WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2017 AUSTRALIA

December 7-8, 2017
International Convention Centre , Sydney

The key streams of the event focus on wearables in safety, security, performance and transactions.

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Speakers 2017

  • Christian Stammel, WT | Wearable Technologies AG

    Christian Stammel, WT | Wearable Technologies AG


    Christian Stammel is the founder and CEO of the – first of its kind – innovation and business development platform for Wearable Technologies (WT).

    As serial entrepreneur, Christian founded his first two companies during university. Since the mid-90s he has founded more than 10 companies in the fields of geo data, navigation, internet, open innovation and technology consulting with a proven success record.

    Currently he operates as CEO of Wearable Technologies AG. He is a frequent keynote speaker on topics like IoT and beyond. His work cultivates multinationals and entrepreneurs alike to connect with forward thinkers, investors and most influential people within disruptive and converging industries.

    He developed the renowned open innovation platform, Innovation World Cup Series, through which he and his team support hundreds of companies every year. A well-known supporter of companies of all sizes his brainchild Wearable Technologies is a business accelerator for the entire WT ecosystem. Mr. Stammel is as keen to technology as he is passionate about surfing and snowboarding – always riding the biggest waves first.

  • Kaila Colbin, Singularity University

    Kaila Colbin, Singularity University


    Kaila Colbin is the New Zealand Ambassador for Singularity University. In 2016, she spearheaded the hugely successful SingularityU New Zealand Summit, the first in Australasia, with more than 1,400 attendees.

    She is also a co-founder and Chair of the non-profit Ministry of Awesome, the starting point to make things happen in Christchurch; the Curator and Licensee for TEDxChristchurch in New Zealand and TEDxScottBase in Antarctica; Chairman of the Board of the New York-based Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts; Deputy Chair of CORE Education Ltd; and a Director of ChristchurchNZ, the Christchurch agency responsible for tourism, major events and economic development.

    Kaila is a certified ExO consultant, a Climate Project Ambassador who trained with Al Gore, and a Project Management Professional. She is a renowned national and international public speaker, sought after by corporates, government agencies, industry groups, and more.

    A native New Yorker, Kaila is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Italian, holds a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Administration from Cornell University and has been a serial entrepreneur since the age of 22. Her purpose in life is to be an uplifting presence.

  • Dr John F Lambert, eHealth NSW

    Dr John F Lambert, eHealth NSW


    Dr John Lambert was appointed as eHealth NSW’s Chief Clinical Information Officer in 2014. As a practicing clinician with broad experience in digital solution development and a passion for designing solutions that help clinicians deliver better patient care, he was the standout choice for this inaugural position.

    Prior to his appointment, John was Medical Director of Intensive Care at Orange Health Service. He has a long history of contributing to major health projects including hospital redevelopments and clinical digital transformation programs, such as the Critical Care Advisory Service in Western NSW Local Health District.

    At eHealth NSW, John continues to focus on putting patients’ needs at the centre of digital healthcare, embedding human centred design methodologies throughout a design and build process that is built on a foundation of continual clinician engagement, ensuring optimal, safe use of all digital clinical solutions in NSW Health.

  • Justin Miller, Nuheara

    Justin Miller, Nuheara


    Justin Miller, now based in Perth, Australia is CEO & Co-founder of ASX listed Nuheara Ltd (NUH). As a serial entrepreneur, spanning more than 20 years, he has developed a thorough knowledge of the global technology and innovation marketplace.

    Justin was also the founder and CEO of industrial communication company, Sensear, where he led the commercialisation and growth of the now global business over a 10-year period, culminating with him being based in San Francisco, USA. Prior to this, Justin was CEO and Co-founder of ASX listed IT Services company Empired Ltd (EPD).

  • Dr Lee Walsh, Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

    Dr Lee Walsh, Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)


    Dr Lee Walsh is an electrical and computer systems engineer, and physiologist. He spent over a decade designing instruments and software for measuring human physiology and psychology, including some wearable devices. He currently leads a team of regulatory engineers in the Laboratories of the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

  • Simon Ward, Cochlear
  • Dr Liliana Laranjo, Centre for Health Informatics

    Dr Liliana Laranjo, Centre for Health Informatics


    Liliana Laranjo (MD MPH PhD) is a Medical Doctor and a Specialist in Family Medicine - General Practice. She has a Master of Public Health from Harvard University and a PhD in Medicine (Epidemiology).

    Liliana works at the Centre for Health Informatics, part of the Australian Institute of Health Innovation, at Macquarie University. Her current research focuses on the use of mobile health technologies and online social networks to promote behaviour change (e.g. increasing physical activity, modifying dietary habits, managing weight), with the aim of improving health outcomes.

  • Dr Ruth De Souza, North Richmond Community Health

    Dr Ruth De Souza, North Richmond Community Health


    Dr Ruth De Souza is a nurse, writer, speaker and researcher with a passionate interest in culture and health. She has combined her academic career with governance and community involvement.

    Ruth is currently developing a program of research exploring the potential of consumer health technologies such as fitness trackers and “wearables” to enhance health literacy in culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities. She is a member of the Nurse Informatics Community of Interest (The Australian College of Nursing), Health Informatics Society Australia (HISA) and Nursing Informatics Australia (NIA).

  • Kevin White, Collingwood Football Club

    Kevin White, Collingwood Football Club


    Kevin White is the head of conditioning & Sports Science at Collingwood Football Club after initially graduating BSc Hons Sport & Exercise Science at University of Limerick in Ireland (2010).

    For the past 7 years Kevin has been working in the sports science department at Collingwood FC developing new methods of quantifying a holistic load for effective individual player management. He has integrated GPS data analytics into the football program which facilitates programming, drill design, player positional profiling, rehab return to play and soft tissue injury risk.

    Kevin’s main area of expertise is in load management and looking more specifically at ways to better individualise programming across the 45 players. His passion lies within innovation, looking at finding better ways to use the correct data and educating coaches and players around what the data is really telling us. Kevin follows an ethos of “Art versus Science” in his foundations of programming at the football club.

  • Phil Cheetham, US Olympic Committee (USA)

    Phil Cheetham, US Olympic Committee (USA)


    Phil’s main interest and career path is the practical application of sport science and technology to improve athletic performance; with particular interest in the use of 3D Motion Analysis and Biomechanics methods.

    Phil is an Olympian in gymnastics; he competed in the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games for Australia. He was also on the Olympic Team for the 1980 Moscow Olympics but didn’t go due to the boycott. He is also a three time Australian Gymnastics All-Around Champion. Other related sports he competed in include diving, tumbling and trampoline.

    Phil has been an innovator in sport biomechanics for nearly 30 years. He co-developed one of the first sports motion analysis systems while working as Head of Engineering Technology for the US Olympic Committee’s Sport Science Program in Colorado Springs in the early 1980’s. Since then he has co-developed several motion analysis systems for companies he has co-founded, including; Peak Performance Technologies Inc., Skill Technologies Inc. and Advanced Motion Measurement Inc.

    In September of 2010 Phil accepted a position as Senior Sport Technologist for the United States Olympic Committee. He is based at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista just south of San Diego, California. His job involves the selection or development of technology that will help improve the performance of the US athletes. He is primarily working with Track and Field, specifically the jumps and throws events, but also trampoline, swimming and several other Olympic sports.

  • Gilles Novel, Wearify

    Gilles Novel, Wearify


    Gilles is a highly experienced multilingual executive manager with more than 15 years experience in blue chip companies and start-ups in Asia and Australia.

    Versatile profile combining a scientific background, senior positions in large and small enterprises, and solid experience of business development and professional partnerships.

    Specialties: Electronic payments / IT Security. Strategic planning, business implementation, alliances, direct and indirect sales.

  • Qaizar Hassonjee, Tilt Textiles

    Qaizar Hassonjee, Tilt Textiles


    Qaizar Hassonjee has over 30 years of experience in working for top tier companies, including DuPont, Adidas and Welspun.

    He is also the CEO of TILT Smart Home Textiles, a new business by Welspun. TILT is an innovative smart home textiles business that designs interactive experiences with seamless integration of technology and textiles. TILT's first product, Spin Tales, an interactive bed set & rug that incorporates augmented reality for kids entertainment & learning was launched in November 2016 for Holiday/Christmas 2016.

    Prior to Welspun, Qaizar Hassonjee was the Senior Director of Business Development & Partnerships for Adidas, and Vice President of Innovations at Adidas's Wearable Sports Electronics division for over seven years.
    He was also the Co-Founder and Chief Development & Commercial Officer of Textronics Inc., a smart textile technology company that was a spin-off of DuPont and acquired by Adidas in 2008. Qaizar Hassonjee worked with DuPont for over 14 years with assignments in R&D, sales & marketing, and sourcing and management.

    Qaizar Hassonjee has a PhD in chemical engineering from City University of New York and an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from LIT, India. He also received his MBA from the University of Delaware, and lives with his wife and two sons in Chadds Ford, PA, US.

  • Stuart Waite, Timpani

    Stuart Waite, Timpani


    Stuart is focused on the strategic direction and delivery of innovative products to a multitude of platforms across Mobile, Web, TV and the Internet of Things.

    In 2000 he founded his first startup in the UK, successfully existing 7 years later. He then moved back to Australia in 2010. He's an active angel investor, startup mentor, advisor and sits on the board of the IoT Alliance Australia.

    With 20 plus years working in digital media in the UK, Europe, Australia and the US, he has developed a finely tuned sense of how best to build teams and implement digital products in industries that are struggling to adapt to the disruption around them.

    Stuart has three times built and managed cross-functional teams in excess of 100 people and helped lead the transformation of the operating structure of News Corp Australia’s digital team, introducing scaled agile and lean design thinking methodologies
    He's at the forefront of digital innovation and product design whose strategies and concepts are delivering the next generation of user experiences, engagement and business models.

    A strong advocate for lean user-centric design, preferring simple interactions to technically over-engineered solutions. He bridges the gap between startups, enterprises and the complex technology behind high-availability connected systems.

  • Kiah Hickson, StartFizz.com

    Kiah Hickson, StartFizz.com


    The spark started at 14, hacking MySpace to out-glitter her friends. Something about the granularity of code would resurface in her 20’s.

    After realising her dreams weren’t being fulfilled and her inability to make animpact, and drawn by the endless possibilities of tech, Kiah quit the corporate world and sold everything she owned to learn code. This knowledge propelled her into a world where making a difference was possible.

    Kiah’s high impact project is her “Girl on Fire” LED wearables dress, which she uses to inspire young women to learn to code. The dress is also a gateway to Kiah’s vision of IoT wearables merging with the human body, breaking down disability barriers and access to technology.

    She is the founder of Australian startup resource StartFizz.com, leveraging knowledge acquired (sometimes the hard way) through past entrepreneurial projects.

  • Lance Blockley, The Initiatives Group

    Lance Blockley, The Initiatives Group


    Lance Blockley is an internationally renowned payments expert and Managing Director of The Initiatives Group. Lance works with issuers, acquirers, third-party processors, technology providers and payment associations in addressing many of the financial sector’s most significant issues and emerging trends. Lance has over 35 years’ experience in senior management and consulting in the UK, USA, Asia and Australia.

  • Peter Colbert, Inamo

    Peter Colbert, Inamo


    Recovering engineer who decided to drop out of University and become an

    After working 4 years as an engineer at Honeywell, Peter left to become a sports agent and was instrumental in establishing surfing as a professional sport and in 1989 negotiated the sports’ first $1 million contract between Tom Carroll and Quiksilver.

    Peter was named by US Surfing Magazine as one of the 10 most influential people in professional surfing and by Australia’s Surfing Magazine as one of the top 50 who were changing the sport. Peter was also featured in publications such as The New York Times, International Herald Tribune and USA Today.

    Peter then went on to found the world’s first online sports registration and ticketing portal, SportsDNA, in 2000, though unfortunately the dot com bust followed soon thereafter and there was no funding available in the industry to continue.

    Peter went on to establish Travellersxpress that became the largest work and travel company. In 2010, Travellersxpress launched the industry’s first Visa Prepaid Travel Card in conjunction with Macquarie Bank and the Citibank Debit Card.

    This led to Peter founding The Card Group in 2012, which provided white label prepaid cards and reward solutions for its clients.

    In early 2016, Peter had a light bulb moment when he went surfing one day and didn’t have any money to pay for a coffee with friends afterwards. Peter applied his knowledge and experience in engineering, finance and prepaid cards to develop wearbale products; the first being the INAMO CURL, a waterproof payments solution that can be worn on a watch band, fitness band or other devices or jewellery.

    Peter is currently piloting the CURL with the full launch in Australia in time for summer and then intends to take it to the US market in 2018.

  • Andy White, Australian Payments Network (Formerly APCA)

    Andy White, Australian Payments Network (Formerly APCA)


    Andy White is Australian Payments Network’s Chief Operating Officer. In that role he leads Australian Payments Network’s member services and member engagement functions, as well as its compliance, project management and technology teams.

    Before joining AusPayNet in 2015, Andy spent eight years at ASX in various roles, the last of which involved leading its settlement business, including payments. Prior to starting at ASX, Andy spent the first five years of his career at the Bank of England and then nine years at LCH.Clearnet. Andy is a graduate of Oxford University where he read P.P.E; he is also a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD).

  • Andrew Hayek, Ammo.co

    Andrew Hayek, Ammo.co


    Andrew Hayek is the Co-Founder of Safety Ammo, which has created & delivered disruptive technologies in the form of fully engineered safety systems and controls for heavy industries.

    With strong experience in working alongside various leading operations & safety managers, Andrew has pushed new technologies into mass adoption and industry acceptance. Safety Ammo has garnered recognition within the industry by winning an IOT award and recently being nominated for an innovation in safety award by ICHCA International.

  • James Mack, M2M One

    James Mack, M2M One


    James Mack is the general manager for M2M One, Australia’s leading M2M/IoT SIM card and data providers; James specializes in helping companies connect their wireless devices to cellular networks globally.
    M2M One currently assist some of Australia’s most innovative IoT & wearable companies with their connectivity and networking requirements.

    A passionate advocate for the social and environmental improvements possible with connected devices, James has spoken at events across Asia-Pacific and had articles published in global communications industry press.

  • Renald Gallis, Thinxtra

    Renald Gallis, Thinxtra


    Renald Gallis has 25 years of successes in founding, restructuring and managing sales and marketing activities in technological and disruptive companies. He is a member of the executive committee of IOTAA (Internet of Things Australian Alliance), member of ASCA (Australian Smart Communities Association) and has been focusing for the past 4 years on enabling the IoT revolution in Industrial markets, Smart Cities, Agtech & e-health.

    He is currently leading the Thinxtra Marketing & Ecosystem team to connect the un-connected to Sigfox IoT nationwide networks in Australia, New Zealand & Hong Kong.

  • Andrew Johnson, Australian Computer Society

    Andrew Johnson, Australian Computer Society


    Andrew was appointed as CEO of the ACS in January 2015. He originally joined ACS in October 2011 as General Manager for Strategic Initiatives, and was appointed Chief Operations Officer in March 2013. In that time he has overseen continued growth of the ACS and spearheaded the development of a suite of products which have enhanced the ACS’ position in the ICT professionalism space.

    He is passionate about the ICT profession being recognised as a driver of productivity and innovation, and business – able to deliver real, tangible outcomes.

    Andrew has 13+ years senior management experience in both the higher education and vocational education and training sectors, including in membership-based professional associations and not-for-profit organisations. Highly focused on business strategy and driving business growth; with a demonstrated track record in building new revenue streams through innovation in product and service design that achieves best-of-breed status. Professional career spanning across Australia and international markets including China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

  • Anuraj Gambhir, S P Jain School of Global Management

    Anuraj Gambhir, S P Jain School of Global Management


    Anuraj Gambhir is an internationally recognised Strategic Business Advisor, Technology Visionary and Innovation Evangelist.

    As an Innovation catalyst Anuraj assists organisations (from mentoring startups to consulting with mature entities) to spearhead their innovation agenda. He has over 25 years experience working across the mobile ecosystem spanning 5 continents. A few prominent companies he has worked for include: NASA/JPL, Optus, Logica/Aethos, T-Mobile, Orange, GSM Association, Sharp, Siemens, Spice, Ericsson, MTS, Globacom.

    Anuraj has worked from hands-on technical roles to senior executive management positions and is regarded by many as an industry visionary. He is a valued advisory board member of several organizations globally and also involved with teaching as adjunct faculty. He has spearheaded several innovations in the advanced as well as grass-root level mobile domain in mature and emerging markets.

    He focuses his efforts on value creation via strategic business development and nurturing breakthrough concepts leading to game changing and disruptive/radical innovation.

    A term he coined over a decade ago - ‘Simplexity’ is the essence of his work in curating relevant ecosystems, embracing digital disruption, designing compelling/novel solutions and delightful end user experiences.

    Some major areas of his focus have been in mobile content/media/entertainment (multimedia convergence), mEducation, mHealth, emerging smart devices, Internet of Everything, HNI (Human-Nature Interface) and seamless access as a part of the connected world.


Thursday, 7th December 2017
09:30 Introduction and Welcome Keynote by Christian Stammel, CEO, WT | Wearable Technologies AG
10:00 Riding the Exponential Wave of Change
  Kaila Colbin, Australian Ambassador, Singularity University
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Healthcare and Wellness Part 1
  The Future of Wearable Technology in Healthcare John Lambert, Chief Clinical Information Officer, eHealth NSW
  How Intelligent Hearables Will Drive The Future Growth of the Wearables Market Justin Miller, CEO & Co-Founder, Nuheara
  Complying with Wearable Health Device Regulation Lee Walsh, Senior Engineer, Laboratories, Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Federal Department of Health
  Ask the Experts: How to Make eHealth Wearables Useful to Industry John Lambert, Chief Clinical Information Officer, eHealth NSW; Lee Walsh, Senior Engineer, Laboratories, Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA); Justin Miller, CEO & Co-Founder, Nuheara; Ruth De Souza, Stream Leader, Research, Policy and Evaluation, Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health, North Richmond Community Health
12:40 Networking Lunch
02:00 Healthcare and Wellness Part 2
  Cochlear Case Study: Engineering Industry Leading Wearable and Implantable Devices Simon Ward, Senior Manager, Mechanical & Sustaining Group, Sound Processors & Accessories, Cochlear
  Assessing the Effect of Common Wearable Devices on Physical Activity and Weight Management Dr Liliana Laranjo, Specialist in Family Medicine and Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Centre for Health Informatics
  Develop Technologies and Applications that Can Change the World Ruth De Souza, Stream Leader, Research, Policy and Evaluation, Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health, North Richmond Community Health
03:00 Coffee Break
03:30 Sport and Performance
  AFL Case Study: How Collingwood are Using Data to Improve Player Performance Kevin White, Head of Conditioning and Sport Science, Collingwood Football Club
  International Case Study: Achieving Dream Team Results Phil Cheetham, Senior Sports Technologist, US Olympic Committee
  Panel Discussion – The Future of Sports Analytics Phil Cheetham, Senior Sports Technologist, US Olympic Committee; Kevin White, Head of Conditioning and Sport Science, Collingwood Football Club
Friday, 8th December 2017
09:00 Introduction and Welcome Keynote by Christian Stammel, CEO, WT | Wearable Technologies AG
09:30 Growing the Wearable Technologies Ecosystem
  Wearables in Australia – Where to From Here Gilles Novel, CEO, Wearify
  Innovation in Smart Devices and Their Effect on Wearable Technology Qaizar Hassonjee, CEO, Tilt Textiles (USA) - Former VP Innovation, Adidas Wearable Sports Electronics
  Panel Discussion: Growing the Wearable Technologies Ecosystem – A Design and Technology Based Approach Christian Stammel, CEO, WT | Wearable Technologies AG; Stuart Waite, Founder and CEO, Timpani; Gilles Novel, CEO, Wearify; Anuraj Gambhir, Director - Entrepreneurship & Innovation | Adjunct Faculty, S P Jain School of Global Management; Kiah Hickson, Founder, StartFizz.com
10:50 Coffee Break
11:10 Transactions and Payments
  Wearables in Payments – Are We Ready Lance Blockley, Managing Director and Payments Landscape Expert, The Initiatives Group
  Payment Wearables: Opportunity or Threat Frank Ong, Managing Director, Idea
  Working with Silicon Valley to Create Dynamic Payment Solutions Peter Colbert, Founder and CEO, INAMO
  Openloop – The Secret to Advancing Wearable Payments Andy White, COO, Australian Payments Network (Formerly APCA)
12:30 Lunch Break
01:30 Safety and Security Part 1
  How to Create Safe, Fully Automated Systems for All Heavy Industries Andrew Hayek, Co-Founder, Ammo.co
  Panel Discussion: Creating bespoke IoT networks with autonomous machines, humans and wearables James Mack, General Manager, M2M One; Andrew Hayek, Co-Founder, Ammo.co; Renaldo Gallis, VP Ecosystem and Marketing, Thinxtra
  Leveraging IoT Hyper-connectivity to Unlock WT’s Full Potential Andrew Johnson, CEO, Australian Computer Society
02:40 Coffee Break
03:10 Safety and Security Part 2
  Emerging Mega-Trends, New Paradigms: Visions of Future Mobility & Immersive User Experiences Anuraj Gambhir, Director - Entrepreneurship & Innovation | Adjunct Faculty, S P Jain School of Global Management
03:40 Wearable Innovation Showcase
04:10 Summary and Closing Remarks