, Lumo Bodytech

    Monisha Perkash, Lumo Bodytech


    Monisha is CEO and Co-founder at Lumo Bodytech, a movement intelligence company that uses sensor technologies and algorithms to help people move better for improved health, performance, and safety. Think posture, running, golf, yoga, ergonomics, physical therapy, and more. Their wearables platform includes the Lumo Lift and Lumo Back posture coaches, and the Lumo Run smart shorts, which provide actionable feedback on running form to help people run faster and farther while reducing the risk of injury. Monisha previously served as CEO and Co-Founder of TuitionCoach (acquired by SimpleTuition in 2009), where she oversaw the financing, launch, and general management of the start-up. After the acquisition, she stayed on with SimpleTuition as VP Products. Monisha has an MBA from Stanford and a BA from Yale.

  • Gary Davis, Intel Security

    Gary Davis, Intel Security


    Gary Davis is Chief Consumer Security Evangelist at Intel Security. Through a consumer lens, he works closely with internal teams to drive strategic alignment of products with the needs of the security space. Gary also oversees Intel Security’s online safety education to educate businesses and consumers by distilling complex security topics into easily understandable and actionable advice. During his 5+ years at the company, he has held leadership roles in the consumer and enterprise divisions where he has helped shape various product portfolios and strategic direction along with advocating for cybersecurity education. Gary has appeared on several business, security and consumer lifestyle media outlets, including CNBC, NBC, FOX, and CBS Bay Area stations; and quoted in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, TIME Magazine, MSNBC, PC Magazine, CNET, CSO Magazine, and PC World. Prior to joining Intel (then McAfee), he held senior management positions for more than 15 years in technology companies. Gary serves on the board of directors of the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA).

  • Pete Jameson, ODG

    Pete Jameson, ODG


    Pete has extensive leadership, general management and marketing experience, working at Kodak in a number of senior positions before joining ODG in 2012. During his 20-year Kodak career, he was responsible for a number of business groups, including General Manager of Kodak's Digital Devices Business, leading Kodak's Commercial Imaging Business in Europe, Middle East and Africa and as a founding member of Kodak's Global Digital Camera Business and GM of the Worldwide Professional Sector. Pete has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Union College and an MBA from the University of Rochester Simon School of Business.

  • Edzer Huitema, Polyera Corp

    Edzer Huitema, Polyera Corp


    Dr. Edzer Huitema is currently Chief Technology Officer of Polyera, a global start-up company enabling flexible electronics. Edzer has 15 years of experience in flexible, foldable, rollable displays and product development using flexible displays. Prior to joining Polyera, Edzer was the CTO of Polymer Vision, a Philips spin-out pioneering flexible displays and products incorporating them. Prior to that, Edzer held various management positions at Philips. Edzer holds over 140 granted U.S. and foreign patents, and has published over 40 papers and 3 book chapters on flexible electronics. Edzer holds a PhD (with honors) in Physical Chemistry from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands.

  • Patrick Hankey, Medidata

    Patrick Hankey, Medidata


    Patrick Hankey, Ph.D., is a career healthcare biologist and acknowledged pioneer of the dynamic wearable sensor industry. As Principal for Mobile Health, Patrick counsels Medidata clients who wish to integrate physiological sensors into their clinical trials.  Prior to joining Medidata, Patrick helped commercialize LifeShirt, the first garment-based cardio-respiratory monitor and physiological analytics platform, and co-founded Vivonoetics, Inc. which provides leading-edge VivoSense software. Originally from Northern Ireland, Patrick earned a Ph.D. in Cell Biology from The Queen’s University, Belfast. He began his commercial research career with PAREXEL International, later working with Chiltern International and Oracle Corporation.

  • Saurabh Radhakrishnan, GraphWear

    Saurabh Radhakrishnan, GraphWear


    Saurabh Radhakrishnan is the co-founder of GraphWear Technologies. He graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in Material Science and Engineering, and then went on to complete his M.S. in Nanotechnology from the University of Pennsylvania. Having worked with nanoscale materials with an emphasis on carbon for over 5 years, he is working to take it out of the lab and into industry.

  • Dr.Daniel Chao, Halo Neuroscience

    Dr.Daniel Chao, Halo Neuroscience


    Dr. Daniel Chao is a neurotech entrepreneur, specializing in devices that improve brain performance. Currently, Dr. Chao is co-founder and CEO of Halo Neuroscience, a venture-backed human performance company based in San Francisco. The company's first product, Halo Sport, is the world's first neurostimulation system built specifically for athletes. Prior to Halo, Dr. Chao was the head of business development at NeuroPace, where he helped create the world's first closed-loop neuromodulation device for the treatment of epilepsy. Before NeuroPace, Dr. Chao was a consultant at McKinsey & Company in the New York office, and he received his M.D. and M.S. in neuroscience from Stanford University.

  • Trevin Chow, TASER International

    Trevin Chow, TASER International


    Trevin Chow is the Director of Product Management for the Axon business where he is focused on business strategy and product execution for Axon’s connected hardware and digital evidence management systems. Prior to joining TASER, Trevin most recently served as Director of Product Management at Microsoft for its eCommerce and Windows App Store businesses. Trevin earned his Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and business administration from Simon Fraser University. 

  • Soren Harner, Meta

    Soren Harner, Meta


    Soren Harner is the Chief Product Officer at Meta. Meta is an augmented reality startup designing a future where augmented reality becomes a healthy, vital extension of who we are and creates deeper understanding, freer expression, and optimal productivity. Prior to Meta, Soren held executive leadership roles at Atlassian, Vignette, Bigcommerce. 
Masters in CS from Stanford University, where he specialized in artificial intelligence.

  • Joni Kettunen, Firstbeat

    Joni Kettunen, Firstbeat


    Mr. Joni Kettunen, PhD, is a pioneer in physiological analytics and its applications. He is leading Firstbeat at the cutting edge of heartbeat analytics for wearables, fitness devices, wellbeing services and professional sports. As of today, Firstbeat analytics is used by hundreds of elite sports teams, thousands of corporations, and millions of consumers to improve their performance and wellbeing. Before founding Firstbeat in 2002, Joni has published research in the areas of psycho physiology, behavioral medicine, autonomic nervous system function and stress quantification. Joni received his PhD from the University of Helsinki in 1999.

  • Jason Kra, Li & Fung Company

    Jason Kra, Li & Fung Company


    Jason Kra is the President of FRC, a sourcing arm of Li & Fung Limited, which is the world’s largest apparel & hard goods sourcing organization. LF is a multinational supply chain management group that creates value to brands and retailers from product design all the way to logistics. With over 15 years of experience in global sourcing, coupled with his passion for extreme sports and technology, Jason brings a fresh and energetic perspective to consumer products sourcing and is one of the founding members of the Li & Fung Wearable Technology committee. Prior to joining LF, Jason was the owner of FRC which LF acquired in 2012, and also ran a consultancy business in the investment banking community, specializing in the retail segment. Jason holds a BS/BA degree in Business Management & International Business from American University.

  • David R. Miller, Halo Wearables

    David R. Miller, Halo Wearables


    David R. Miller received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a M.S. in Physics from Brigham Young University. Mr. Miller has previously served as Director of Medical Device Research and Development for a Fortune 500 company, along with being the Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Research and Development for several scientific and medical technology companies. Mr. Miller currently holds over 75 US domestic patents and 20 international patents. With over 30 years of experience in electrical engineering and spectroscopy, he has expertise in high frequency electromagnetics, medical diagnostic equipment research and development, electrical and mechanical instrumentation, international medical markets strategic planning, mathematical modeling, optical and impedance spectroscopy, Japanese translation and patent portfolio strategy and planning.

  • Jared Dwarika, Health Care Originals

    Jared Dwarika, Health Care Originals


    Jared is the visionary that has led commercialization of HCO’s patented technology, seeing the vast potential for a wearable that monitors respiratory performance at clinically accurate levels. He is passionate about HCO’s technology, and the remarkable difference it can make in the lives of those who have respiratory illnesses and their caregivers. Throughout his career, he has held leadership roles in manufacturing; operations management; engineering and design management and technical sales management.

  • Clint Zeagler, Georgia Tech

    Clint Zeagler, Georgia Tech


    Zeagler is the Program Manager for the Georgia Tech Wearable Computing Center. His background in Fashion Design, Product Design, Textile Manufacturing and he researches on-body textile-based interactions. He instructs courses in wearable product design, and mobile and ubiquitous computing. Recently he has co-curated (with Thad Starner) an exhibition on the history of wearable computing, which has traveled internationally, and is currently on display at the Museum of Design Atlanta.

  • Adrian Tang, NASA

    Adrian Tang, NASA


    Adrian Tang, from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the University of California, Los Angeles, develops CMOS-based space instrumentation for future NASA planetary missions exploring the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn) and their moons, as well instruments for climate and atmospheric science here on Earth. His recent research focus is low power data-links for providing connectivity in wearable and mobile devices.

  • Bill Lauer, Telephaty Japan Inc.

    Bill Lauer, Telephaty Japan Inc.


    Bill Lauer is a semiconductor and consumer electronics industry veteran. Over his 30 year career, Mr. Lauer has lived and worked in Japan, started and sold two startups as well as creating value added divisions inside Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Lauer is now an advisor for select, differentiated technology companies.

  • Daniel Shen, Eargo

    Daniel Shen, Eargo


    Daniel is the co-founder and Chief Clinical & Science Officer of Eargo. Prior to Eargo, he was a co-founder of multiple medical device companies. He has a background in medicine and engineering, having attended MIT (undergraduate degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), the MIT Media Lab, and Stanford Medical School.

  • Robert Falco, TÜV SÜD

    Robert Falco, TÜV SÜD


    Robert has worked for more than a decade in regulatory compliance and served globally diverse corporations including Whirlpool and Honeywell. He earned an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management and a Bachelor of Arts degree from UC Berkeley.
    Currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Robert spent several years abroad in Europe (Germany) and Asia (Japan). At TÜV SÜD, Robert Falco is part of the global regulatory services team, working primarily with companies headquartered in North America.

    TÜV SÜD is a business-to-business engineering services firm providing international safety testing and certification services. Founded nearly 150 years ago in 1866, TÜV SÜD employs over 20,000 professionals active in over 600 locations worldwide. With revenue exceeding EUR 2.0B. in 2014, TÜV SÜD is one of the largest companies in the testing and certification industry.

  • Christian Stammel, Wearable Technologies

    Christian Stammel, Wearable Technologies


    As founder and CEO Christian Stammel has more than 20 years’ experience in marketing and sales as well as an excellent international network. Using this expertise he supported numerous international companies of all sizes regarding business development, technology marketing, and increase of sales activities with his innovation and marketing company Navispace AG. The natural next step to Navispace’s huge success “Wearable Technology” was the incorporation of the Wearable Technologies AG in 2011. Since then, WT served as a business accelerator for more than 3000 renowned companies and will remain the key hub for marketing new technologies in this field in the years to come.

  • Fabio Pania, Vinaya

    Fabio Pania, Vinaya


    Fabio is the Founder and CTO of Vinaya, a company that uses cutting-edge technology in hardware, embedded software, mobile apps and cloud computing to create revolutionary products that deliver a holistic view of wellbeing and suggest actionable insights to help people live a better life. Fabio has a wide background in electronics with experience that ranges from Research to Development. After receiving a Master's Degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of Pisa (Italy) and working for companies such as NXP Semiconductor (The Netherlands) and Imagination Technologies (UK), he is now enjoying the start-up world as an hands-on entrepreneur.

  • Ko Kijima, 16Lab

    Ko Kijima, 16Lab


    Ko is CEO at 16Lab, an award-winning developer of an ultra-small scale ring-like wearable device considered as a next-generation computing platform that offers intuitive solutions for everyday life. Prior to establishing 16Lab, Ko had a long history of working as an equity research analyst at several financial institutions such as J.P. Morgan Investment Management Inc. With his excellent investment performance, he was awarded the No.1 Buy-side equity research analyst (Software) in the Tempest/Reuters Survey. Ko received his bachelor's degree from the University of Tokyo. He was a recipient of full scholarship from the university.

  • Dr. Faz Chowdhury, Nemaura

    Dr. Faz Chowdhury, Nemaura


    Dr Faz Chowdhury has a Masters in Microsystems and Nanotechnology from Cranfield University, and Doctorate from the University of Oxford on Nano-Drug Delivery. He founded several companies specializing in Drug Delivery and Medical Devices, and has more than 18 granted and pending patents.

  • Bettina Brammer, Ovularing

    Bettina Brammer, Ovularing


    As a Media Sciences major Bettina Brammer has many years of experience in operational and strategic marketing in the consumer goods industry and in the technology sector. She was, among other things, responsible for brand management and product and channel marketing for Ben Sherman in New York and ASICS in Japan. She gave up her position as head of marketing at the solar company Q Cells in autumn of 2013 to take responsibility for sales and marketing at VivoSensMedical GmbH. In early 2014 Bettina became a partner at VivoSensMedical GmbH.

  • Adam Robertson, Jabra

    Adam Robertson, Jabra


    Adam is a marketing and communications professional who has built a career around understanding consumer needs. His career has spanned across multiple countries and multiple continents in the ongoing process of developing this understanding further. Lately with Jabra, Adam has turned those skills into translating consumer needs into products and further more building a bridge between those features we add and the use cases they provide for.

  • Mort Hartwell, Vinson&Elkins

    Mort Hartwell, Vinson&Elkins


    Mort’s practice focuses on a wide variety of matters, including the management of litigation and trials of complex products liability, toxic tort, catastrophic incident, environmental, and class action cases. Mort represents a variety of clients, including technology companies, manufacturers, importers, private equity groups, technology companies, and individuals (typically shareholders and officers of corporations).
    Mort has served as national counsel for a variety of products liability clients, including those in wearable technology, medical devices, automotive parts, and food products. He also frequently counsels clients on product recall and warning issues.
    Mort has particular expertise in representing technology companies in products claims, including those involved in wearable technology product liability and class action claims, and routinely counsels consumer products technology companies on risk avoidance issues.

  • Christel Le Coq , E.Sensory

    Christel Le Coq , E.Sensory


    Christel Le Coq is the CEO and founder of E.Sensory, a French Startup which offers an original IoT platform to link digital content(ebook, audio files, video…) with connected devices. The first application to benefit from this platform features sensory digital reading. The idea being to offer readers some true sensations triggered according to what they read, hear or touch via various haptic interfaces (clothes, screens, sextoys…). The first service edited – B.Sensory (CES Innovation Award 2016) - is dedicated to connected erotic literature but other projects are ongoing such as the development of an audio-sensorial reading offer in partnership with Audible, an Amazon audio subsidiary.

  • Howard Xiao, Omius

    Howard Xiao, Omius


    Howard Xiao is the Head of Growth at Omius. He specializes in
    pinpointing market opportunities, coordinating finances, and
    developing branding strategy for Omius. Howard graduated from
    UCLA in 2016 with a B.A. in Business Economics and was recognized
    as a 2015 Sharpe Fellow, a highly selective designation that is given
    to students who demonstrated outstanding professional experience,
    academic achievement, and leadership ability.
    His wide range of experience across the fields of management
    consulting, finance, and entrepreneurship allows him unique insight
    in developing strategies for business growth. He has worked for Bruin
    Consulting, Cepheid, AIG, and Visa. He was the founder of two prior
    ventures in Quake Safety and CashbackClick.com, and has used these
    learning experiences to become an even better leader at Omius.

  • Pietro Carratu, Youbiquo

    Pietro Carratu, Youbiquo


    MSC in Electronic Engineering and Certified Project Manager (PMP – PMBok Methodology), I worked as PM and UX Designer for several companies in ICT and R&D departments for twenty years while I lead projects involving several people and multiple stakeholders. Since 2002 I worked on mobile phones technologies, and in 2013 I founded Youbiquo, focused on wearables and Smart Glasses. Youbiquo skills and expertise belongs to Natural Language Processing technologies, frame design, and wearable electronics.

  • Richard Elbert, Cicor Group - Advanced Microelectronics & Substrates Division

    Richard Elbert, Cicor Group - Advanced Microelectronics & Substrates Division


    Rick Elbert is the US Field Applications Engineer for Cicor AMS and a graduate of Case Western Reserve University with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Rick has over 20 years of manufacturing experience with positions in design & product engineering, test engineering, business development, applications engineering, sales engineering, product management and project management. The last 16 years, Rick has been working within the micro-electronics industry with projects ranging from miniaturized wearable devices to class III implants.

  • Darrel Drinan, BioRibbon Health

    Darrel Drinan, BioRibbon Health


    Darrel Drinan, Co-Founder / CEO BioRibbon Health – BioRibbon offers an unobtrusive wearable patient monitoring service generating precise, comprehensive physiological data to drive real-time diagnostic clarity. This early diagnostic clarity empowers effective interventions that benefit all stakeholders to include the patient, provider, payer and employer. BioRibbon is a spinout of PhiloMetron which is a medical technology accelerator located in San Diego that develops novel solutions for chronic disease and quality of life conditions. Philo’s first spinout, Corventis (www.corventis.com), commercialized several cardiovascular applications, successfully raised more than $80MM in venture capital, and was acquired by Medtronic in 2014. These spinouts are based on novel technology solutions that Philo developed in programs funded by NIH and DARPA. Prior to co-founding PhiloMetron, Mr. Drinan was the Director of New Program Management for Braun ThermoScan, a $2B subsidiary of the Gillette Company. He led the new consumer medical products development activities for Braun, including research in wireless, non-invasive, medical sensing applications markets. He led multi-disciplined development teams personnel located in several countries. Mr. Drinan holds a BS in Productions/Operations Management and an MS in Business.

  • Shyam Nallabolu, Infineon

    Shyam Nallabolu, Infineon


    Shyam Nallabolu is a technical marketing engineer for MEMS-based sensors at Infineon Technologies Americas Corp. He says companies such as Infineon are ‘riding the wave of sensors’ by supplying millions of sensors into wearables, smartphones, smart home and IoT devices. Ever growing new applications are being enabled by standalone sensors as well as combinations of sensors. In his talk, Shyam dives into novel use cases of sensors in wearables. He then builds his case for combinational sensors and talks about the enabling technologies underlying these new applications.

  • Mikko Malmivaara, Clothing+ powered by Jabil

    Mikko Malmivaara, Clothing+ powered by Jabil


    As one of the founding experts of Clothing+, Mikko Malmivaara has been an active member in the wearables community since 1998. With a background in concept design, product design and marketing & sales, Mikko is well versed in the technical requirements of textile electronics but also has a decade and a half worth of experience in the business side of wearables. In between wearable tech, Mikko has had time to be a sponsored snowboarder, guide safaris in the wilderness of the Finnish Lapland and build and launch a line of barefoot shoes. Today Mikko runs the marketing operations at Clothing+ and travels the world spreading the word on textile-integrated biometrics sensors.

  • Yasmine Mustafa, ROAR for Good

    Yasmine Mustafa, ROAR for Good


    Yasmine Mustafa is a serial entrepreneur from Philadelphia fueled by a passion to leverage technology for good. She's the CEO of ROAR for Good, a B-corp aimed at helping protect women using smart jewelry & education. She's also the founder of Girl Develop It Philly, a non-profit aimed at lessening the gender gap in technology and she sits on the board of Coded by Kids, a non-profit that helps inner city youth learn how to code.

  • Anthony M. Gonzalez, Force Impact Technologies Inc

    Anthony M. Gonzalez, Force Impact Technologies Inc


    Executive Director of Force Impact Technologies (FIT). Anthony has played sports all his life; he played Rugby for is Alma Mater, Arizona State University and holds his undergrad and MBA. A Brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and a rounded martial artist, he set out to find a better way to protect himself and other athletes in the sports they love.

  • Andreas Frietag, COBI of America

    Andreas Frietag, COBI of America


    With a background as a digital concept developer and strategist Andreas Freitag held leadership positions at Germany’s most creative and innovative agencies, including Neue Digitale (now Razorfish), Jung von Matt and Heimat Hamburg. He earned Executive MBA degrees from the Universities of St. Gallen and Toronto and is an author, serial entrepreneur and the founder of PLOT, a leadership consultancy based in Palo Alto, California. Andreas joined COBI as President/CEO of COBI of America Inc. and is currently building a team in San Francisco to connect with North American users and partners in the bike and tech industries. As a former bike messenger and lifelong road cyclist Andreas is excited about the role COBI will play in bringing about a more bike-friendly America.

  • Joseph Wei, Lab360

    Joseph Wei, Lab360


    Joseph Wei is a co-founder and Managing Director of Lab360 (www.Lab360.com), an incubator that provides investment, mentorship, and business acceleration for early stage startups focusing on wearable, IoT and other smart devices. Lab360 is supported by Qihoo 360 (NYSE:QIHU), one of the leading Internet companies in China. Joseph is an experienced entrepreneur, technologist and startup mentor. Prior to Lab360, he founded SJW Consulting Inc., (www.sjwconsulting.com) a technology and business strategy consulting firm advising C-level executives at global 1000 technology on technology trends and business strategy. Previously, he held executive positions at Inventec, Silicon Graphics (SGI), NEC and DEC (acquired by Compaq/HP) where he launched innovative products grossing a total of over $1 billion in revenue. He is recognized for his expertise in wearables, IoT, Cloud computing, and is a frequent speaker and author on these topics. He is the Chair of the Santa Clara Valley IEEE Section, and, the Consumer Electronics Society, where IEEE is the world's largest technical professional association with over 440,000 members. He is an advisor to several startups, as well as a mentor to Alchemist Accelerator, AngelHack HACKcelerator and RoyseLaw AgTech Incubator.

  • Aaron Johnson, Accumold

    Aaron Johnson, Accumold


    Aaron Johnson is the Vice President of Marketing & Customer Strategy at Accumold. He is responsible for providing business strategies and leadership to develop market relevant, customer focused manufacturing solutions. He is recognized as an industry leader on the subject on micro molding and has been with Accumold since 2005.

  • Barrett Larson, Leaf Healthcare

    Barrett Larson, Leaf Healthcare


    Barrett Larson is a physician-entrepreneur passionate about developing new technologies that improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs.   He earned his medical degree from Stanford University and stayed there to do his residency training in anesthesiology.  Dr. Larson is the director of the Stanford Anesthesia Innovation Lab (SAIL) and the recipient of numerous medical technology innovation awards.  Dr. Larson started Leaf Healthcare during medical school, after discovering an enormous opportunity for wearables to transform the care of hospitalized patients.  By operating at the interface between clinical medicine, academics, and industry, Dr. Larson is able to facilitate the rapid commercialization of innovative medical technologies.  

  • Adam Tilton, Rithmio

    Adam Tilton, Rithmio


    Adam Tilton is the CEO & Co-founder of Rithmio. While pursuing his PhD at the University of Illinois, Tilton identified a new approach to pattern recognition and classification. In 2014, Tilton put his PhD on hold to start Rithmio, a wearables company that creates motion recognition software.

  • Jingtao Hu, TouchOne

    Jingtao Hu, TouchOne


    Jingtao Hu, the inventor of TouchOne Keyboard has granted multiple patents globally. With the scientific finger ergonomics research, TouchOne Keyboard has enabled large text display with finger sized keys on watch screens. Users can easily type on watch at a rate of up to 32 words per minute, which is 3 times faster than other solutions.

  • Andy Crump, Ascent Batteries

    Andy Crump, Ascent Batteries


    Worked 26 years in the electronics industry. Started engineering career in the power supply industry, since has moved to the sales side of business with a few different start-up ventures. Recently has been involved in the Manufacturer’s rep and distribution business, representing several major LCD and Touchscreen suppliers from around the world. Current managing sales for the west coast at Ascent Batteries, a leading provider of batteries for the wearable market, with reps up and down the west coast and Colorado.

  • Anna Nyka~~u0308nen, PulseOn

    Anna Nyka~~u0308nen, PulseOn


    Anna is the Head of Sales and Marketing at PulseOn which offers highest quality wearable Optical Heart Rate solutions. She is an MSc in Business Economics educated B2B business development, technology sales and marketing professional with experience in networking, wireless and IoT solutions. Her previous employers include Bluegiga Technologies, Fujitsu Services, Anixter International and DuPont creating a balanced high tech background from both large multinationals and start ups. PulseOn OHR solutions are offered for sports, fitness, wellness and healthcare customers and partners. The patented sensor solution and advanced algorithms provide scientifically validated continuous accurate low power HR and HRV in wide range of conditions. Solution is available as sensor modules, white label products and technology license.

  • Heiko Komaromi, Sensirion

    Heiko Komaromi, Sensirion


    Studied business physics at university Ulm (Germany). Joined Sensirion in 2012 as Key Account Manager for Smart Home and IoT (Internet of Things); since 2016 Key Account Manager for Mobile and Consumer Electronics.

  • Michael Orlando, Fit Pay

    Michael Orlando, Fit Pay


    Michael Orlando is the Co-Founder and CEO of Fit Pay, Inc., a provider of contactless payment platforms for wearable devices. With 22 years of payment services experience, Orlando has served in leadership positions in several successful companies, including Cybersource, where played a primary role in the company’s $2 Billion acquisition by Visa Inc.

  • Rong Xia, Raiing Medical

    Rong Xia, Raiing Medical


    Rong is currently in the Harvard Alumni Ventures Group at Harvard Innovation Launch Lab. She has over 15 years experiences in sales and marketing management with Agfa HealthCare and Covidien before she joined Raiing Medical. She received her MBA from the KEDGE Business School and MPH in Healthcare Management and Policy from Harvard University.

  • Anglea Pan, Ashley Chloe Inc

    Anglea Pan, Ashley Chloe Inc


    Angela Pan is the Founder and CEO of Ashley Chloe, a wearable fashion tech accessories brand based in San Francisco. Integrating a passion for design with her aptitude for business, Pan has a wealth of experience gained from her roles as startup entrepreneur and as early-stage tech investor. She is a self-taught designer; her passion for design has given her a broad vision and deep understanding of style and allure.

  • Waqaas Al-Siddiq, Biotricity

    Waqaas Al-Siddiq, Biotricity


    Waqaas Al-Siddiq, the founder of biotricity, is a serial entrepreneur, a former investment advisor and an expert in wireless communication technology. Waqaas has vast experience leading various groups through his executive roles within start-ups, mid-sized companies, and non-profits. He is completing his PhD in Business Administration at Henley.

  • Tanja Seiderer, SeLe

    Tanja Seiderer, SeLe


    Tanja Seiderer, started her professional career at Infineon in 2009 and completed the Infineon project leader academy in 2013. She obtained deep management knowledge in the field of large national and international funded projects. Her technical core experience is in the field of nanoelectronics for health care and related applications.

  • Nadia Kang, AiQ Smart Clothing

    Nadia Kang, AiQ Smart Clothing


    Nadia Kang is one of the visionaries in Wearable Tech world. Before the term "wearable technology" was widely used by high-tech groups, Nadia pioneered the idea of utilizing in-house stainless yarn technology for various wearable garments that we could wear in our daily lives. In early 2009 her belief that new materials and fabrics could be developed that were conductive, washable and comfortable, lead to the birth of AiQ in 2012 after a 3-year incubation period inside Tex-Ray Group.

  • Mohit Kedia, NXP Semiconductors

    Mohit Kedia, NXP Semiconductors


    Mohit is Solutions Architect at NXP Semiconductors and responsible for strategy in IoT and Wearable solutions. His specific interest is to provide complete solutions, including silicon, software and enablement tools, to simplify the product development process for connected devices. Prior to this, Mohit was a product manager for Kinetis Microcontroller.

  • Davide Panelli, HFT smart sensors

    Davide Panelli, HFT smart sensors


    Davide Panelli is CEO and co-founder of Byte-Code Srl, an independent software development company focused on web and mobile technologies. In 2003,right after obtaining his Computer Science Degree(with Artificial Intelligence specialization) at Universita degli Studi di Milano, he founded Byte-Code and since then the company grew to nearly 40 employee spread across the Europe, and now is supporting many innovative projects in large enterprises.
    During these years at Byte-Code, Davide had to wear many different hats and learned very different skills ranging from business development to managing distributed teams while keeping a solid technical background.
    Davide is now focusing on cloud computing technologies, big data and machine learning algorithms applied to predictive systems for web and e-commerce ecosystem.

  • Valer Pop, LiveSense Group

    Valer Pop, LiveSense Group


    Valer began his career at the campus completing his PhD at Philips. Over the past 10 years Valer was part of the Imec team, an internationally famous R&D institute based at High Tech Campus Eindhoven. During the past 5 years he has focused on new technology sales and business development. An entrepreneur at heart he is now fulfilling a lifelong dream.

  • Dush Wimal, SmartCap Technologies

    Dush Wimal, SmartCap Technologies


    Devoted father of 3 young boys, fitness enthusiast, globetrotter and a foodie. Dush is passionate about SmartCap and saving lives. Degree qualified in Elec Eng and a MBA, a senior executive who has a built a career working with Innovative Technologies in his career. His passion is commercialization of truly innovative technologies. His experience covers the Mining, Biomedical, Early Warning Fire Detection and Automotive verticals.

  • Ying Zhou, Mobvoi

    Ying Zhou, Mobvoi


    Ying is product and business director for Ticwatch2 international edition, the most interactive smart watch created by Mobvoi. Ticwatch is the 2rd best-selling Android smart watch in China, and is coming to the North America market this summer. Ying has extensive experience in product management, project management and supply chain management during her international career path across Europe, US and China. Ying holds an MBA degree from Harvard Business School, and a master's degree of industrial engineering from Ecole des Mines de Paris.

  • Tom Emrich, We Are Wearables

    Tom Emrich, We Are Wearables


    As a writer, consultant and community builder, Tom Emrich uses
    his passion for emerging technologies to act as a catalyst to
    bring on the future. He founded We Are Wearables, an organization
    that rallies the tech community together to discover, discuss and
    demo wearable tech in order to foster adoption and facilitate
    innovation in this space. Tom writes regularly about wearables and
    other emerging technologies and works with startups, and large
    organizations as an advisor and consultant offering assistance on
    product development, marketing and organizational strategy.

  • John Dwyer, flex

    John Dwyer, flex


    VP, Strategic Development for Flex Consumer Technology Group
    (CTG). CTG services customers in the consumer electronics
    markets with a full offering of product development and supply
    chain capabilities. John leads the wearable technology strategy,
    which has pioneered new businesses and development partnerships
    that have established Flex as the industry leading manufacturer of
    wearable electronics. He has held various leadership roles within
    the company over the last 15 years, and has over 25 years industry
    experience in operations, manufacturing technologies, and product
    development. Prior to Flex, John developed products and global
    operations for Honeywell, Motorola, Newell-Rubbermaid, and
    Fortune Brands. He holds an MBA from Northern Illinois University
    and a BS Industrial Engineering from Millikin University.

  • Clint McClellan, Indie Health

    Clint McClellan, Indie Health


    Clint McClellan, Founder and President, Indie Health Leveraging
    15+ years as a wireless health executive, Clint’s latest
    venture, Indie Health, is developing a portfolio of the most highly
    standardized, highly certified and easiest to integrate health devices
    in the industry. He most recently was a co-founder of Qualcomm
    Life and prior to that established Qualcomm’s Global Industry Analyst
    and Global Market Intelligence programs. Clint has served as the
    President and Chairman of Continua Health Alliance where he led the
    efforts to get the Continua Standards adopted by the UN standards
    body, the ITU-T, as the world’s only connected health standard.

  • Lenny Richiuso, Flex

    Lenny Richiuso, Flex


    As Sr. Director of Innovation Management at flex, Lenny leads
    an engineering team responsible for developing product
    technologies and manufacturing processes for consumer
    electronics. With over 20 years of experience in the design and
    manufacture of consumer products in Engineering Management,
    Product Management, R & D Engineering and Product Design, Lenny
    has held positions at Pentair Inc. and Eastman Kodak Company.
    An inventor with 20 patents, Lenny has a B.S. in Manufacturing
    Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology.

  • Leon Wong, Flex

    Leon Wong, Flex


    Leon leads technology strategy for the $7B Consumer Technology
    Group at Flex, a leading sketch-to-scale™ solutions company
    that designs and builds intelligent products for a connected world.
    His experience spans the entire product life cycle, from strategy
    through retail. He has held business leadership positions in startups
    and Fortune 500 companies, on both the consumer and B2B sides.
    Before business school at Harvard, he held engineering leadership
    positions at several startups, where he earned 6 US patents and
    applied his electrical engineering skills gained from UC Berkeley..

  • Eric Braddom , Flex

    Eric Braddom , Flex


    Mr. Braddom is the Vice President of Product Management for
    the Consumer Technologies Group at Flex (NASDAQ: FLEX). In
    his current role, he is responsible for wearables at Flex, one of the
    leading manufacturers of wearables, putting in place the strategy,
    platforms, capabilities and partnerships to enable the wearable
    products of the future. Mr. Braddom has a long history of starting
    new businesses within large companies and has held several
    leadership roles including the VP of Strategy for the Consumer
    Solutions division at TE Connectivity where he was responsible
    for strategy and marketing. He also held leadership roles at
    Freescale Semiconductor and Texas Instruments (TI), Inc. and was
    a consultant with Accenture. Eric has a BS in Electrical Engineering
    from Washington University in St. Louis, a BA with a concentration in
    Philosophy from DePauw University and an MBA from the University
    of Texas at Austin.

  • Mike McBride, Huawei

    Mike McBride, Huawei


    As Senior Director of Innovation, within Huawei's IP innovation group, Mike leads SDN, NFV, Cloud, 5G, AR/VR architecture, standardization, strategy and collaboration with customers, partners and product lines. Mike leads an opensource team which contributes to various opensource communities, primarily within the Linux Foundation, in the development of use cases, PoCs and technology strategy. Mike has served as an IETF Working Group chair and ONF leader for many years.


Agenda WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2016 USA

Tuesday, 12th July 2016
09.30 Introduction by Christian Stammel, WT | Wearable Technologies
  Enabling Convergence – Clothing of the Future John Dwyer, VP Consumer Technology, Flex
  Nathan Sivagananathan, CGO, MAS Holdings
10:00 A Glance at a Decade of Evolution moderated by Christian Stammel, WT | Wearable Technologies
  Meeting the Challenge: The Path Towards a Consumer Wearable Computer Clint Zeagler, Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology (GATECH)
  Hearing Aids Making Old Technology New Again: Through Innovation  Daniel Shen, Chief Clinical and Science Officer, Eargo
  Lumo: A Wearables Journey from Products to Platform Monisha Perkash, Co-Founder & CEO, Lumo Bodytech
  Neurotechnology for Elite Athletes Dr. Daniel Chao, Co-Founder & CEO, Halo Neuroscience
11:15 Coffee Break
11:45 The New Age for Content, POS & Marketing moderated by Leon Wong, Flex
  Communication Enabling IoT, a Twilio Perspective Brian Mullen, VP of Business Development & Mobility , Twilio
  Wearables: Enriching and saving lives Mike McBride, Sr. Director of Innovation, Huawei
  How to Combine Digital Contents and Connected Devices to Create New Sensory Experiences Christel Le Coq, Founder & CEO, E.Sensory
  Smart Glasses for Tourism & Cultural Heritage: A New Era for Audioguides Pietro Carratu, Founder & CEO and Vincenzo Della Mura, CTO, Youbiquo
12:40 Lunch Break & Elevator Pitches at the Demo Stage by ASE US, Ascent Batteries, Sensirion, COBI Bike, Ashley Chloe, Roar For Good, SmartCap, Force Impact Technologies, PulseOn, Rithmio, HFT smart sensors, Clothing+
02:15 Creating Happy Customers and Solid Products, moderated by Robert Falco, TÜV SÜD
  Wearables & Privacy: Who Is Your Watch Talking To? Gary Davis, Chief Consumer Security Evangelist, Intel Security
  What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: Legal and Risk Prevention Issues Relating to Wearable Technology Products Mort Hartwell, Partner, Vinson & Elkins LLP
02:55 Keynote: Making the World a Better Place
  The world’s first Wearable-for-Good® Rajesh Anandan, Senior Vice President, UNICEF Ventures
03:25 Coffee Break
03:55 Next Level Innovations moderated by Lenny Richiuso, Flex
  An Introduction to Reflector-Based Data-Links for Low Power Devices Adrian Tang, Researcher, NASA
  Technologies that Turn Visions into Reality Richard Elbert, Field Applications Engineer, Cicor
  Expand your Senses with Infineon's Pressure Sensor Shyam Nallabolu, Sr Applications Engineer, Infineon
  The World's First Flexible Display Product Edzer Huitema, CTO, Polyera
05:15 Painting a Bigger Picture: The WT Ecosystem and Beyond, moderated by Christian Stammel, WT | Wearable Technologies
  Successful Commercialization of a Wearable Product in the Asian Market Jason Kra, President, Li & Fung Company
  How Enterprise Organizations Will Play a Critical Role in the Mainstream Adoption of Wearable Devices Michael Brown, ‎VP User Experience, SAP
05:55 Closing Remarks by Christian Stammel, WT | Wearable Technologies
06:00 Get-Together and Networking Party at WT exhibition
Wednesday, 13th July 2016
09:30 Introduction moderated by Christian Stammel, WT | Wearable Technologies
  Keynote : When Sports & Technology Collide Russell Okung, Football Player, Denver Broncos
10:00 Enhancing the Future of Healthcare, moderated by Clint McClellan, Indie Health
  Clinically Relevant Wearable Patches: sugarBEAT Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring Case Study Faz Chowdhury, CEO, Nemaura
  New Chances in Conception and Natural Contraception with Wearable Menstrual Cycle Trackers Bettina Brammer, Partner & Head of Marketing& Sales, VivoSensMedical GmbH
  Clinical Quality Remote Patient Monitoring Systems Darrel Drinan, President and CEO, BioRibbon Health
  Breathe Easy, Always. Respiratory Performance Monitoring at its Best Jared Dwarika, Co-Founder, Health Care Originals
  Choosing the Best Wearable Technologies for Regulated Clinical Trials Patrick Hankey, Principal mHealth, Medidata
11:40 Coffee break
12:10 Wearables for Professionals, moderated by Joseph Wei, Lab360
  Industrial Grade Smart Glasses Pete Jameson, Chief Operating Officer, ODG
  Adjusting Tech More to Humans: In Industrial Use and Beyond Bill Lauer, Fellow, Telepathy
  How Augmented Reality will Improve our Interactions with Computers Soren Harner, Chief Product Officer, Meta
  Wearable Body Cameras for Today's Police Force Trevin Chow, Director of Product Managment , TASER International
01:30 Lunch Break & Elevator Pitches at the Demo Stage by Accumold, Emfit, NXP Semiconductor, SeLe, AiQ Smart Clothing, Leaf Healthcare, Raiing Medical, Biotricity, Lifesense, Fitpay, TouchOne
03:00 Keynote introduced by Christian Stammel, WT | Wearable Technologies
  EMOTIONALIZE – Data Driven Media Experiences Andreas Gall, Chief Technology Officer, Red Bull Media House
03:30 News from the World of Sports and Fitness moderated by Eric Braddom, Flex
  Fitness for Real: Metrics that Matter Joni Kettunen, CEO, Firstbeat
  Wearable Hydration Monitoring for Continuous Trend Analysis David R. Miller, Chief Scientist, Halo Wearables
  GraphWear: Making Your Sweat Work for You Saurabh Radhakrishnan, Co-Founder, GraphWear
  The Sports Audio Experience Adam Robertson, Senior Product Marketing Manager , Jabra
04:45 Coffee break
05:10 Blending your Life with Tech moderated by Tom Emrich, We Are Wearables
  Ticwatch: Bringing AI to Your Everyday Life Ying Zhou, Product Manager, Mobvoi
  An Approach to Smart Rings Ko Kijima, CEO, 16Lab
  Omius: The first actually breathable jacket Howard Xiao, Head of Growth , Omius
  Biometric Wearable for Both Body & Mind Fabio Pania, Founder & CTO, Vinaya Technologies
06:25 Closing Remarks by Christian Stammel, WT | Wearable Technologies
06:30 Conference ends