WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2018 EUROPE

January 30-31, 2018
ICM – Internationales Congress Center München (Germany)

The 28th WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2018 EUROPE in Munich created lots of excitement with new ideas – and most importantly – fresh and new disruptive technologies. The B2B2C event for the entire wearable ecosystem highlighted how smart sensors and artificial intelligence will hitch the sports, lifestyle, healthcare and industries of tomorrow. Attendees got the unique chance to receive high quality knowledge, inspiration and current market insights from our international speakers during two days full of inspiring talks and breakthrough solutions.


Impressions of the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2018 EUROPE

  • SUB2 Opening Keynote by Prof. Yannis Pitsiladis together with Kyriakos Exadaktylos, Vodafone Group, Nils Altrogge, On Running and Benoît Mariani, Gait Up


  • Nicolas Evans, FIFA

    Nicolas Evans, FIFA


    Nicolas has two postgraduate degrees with honours in management and international affairs from the Institut d’Etudes Politique de Paris and the University of St.Gallen in Switzerland respectively

    He joined FIFA in 2010 since when he has been responsible for the development of the technical standards and been in charge of research projects for the different products and technologies under the FIFA Quality Programme umbrella. He has been working in the newly created Football Technology Innovation Department since 2016 and recent innovations projects include the introduction of goal-line technology in 2012, the on-going stanardistation of performance tracking systems and the experimental phase for Video Assistant Referee Systems.

  • Dr. Torsten Wingenter, Lufthansa

    Dr. Torsten Wingenter, Lufthansa


    After founding the Social Media Team Torsten lead Lufthansa to one of the globally leading airlines in social media. The Lufthansa Digital Innovations team develops the digital strategy & innovations for Austrian, Lufthansa and SWISS Airlines. He is one of the most experienced digital practitioners and thought leaders in the airline industry.

    As example, Lufthansa is the industry leader in virtual reality, from pioneering content up to selling upgrades at the gate via VR. With the Lufthansa FlyingLab Torsten launched a unique flying innovation platform where guests can experience the future of air travel in a digital world. Many partners like SAP and Mercedes have already benefited from this unique space for their mission and media has widely reported about it.

    Torsten’s favorite topic is the future of flying in this unique captive space to ultimately create new forms of value and a totally new experience for passengers. For him, it’s about re-defining air travel beyond transporting people comfortably from A to B as premium carriers.

    He is engaged as lecturer and examiner for several universities in Europe and a member of the jury of the German Marketing Award.

    Besides his contributions to several books, his work is internationally recognized by leading media like New York Times or Handelsblatt and he is regularly speaking at leading

    international venues like MWC (Barcelona), Cannes Lions (Cannes), DLD (New York) etc.

  • Antje Hundhausen, Deutsche Telekom

    Antje Hundhausen, Deutsche Telekom


    VP Brand Experience – looks back on over 20 years of professional experience, including 18 years in senior positions. Since 2007, the graduated business economist and music and art historian has been responsible for the brand area, 3D Brand Experience, for Deutsche Telekom.

    In this position, she is responsible for the holistic brand communication. Together with her team, she works at the Future Workplace, corporate fairs, digital labs such as Fashion Fusion, international retail and is responsible for the art collection and art management of the group.

  • Andy Barnes, IBM
  • Andrea Onetti, STMicro-electronics

    Andrea Onetti, STMicro-electronics


    Andrea joined STMicroelectronics' R&D Lab in Castelletto, Italy, in 1990 as designer of mixed signal audio IC’s for both consumer and car radio applications. After five years of successful activity with several patents in the Audio field, he moved to Product Management, in charge of Marketing for Consumer Audio and had the full responsibility of design, marketing and application for Audio Systems products.

    In 2005, Andrea’s organization was transformed into a Product and his scope was subsequently enlarged to include management in Planning, Operation and Quality of Audio products. Andrea Onetti became general manager of the division with a portfolio including Audio, catalog analog standard products, Space, Defense and Automotive, analog ASIC’s for consumer applications and low power wireless solutions.

    In August 2014 Andrea Onetti’s responsibilities were further extended with his appointment as head of the Volume MEMS & Analog Division which encompasses ST’s industry-leading consumer motion MEMS activities as well as the portfolio of the former Analog and Audio Systems Division.

  • Prof. Yannis Pitsiladis, 2HRS Marathon Project

    Prof. Yannis Pitsiladis, 2HRS Marathon Project


    Yannis was appointed (in 2013) Professor of Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Brighton.

    Current research priority is the application of “omics” technologies to the detection of drugs in sport with particular reference to recombinant human erythropoietin (rHuEpo), blood doping and testosterone.

    His most recent research is funded by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), he is currently a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Medical and Scientific Commission, a member of the Executive Committee and Chair of the Scientific Commission of the International Sports Medicine Federation (FIMS), and has sat on two WADA committees. He is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and an expert committee pool member of the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC).

    He has published over 140 peer-reviewed papers, written and edited a number of books and has featured in numerous research documentaries (e.g. BBC, NHK Japan, CNBC) and popular books (e.g. Bounce, The Sports Gene).

  • Stefan K~~u00fcfner, Total
  • Lars Heidemann, Telefónica Germany Next GmbH

    Lars Heidemann, Telefónica Germany Next GmbH


    Lars​ ​is​ ​born​ ​in​ ​1972​ ​and​ ​holds​ ​a​ ​Diploma​ ​in​ ​Economics​ ​from​ ​the​ ​Leibniz​ ​University​ ​of​ ​Hannover.

    He​ ​has​ ​over​ ​25​ ​years​ ​experience​ ​in​ ​Telecoms​ ​and​ ​IT​ ​Industry​ ​and​ ​had​ ​several​ ​Sales​ ​and Business​ ​Development​ ​Management​ ​positions​ ​at​ ​France​ ​Telecom,​ ​British​ ​Telecom​ ​and Telefónica.

    His​ ​current​ ​position​ ​is​ ​Head​ ​of​ ​Business​ ​Development​ ​for​ ​the​ ​IoT​ ​platform​ ​“Geeny”​ ​which​ ​is​ ​a new​ ​brand​ ​build​ ​by​ ​Telefónica​ ​NEXT​ ​-​ ​the​ ​corporate​ ​Startup​ ​of​ ​Telefónica​ ​Germany.

    Lars​ ​is​ ​married​ ​and​ ​has​ ​two​ ​sons.​ ​In​ ​his​ ​leisure​ ​time​ ​he​ ​likes​ ​to​ ​go​ ​hiking​ ​and​ ​climbing​ ​in​ ​the alps.

  • Ren~~u00e9 Bohne, Telefónica Germany NEXT GmbH
  • John Harris, Panasonic
  • Kyriakos Exadaktylos, Vodafone Group

    Kyriakos Exadaktylos, Vodafone Group


    Wide, cross-functional and multi-cultural experience from a large global operator. A highly determined manager acknowledged for managing successfully multinational projects in collaboration with industry leading suppliers and network operators.

    My goal is to continue to grow, learn and contribute to the business success of my company and customers, as well as to inspire and develop those around me.

    Specialties: Global Product Management, Vendor Management, Supplier Benchmarking, Technical Support of GSM, EDGE, WCDMA Radio Access. Professional Member (CEng) of the Institute of Engineer and Technology (IET), Prince 2 Project Management.

  • Hein Beute, Xsens

    Hein Beute, Xsens


    Hein Beute is Director Product Management at Xsens and leads the launch of new products and enhancements to existing products for the Human Motion Measurement market and the 3D Character Animation market.

    He has a background in Industrial Product Design (BEng). Hein has experience in 3D visualization, Sales and Product Management. He has been involved in the development of Xsens MVN since its introduction in 2006.

  • Neven Murugan, Fanmode

    Neven Murugan, Fanmode


    Neven is an ISP and telecommunications engineer with more than 30 years’ experience shouting team support at TV screens.

    Prior to founding Fanmode, he worked as a Principal Engineer at Internet Solutions (a Dimension Data subsidiary) in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he was responsible for extending the company’s global network footprint and researching and implementing cutting-edge core network technologies.

    When it comes to sport, Neven believes technology should be applied in a way that is fun for fans and profitable for teams. He setup Fanmode to deliver solutions for a new and exciting digitally transforming world. Embracing Wearable Technology and Leveraging IOT, Fanmode is making the World a Stadium for sports fans and beyond.

  • Josef Kauer, Robotic Eyes

    Josef Kauer, Robotic Eyes


    Josef is president of the BIM World Munich (www.bim-world.de). After 10 years solution sales and business development experience at Microsoft Germany he is now dedicated to the digitalisation of the construction industry (BIM) and also active as chief sales officer at Robotic Eyes GmbH (Startup for augmented reality).

    Josef has accumulated education and work experiences working in Europe and USA in positions from technical consultancy, to application development manager, CEO of start-ups, director of government and transportation segment.

    He is comfortable to work with governmental elites and has proven this with engagements on ministerial level in several projects in the past. He is also well connected to decision makers in the IT industry.

    He is a gifted public speaker being able to give compelling presentations in front of a larger audience, but also very successful in negotiating contracts with elite decision makers in the background.

    Josef is a truly “multicultural thinking and international personality” with solid familiarity of European, Middle Eastern, CEE and American business and social cultures. He lived, worked and studied in the US for 1 year and has travelled (business based) more than 50 countries WW so far.

  • Fiona O~~u2019 Brien, Adhesives Research

    Fiona O~~u2019 Brien, Adhesives Research


    Fiona O’ Brien is a Senior Product Development Chemist at Adhesive Research Ireland Ltd.

    She has over 12 years of experience in developing custom adhesive tapes for medical applications such as wound care, microfluidic devices, biosensors, and wearable devices.

    In her Current role at Adhesives Research, her focus is to understand the challenges of skin attachment to develop adhesive tapes for applications with unique design requirements.

  • Emre Ozan Polat, ICFO

    Emre Ozan Polat, ICFO


    I received my BSc. degree from Izmir Institute of Technology (Physics,2009) and Ph.D degree from Bilkent University (Physics, 2015). My research is mainly on the development of graphene based optoelectronic smart systems.

    During my PhD, I developed new graphene based devices such as optical modulators, flexible smart windows, saturable absorbers, ultra-thin paper displays, flexible radar absorbing surfaces by combining the advanced optoelectronic properties of graphene within the innovative device schemes.

    After PhD, I joined University of Glasgow, (UK) as a Post Doctoral Research Fellow under Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions and worked on the realization of graphene based flexible tactile sensors for robotics and prosthesis. Currently I am working as a post- doctoral researcher at ICFO-The Institute of Photonic Sciences, (Spain).

    I am exploring the light-matter interaction in flexible graphene devices for smart sensing and health wearables. I have many publications in high impact factor journals and hold three provisional patents. I am awarded “Young Scientist Award” of European Material Research Society (E-MRS) in 2014, “Silver Leaf Award” of IEEE Prime in 2015 and "Young Innovator of The Year" of Spanish Foundation of Science and Technology in 2017.

  • Tinlan Huang, FREE Bionics

    Tinlan Huang, FREE Bionics


    Tinlan Huang is the Head of Business Development at FREE Bionics Group.

    Holder of a master in Master of Modern Literature and of Art, she graduated at both Jean Moulin Lyon III University (France) and Tamkang University (Taiwan). For the past five years, she was also a researcher of creation and theater at Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon (France).
    Today she has combined her academic career with brand management, humaniste health care and communication with users.

    Her passion lies within innovation, looking at finding better ways to accompany the mobility reduced people walking again by using a ready-to-use wearable equipment that brings them a life with safe, comfort and independency.

  • Johanna Bellenberg, Picavi GmbH

    Johanna Bellenberg, Picavi GmbH


    I joined Picavi in 2016 during my last semester of college. Picavi is an award-winning and well-recognized full-service provider with a 100 percent dedication of its intralogistics and wearable expertise to Pick-by-Vision solutions.

    Working hard on Picavi’s visibility I soon became Brand Manager. Today I am Director Marketing & Communications and make sure that everybody sees and experiences the potential of smart glasses and Assisted Reality.

  • Lior Ben Shettrit, BioBeat

    Lior Ben Shettrit, BioBeat


    Lior holds a BA degree in Political Science and Business Administration (Summa Cum Laude) and a MA degree in Diplomacy (Cum Laude) from the Haifa University and the Tel-Aviv University, Israel.

    Before joining BioBeat he completed 10 years of service in the Israel Defense Force Navy, during which he completed with distinction the cadets’ course of the Israeli Naval Officers Academy. Later, based on his performance, he was elected to serve in the Israeli elite submarine flotilla, where he was a Sonar and Electronics Department Commander in a Dolphin-class Submarine. Then he served as a Lieutenant Commander in the Israeli Navy Headquarters, as the Head of Experiments Section. This included designing, planning and managing new systems and executing experiments, as well as Product Management of operational systems from characterization and development through assimilation and deployment in the navy's units.

    In parallel, in the last 14 years Lior volunteered as an Emergency Medical Technician and an Ambulance Driver in the Israeli EMS (Magen David Adom).

    Mr. Lior Ben Shettrit joined BioBeat in 2017 as the Business Development Manager.

  • Nils Altrogge, On Running

    Nils Altrogge, On Running


    Nils Arne Altrogge is a Research Engineer at On Running, an award-winning sports company based in Zurich, Switzerland. His meticulous appearance and depth of knowledge is in keeping with a company that leaves no stone unturned when developing the very best running shoes in the business.

  • Fr~~u00e9d~~u00e9ric Condolo, MindMaze

    Fr~~u00e9d~~u00e9ric Condolo, MindMaze


    Frédéric is the Global Product Director for MindMaze. Technology enthusiast from a young age, Frédéric has over 20 years’ professional software development experience.

    Prior to joining MindMaze in 2015, he spent eight years at Ubisoft, where he managed large scale projects in the roles of R&D Manager, Technical Director and Lead Architect. More recently he has provided consulting services to several major Swiss-based corporations on large project management best practices and tools.

  • Ichiro Amimori, Xenoma

    Ichiro Amimori, Xenoma


    Co-Founder & CEO of Xenoma Inc., a spun-off company from the University of Tokyo developing a next-generation smart apparels "e-skin".

    In his career at FUJIFILM, he was engaged in new business projects as an engineer, a business developer and a project manager. After leaving FUJIFILM, he has been devoting himself to creating new social values utilizing leading-edge technologies as a freelancer working with universities and companies.

    He is also a researcher of Science, Technology and Society (STS) focusing on technological innovations and the future relationship between human and machine. As the practice of all activities, he joined JST/ERATO Someya Bio-Harmonized Project in the University of Tokyo as a group leader and then started Xenoma Inc. He proposes "Japan Entrepreneurship 2.0" as one of start-up eco-systems.

  • Dr. Beno~~u00eet Mariani, Gait Up

    Dr. Beno~~u00eet Mariani, Gait Up


    After an engineering degree from Supélec Paris (F) in 2007, Dr. Mariani obtained a PhD from EPFL (CH) in 2012. He has accumulated 8 years of experience in the field of wearable sensor technology.

    He has worked on various academic and industrial projects in movement disorder and rehabilitation including gait, running, and swimming with patients and athletes. His expertise covers sensor design, signal processing algorithm, and data analysis.

    In 2013, he has cofounded Gait Up SA, a spin-off company of CHUV and EPFL. Gait Up provides innovative solutions based on wearable sensors for sports and clinics. At Gait Up, Dr. Mariani assumes the role of Chief Executive Officer, ensuring a fruitful collaboration within the team and its partners, with a particular emphasis on customers’ needs.

  • Marcello Bencini , Dainese

    Marcello Bencini , Dainese


    Marcello Bencini is Strategic Projects Manager at Dainese group.

    He holds BA and MA degrees in Industrial Design from Polytechnic University of Milan and a MBA from IE Business School in Madrid, with exchange programs at Kyushu University in Fukuoka and University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

    He has a 7-year experience in safety equipment design, technical regulation, innovation management and corporate strategy.
    He issued 5 patents, taught university classes and spoke at several international conferences, seminars and workshops about design, road safety, wearable technology and innovation management.

  • Jennifer Su, E Ink

    Jennifer Su, E Ink


    Jennifer Su is a Senior Manager of Business Development at E Ink Corporation. She is based in Boston, US at E Ink’s strategy office, where she evaluates and manages global strategic business opportunities, initiatives, and key accounts. Prior to her current responsibilities at E Ink Corporation, she was the Investor Relations officer at E Ink Group.

    Ms. Su has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from University of Taiwan, and a Master of Science in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University.

  • Josep Sol~~u00e0, CSEM

    Josep Sol~~u00e0, CSEM


    Josep Solà is signal processing expert, and chair of the biomedical research and business development group of CSEM (Neuchâtel, Switzerland).

    After writing his master thesis within the R&D department of SONY International (Germany), he received the M.S. degree on Telecommunication Engineering from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC).

    Later, in 2011 he received his PhD from the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETHZ) in the field of non-invasive blood pressure monitoring.

    He joined the biomedical team at CSEM in 2004 where his research activities focus today on the non-invasive monitoring of blood pressure: is author of more than 10 patents and 50 peer-reviewed papers.

  • Urs Ruggaber, Vexatec

    Urs Ruggaber, Vexatec


    ▪ Education at Art Center of Europe and Domus Academy in Italy
    ▪ since 1998 self-employed at Ruggaber Design AG, based in Switzerland
    ▪ Customers such as Heineken, Nespresso, Swarovski, Nestle and
    British American Tobacco
    ▪ Official Advisor as part of the Free Trade Agreement between China and Switzerland (2012)
    ▪ Numerous awards for outstanding design projects (Such as Prix-Award)

  • Sandeep Erat, Sumeru Solutions

    Sandeep Erat, Sumeru Solutions


    Sandeep is director cyber security at Sumeru with more than a 15 years of experience in security industry.

    He is passionate about helping companies to build secure products and has helped many organizations to achieve security goals. He is expert in ISO 27001, ISO 20000, PCI DSS. He has directed a broad range of corporate InfoSec initiatives while participating in planning and implementation of information-security solutions in direct support of business objectives.

    At Sumeru he heads the Information Security vertical and manages operations in Europe. He is a thought leader in area of cyber security.

  • Simon Bachmann, IDUN Technologies

    Simon Bachmann, IDUN Technologies


    Simon Bachmann studied medical technologies at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. With a passion to transform current research topics into the products of tomorrow he decided during his studies to found IDUN Technologies together with his co-founder.

    With a deep interest in innovative technologies for human rehabilitation and augmentation his vision is to develop the wearable devices of the future.

  • Markus Vogt, EBV Elektronik

    Markus Vogt, EBV Elektronik


    Since 2009, Markus is in charge of the Healthcare Segment at EBV Elektronik which supports medical device manufacturers in the selection of semiconductor technology. Markus lives in Munich and has 25 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. He owns a master Engineering degree in Electronics.

  • Ben Bruder, TRACKTICS GmbH

    Ben Bruder, TRACKTICS GmbH


    Mr. Ben Bruder has several years of experience in project management and consulting. In 2013 he has graduated with a Master in Management from the ESCP Europe Business School with a specialisation in entrepreneurship. His passion has always been football.

    He is founder and CEO of TRACKTICS GmbH.

  • Christian Stammel, Wearable Technologies

    Christian Stammel, Wearable Technologies


    As founder and CEO Christian Stammel has more than 20 years’ experience in marketing and sales as well as an excellent international network. Using this expertise he supported numerous international companies of all sizes regarding business development, technology marketing, and increase of sales activities with his innovation and marketing company Navispace AG. The natural next step to Navispace’s huge success “Wearable Technology” was the incorporation of the Wearable Technologies AG in 2011. Since then, WT served as a business accelerator for more than 3000 renowned companies and will remain the key hub for marketing new technologies in this field in the years to come.

  • Arne Loermann, Bragi GmbH

    Arne Loermann, Bragi GmbH


    Arne Loermann is the Chief Creative Officer at Bragi, company behind The World’s first Hearable and pioneer in deep human machine interaction.
    He and his team are responsible for the design and user experience of all Bragi products and services as well as creative marketing and brand design.

    Arne Loermann is a highly motivated and solution-oriented creative director with extensive work experience in User Experience, Industrial Design and Creative Marketing.

    He has a strong background in working with large international organizations, top tier clients and the experience of building a company from 0 to 100.

    Before Bragi, Arne worked for Designit where he received numerous awards for the design of consumer electronic products for international organizations and top tear clients.

  • Kayvan Mirza, Optinvent

    Kayvan Mirza, Optinvent


    Built his career in the US and France. Previous to founding Optinvent, he has held top management positions at large corporates such as HP, Invensnys, and Technicolor where he successfully created an optical component business from scratch. He also ran a high-volume component business with two R&D centers in Singapore and Germany, manufacturing in Indonesia (20mpcs/yr), and a worldwide sales force and agent network.

    He holds a BSEE degree from University of Illinois and has studied Operations Management at the ESCP the oldest business school in Europe.

  • Mathieu Destrian, Intellinium

    Mathieu Destrian, Intellinium


    Mathieu Destrian is CEO of Intellinium, an European startup pioneering the first smart and connected safety shoes that save life and predict work-related accidents.

    French INSA Lyon engineer and MBA IAE Aix-en-Provence, with 15 years+ of experiences in software, hardware engineering and complex industrial product development, he is expert in Cybersecurity, Edge Computing and Industrial IoT.

    He has been also a lean startup entrepreneur since 2009 and had previously different responsibilities in big corporations in payment industry (MasterCard, Gemplus, Experian).

  • Laurent Devos, Kiddoo Smartwatch for Kids

    Laurent Devos, Kiddoo Smartwatch for Kids


    My Name is Laurent. I am 32 years old. I was bon in Brussels, Belgium. I left to Asia when I was 22 years old right after mu graduation, full of dreams and expectations. I worked in the pret-a-porter and food industry for a while until I finally got a position of professor of marketing at the university in Bangkok.

    Since 2016, our company has designed, developed and manufactured consumer electronics products for the European markets, from office electronics to wearables and mobility products. Kiddoo is our latest and is the combination of all these years of experience, the touch of design I got from the fashion industry, the service anyone expects from the food industry, and of course the pinch of branding needed to explain that Kiddoo is not just a product it is a story, our story.

  • Dr. Gary Sagiv, HealthWatch LTD

    Dr. Gary Sagiv, HealthWatch LTD


    Dr. Gary J. Sagiv brings to HealthWatch a nearly twenty-year track record of building and leading successful business programs for global diagnostic and biotechnology start-up companies.

    With a diverse and rich background in worldwide activities in the Medical Devices segment, Gary adds a broad base of commercialization expertise from responsibilities in marketing research, business development, marketing & sales and general management.

    In his senior management positions, he has initiated programs of international growth for the company, encompassing both pre and commercial sales; built and lead commercial teams globally and has conducted business in over 70 countries.

    Gary holds a BA (Cum Laude) in International Law and Economics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; MA degree in International Law and Economics from University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN, USA.

  • Dr. Sabine Seymour, SUPA

    Dr. Sabine Seymour, SUPA


    Sabine Seymour, PhD, founder + CEO of SUPA, is an award winning serial entrepreneur, researcher, and author of three books on the topic of fashion + technology. She built a helmet as a game controller in 1996 and the first biometric base layer for snowboarding in 2000 shown at the International Symposium for Wearable Computing in 2003. Her consulting firm Moondial worked with Intel, Johnson Controls, Siemens, VF Corporation.

    Sabine has received numerous grants and and awards including the Michael Kalil Endowment for Smart Design Fellowship. She is an acclaimed public speaker at conferences like SXSW, TEDx, Ars Electronica and invited by Disney, Autodesk, NASA, Lufthansa to present as a domain expert. She serves as a board member and startup adviser focusing on AI, data, and wearable/fashiontech. She has been featured in Wired, Vogue, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, New York Times.

    Sabine previously led the research project Computational Cellulose at Aalto University in Helsinki, curated the acclaimed Fashion Lab at the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna, conceived and chaired the Rockefeller Foundation Grant funded research initiative Computational Fashion at Eyebeam, and was the inaugural professor of Fashionable Technology at Parsons School of Design in New York.

  • Oleksii Vynogradov, Heartln Inc

    Oleksii Vynogradov, Heartln Inc


    I am a serial entrepreneur and investor with twenty-five years experience. I have created nine companies and have done couple exits so far. Here is some of them (most in communication area).

    My professional background is business and team development, software/hardware engineering, sales and finance.

    For the last eight years me and my co-founder Dmytry Fedkov, MD, have been focussing on Healthcare area with a company called HeartIn. My company is creating an unique smart garment with built-in sensors that brings wellness solutions and cardio-diagnostic to the mass market.

    It is a story not just about money, I like to change a whole healthcare industry, which works terrible now.

  • Raj Neravati, HUG Innovations

    Raj Neravati, HUG Innovations


    Raj Neravati is the Founder and CEO of HUG Innovations, backed by 17+ years of experience in the IT industry.

    Raj is an accomplished leader with a successful career as a technology entrepreneur, focused on growing and managing business operations in companies like Cigniti and AppLabs.

    Having worked in diverse industries, ranging from Financial Services and Insurance to Health Care, Raj is currently driving global technology transformation initiatives to change the way we interact with machines in the world today.

  • Hardy Schmidbauer, TrackNet
  • Rahul Karunkaran, Ayata Intelligence

    Rahul Karunkaran, Ayata Intelligence


    With an ability to articulate complex technologies contemplating their business potential, Rahul is responsible for overseeing business operations and developing business strategies ensuring their alignment with short and long-term objectives of Ayata.

    Holder of master’s degree in Telecommunications & Information Systems from University of Essex, UK, Rahul has over 6 years of management consulting experience in delivering high profile and complex infrastructure projects globally. Having lived and worked in India, Qatar, UK, and Switzerland, he has a strong understanding of these markets and maintains a truly global outlook.

    He has profound interest in the value created by digital technology in enabling smarter and socially-inclusive cities of the future.

  • Joanna Hir, 4-D Sp.Zoo

    Joanna Hir, 4-D Sp.Zoo


    Joanna Hir is a London based fashion designer, costume designer and fashion stylist. Joanna graduated from London College of Fashion with MA in Strategic Fashion Marketing and Management, BA in Fashion Design Technology Menswear and BA in Business Management and Marketing from National Louis University.

    Joanna’s craftsmanship was recognised by British Industry. In 2015 she was awarded the Gold Arrow for the the Best Costume and Wardrobe on British TV for the costume design in Viktoria Modesta video "Prototype".

    In 2017, Joanna created and launched her fashion tech collection Vision Quest created in collaboration with ElektroCouture and neurotech fashion accessories created in collaboration with MuArts. Joanna worked for some of the biggest names in the industry including: KTZ, Sony Music, Universal Music, BBC, Rita Ora, Little Mix, Wiz Khalifa, Duran Duran, Viktoria Modesta, among others.

    Key publications include: Vogue Italy, Elle UK and USA, Dazed & Confused, Wired Magazine, Billboard, Flaunt Magazine, CR Fashion Book, The New York Times, Numero, L'Officiel and many more.

  • Francisco Teixeira, MuArts

    Francisco Teixeira, MuArts


    Francisco is the CEO & co-founder of MuArts, a BCI start-up specialised in using the Neurofeedback model for the arts and media. Francisco has a BSc in Psychology and a MSc in Neuroscience from King´s College London and 3 years of research in the University of Porto and 5 years of clinical Neurofeedback practice at Neurobios - Neuroscience Institute.

    MuArts was incubated with a #MusicBricks programme, and this incubation resulted in multiple recognitions: a nomination for Prix Ars Electronica STARTS, peer-reviewed papers, and 1m€ follow-up H2020 European funding for research into Clinical Neurofeedback and Gamification.

    Since then, MuArts have been touring the world attending conferences and labs in places like Helsinki, Berlin, New York, Umea & London. This past year MuArts was invited by Michela Magas to attend a European Commission event in Brussels. Francisco is also being invited to numerous keynote speakers and conferences like TEDxPorto2016 and BoomFestival 2016.

  • Radu Motisan, MagnaSCI SRL

    Radu Motisan, MagnaSCI SRL


    By training I'm a software engineer. By hobby I'm a chemist, physicist and electronics amateur.

    By heart I am the man that will use the best of his skills to build technology that matters - that has an impact on other people's lives.

    Luckily this background allowed venturing into the corners of hardware design and production, with ease, building literally by hand a global network of 800 air quality monitors.

  • Dr. Andr~~u00e9 Ribeiro Louren~~u00e7o, CardioID Technologies

    Dr. Andr~~u00e9 Ribeiro Louren~~u00e7o, CardioID Technologies


    André Lourenço, is the CEO and Co-founder of CardioID Technologies. At CardioID Technologies, he is converting ECG biometrics research into an innovative business.

    He is applying the knowledge and experience gathered while founding Minalytics (software analytics and data mining startup, 2013), while working for startups Albatroz Engineering (software and hardware development, 2006) and Lusospace (space technology development, 2003-2005), and conducting research on Pattern and Image Analysis over +10 years at Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT) - Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), including numerous projects funded by the National Science Foundation (FCT).

    André holds Licenciatura, M.Sc. and PhD degrees, all three in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Universidade de Lisboa (UL), Portugal. Invited Prof. at ISEL since 2005, André also lectures information processing and programming and has supervised several research projects, 6 M.Sc. theses, and 27 final degree projects.

    Scientific contributions include 12 book chapters, 8 peer-reviewed papers, 77 international conference papers and 1 patent-pending - "Device and Method for Continuous Biometric Recognition Based on Electrocardiographic Signals".

  • Norman Hartmann, WORKERBASE
  • Wojciech Radomski, StethoMe™

    Wojciech Radomski, StethoMe™


    Wojciech Radomski is focused on developing the product StethoMe™, which is about to revolutionise healthcare. It is the first worldwide electronic stethoscope with a thermometer and a system of detecting respiratory events.

    Wojciech has over nine years of experience in leading and developing the company Programa™, as well as in managing innovative projects of the renowned brands. He is one of the founder of iTraff Technology - image recognition technology used by companies like CocaCola, EA or PepsiCo.

    He works great in a team, the idea which he is convinced about becomes his passion, which he is fully devoted to. When it comes to the quality of products, he does not like compromises. He is interested in things, which are crucial socially and advanced technologically.

    Privately, he loves adrenaline. He likes challenges - they build his character. He prefers dogs to cats. He likes simple and clear forms of communication. He sees potential in people and he knows how to develop it. He is rather restrained and focuses on solutions, not on the problems.

  • Marco Liviantoni, Beexlab

    Marco Liviantoni, Beexlab


    EU affairs specialist with more than 15 years of experience in EU policies and programmes. University degree in Law. Owner of Studio Liviantoni – www.studioliviantoni.eu .

    IMP3rove certified expert level 1 (Innovation Management - A.T. Kearney);
    Head of the EU Projects Area at Umbria Trade Agency (2011-2016), head EURO INFO CENTRE IT390 – (2007-2008). Key Account Manager in the frame of Enterprise Europe Network – Enhancing Innovation Management Capacities of SMEs.

    Coordinator of projects in the fields of internationalisation of SMEs, business start-up and incubation, innovation, strategies for business and regional development, in the frame of Horizon 2020, SME Instrument, Competitiveness and Innovation Programme - CIP, Enterprise Europe Network, EuropeINNOVA, 6th and 7th Framework Programme R&D, Lifelong Learning Programmes, COSME, European Design Innovation Initiative, European Institute for Innovation and technology EIT Digital, AL-INVEST IV.

    Project Cycle Management (PCM) lecturer at university and master degree level.

  • Marcel Aberle, SimyLife

    Marcel Aberle, SimyLife


    Marcel has been a passionate athlete since childhood and has played football in Germany at a semi-professional level for several years.

    He is responsible for marketing and operations at SimyLife. Marcel has a comprehensive degree of knowledge in the fields of IT, organisation and strategy, gained over the course of 13 years working for notable IT companies. Since mid-2014, he has been actively involved in the start-up community and has already gained a wealth of experience in founding start-ups. In connection with his master’s thesis, he published his first book on the subject of social collaboration in corporate contexts. Marcel is the co-founder and COO of SimyLife.

    “Playing and relaxing at the same time – sounds good”, were both Marcel’s words and his reason for taking an active part in the implementation of the SimyBall concept.

  • Flavia Wahl, iBreve

    Flavia Wahl, iBreve


    Flavia Wahl is the founder & CEO of iBreve Ltd, an early stage startup founded by 2 former Google employees aiming to create a world free of stress related diseases.

    Flavia has 7 years of work experience in the IT industry. At Google in Dublin and Boston she worked in the Legal Department as a Product Lead for Google Image Search and as Language Lead for Germany for data privacy & copyright. She also has experience in business development (Google GSuite for Business) and during her studies she was the Local Committee President of AIESEC e.V. Tübingen.

    She is holding a Master's degree in Business Administration from the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen.

    She is passionate about yoga, loves travelling and enjoys the art of making great coffee.

  • Robert Kopka, Luke Roberts GmbH

    Robert Kopka, Luke Roberts GmbH


    - Co-Founder of Luke Roberts and responsible for marketing, sales and supply chain

    - Master Studies in “Business Informatics” at University of Vienna and Aston University, UK

    - 4 years experience as a management consultant

    - 3 years experience as a programmer (part-time)

  • St~~u00e9phane Mikaelis, Tomtrack

    St~~u00e9phane Mikaelis, Tomtrack


    After marketing studies, 20 years as a graphic designer and now at the head of my company with my passion to create innovative products for the bikers 4.0.

  • Athanase Kollias, KINVENT Biomécanique

    Athanase Kollias, KINVENT Biomécanique


    Athanase Kollias is immersed in the world of biomechanics since the age of 2. He has a French-Greek origin and he is a mechanical engineer from the Ecole Centrale de Paris specialized in the human movement and biomechanics, having a strong aptitude in this field through his previous professional experiences in MICHELIN and as a freelancer (3 patents filed).

    He has been a top rowing athlete and has always known the world of functional rehabilitation through one of his other favorite sports, rugby. He assembled a team of experts around him and created KINVENT Biomécanique to create an innovative range of connected products for functional rehabilitation.

  • Corrado Maggi , Myclose SRL

    Corrado Maggi , Myclose SRL


    Corrado Maggi is the MyClose startup president and founder.

    He has successfully merged his experience in hardware and lock sector
    with IT and electronics to define a new concept of a global connected lock.

  • Darran Hughes, Lumafit

    Darran Hughes, Lumafit


    Darran is an entrepreneur and technologist with over 18 years’ experience in innovation management, patent development and system architecture. Experience includes BCI researcher at MIT MediaLab, CTO of mobile health company Vyro and physics developer on Playstation and Xbox games in Europe and Australia.

    Darran co-founded Lumafit with the aim of bringing innovative solutions to the health and wellness market.

  • Karim Tarraf, Hawa Dawa

    Karim Tarraf, Hawa Dawa


    Karim is the CEO and Co-Founder of Hawa Dawa. In just the first year of its founding the clean tech startup was recognized among others by the German Federal Ministry of Energy and Commerce, the Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, and the MIT Technology Review as one of the Top 10 Innovations in Germany and Top 35 in Europe. In Switzerland it was named Winner in the Smart Cities Vertical of the Kickstart Programme; the flagship project of the digitalswitzerland initiative.

    Before founding Hawa Dawa, Karim worked for several years at the Frankfurt-UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate and Sustainable Energy Finance. There he worked on new Microfinance products to support end-user access to clean energy technologies in Southeast Asia , as well as on Sustainable Energy Finance Facilities in Turkey and Eastern Europe.

    Next to his work on Hawa Dawa, Karim is also a startup mentor at the FEPS Incubation Center of the Cairo University, as well as a frequent participant of expert meetings on issues like climate change, short-lived climate pollutants and smart cities. Karim is also pursuing a Masters of Science in Technology-oriented Management from the Technical University Munich.

  • Michael Setton, Tip Crop

    Michael Setton, Tip Crop


    Michael Setton got a degree in semiconductor technology from INSA Lyon and a PhD from University of Pennsylvania in 1990. He worked for 10 years in the semiconductor industry developing advanced processes.

    From 2000 to 2014 he founded and led Sensaris, a company developing M2M solutions for preventive maintenance, mobile health and environmental monitoring using Bluetooth and Wifi technologies. He is an Internet of Things technologist at Digital Catapult and the founder and CEO of IoT Stars, the consulting company which developed Tip Crop.

  • Jeremy Klisares, Accumold

    Jeremy Klisares, Accumold


    Jeremy Klisares is a Sr. Sales Engineer as a part of the technical sales team at Accumold. He has spent almost two decades dedicated supporting global customers with his expertise in micro molding. His experiences include complex markets like hearing aids, medical device, and microelectronics. Jeremy has been with Accumold since 1999.

  • Martin Gossling, BPMpathway

    Martin Gossling, BPMpathway


    A uniquely-talented individual, combining an extensive knowledge of electronic product design, manufacture and development, with an outstanding track record of achieving exceptional global sales results through team building and customer partnership programs over a 20-year period. A dynamic natural leader, versatile and an established industry figure with an extensive network of business contacts throughout the world. Martin is experienced in setting up new product distribution routes, launching and marketing products globally and within the UK, technical product design background including electronic design, software and graphical user interface development.

    Martin initially trained as a product designer and has 20+ years of international technology sales and marketing experience covering mobile, software technology and gaming industries. Having significantly developed the European handset business at Motorola Inc, Martin spent 9 years with software organisations developing new markets for multimedia software, operating systems and social network/instant messaging solutions.

    As CEO, Martin is focused on the core product development and overall sales. He is responsible for determining the channel requirements, competitive analysis and gathering market feedback on the technical capabilities of the BPMpro product range. Martin has undertaken all of the core product design both hardware and software. He has developed the sensor housing design, the software specification and designed the GUIs for each of the products based on the research and feedback to date.

  • Dr. Aparajithan Sivanathan, Heriot-Watt University

    Dr. Aparajithan Sivanathan, Heriot-Watt University


    Dr. Sivanathan joined DTMG in 2010 and comes from a multidisciplinary background of mechatronics. He has developed Ubiquitous integration and Synchronization Framework (UbiITS) which has been applied in a variety of domains form engineering design to neurometrics.

    His current research interests fall into the area of knowledge capture, Industry 4.0, real-time cyber physical systems, and bigdata.

  • Kim Rowe, RoweBots

    Kim Rowe, RoweBots


    Kim Rowe has started several embedded systems and Internet companies including RoweBots Limited. He has over 30 years of experience in embedded systems development and management. With an MBA and MEng, Kim has published and presented over 50 papers and articles on both technical and management aspects of embedded and connected systems.

  • Ian Fisher, Solos

    Ian Fisher, Solos


    Ian has over 40 years of business experience spanning Marketing, Sales and Operations management positions in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies such as Nestle, Bristol Myers, The Bacardi Company and Campbell Arnott's and as a Partner in the Management Consulting sector with Accenture and Ernst & Young (EY).

    Ian recently retired from EY where he was part of their Advisory Division leadership team that created and built from scratch a $500m business with strong profit results. He has over 30 years experience of working internationally, particularly in Asia, USA and UK. He is a member of the Australian Chartered Accountants Association (ACAA) and Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).

  • Kadir Demircio~~u011flu, Thread In Motion

    Kadir Demircio~~u011flu, Thread In Motion


    Kadir, a graduate of mechatronics engineering, has been the European project manager for companies such as Exxon Mobil and TPAO. In 2012, He established a textile brand named Motif Textile. He established Thread In Motion in 2016 to merge textile and electronics. Thread In Motion is producing smart textile products that power your daily life seamessly.

    Mercedes-Benz and Entrepreneur Organization has selected him as the most successful entrepreneur of the year.

  • Dr. Victor Callegari, Turck duotec S. A.

    Dr. Victor Callegari, Turck duotec S. A.


    Dr. Victor Callegari is responsible for Business Development and Research & Development at Turck duotec S. A. He received his PhD in electronics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. He has gained extensive knowledge in the fields of development and production of customized electronics, project management, product launches, test concepts and direct overmoulding technology.

  • Matthias Dorsch, VARTA Microbattery

    Matthias Dorsch, VARTA Microbattery


    Matthias Dorsch is Product Manager for Rechargeable Lithium Ion Coin Cells in VARTA Microbattery. Before entering the battery business he was working in the field of IT-systems and as a Product Manager for standard components in Germany and China. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering of the University of Applied Science of Würzburg.

  • Juha Reini, Xampion

    Juha Reini, Xampion


    Juha Reini, partner and COO of Progda Ltd/Xampion, is a former professional footballer from Belgium with KRC Genk and the Netherlands with AZ Alkmaar and Finnish national team, scout, sports agent and club director. And not to forget the most important, a former youth trainer. So he has some sights from different sides of the o' so round table of footballing world.

  • Timo Kandler, IEEE Xplore® Digital Library

    Timo Kandler, IEEE Xplore® Digital Library


    Timo started his professional career in sales in 2006. Since then, he has had strategic roles in some of the largest information companies worldwide and worked in the IP division. In 2016, Timo joined SAM - Standards and More..., a partner of IEEE.

    He is responsible for the German speaking market and manages all organizations in the academic and corporate sectors that need access to technology and electrical engineering research.

  • Steve Huang, AiQ Smart Clothing

    Steve Huang, AiQ Smart Clothing


    Steve Huang, the co-founder and Executive Director of King’s Metal Fiber Technologies, is a man of vision and determination. Coming from a business savvy family and equipped with a higher education of Solid State Physics, he is cognizant of the balance between technical expertise and the art of corporate management.

    After obtaining his bachelor degree from the university of Taiwan, Steve departed for Japan, where he further acquired a Master degree in the studies of super ion conductors. His scientific background guided him to make informed and methodological decisions throughout his career. Persevering through a number of challenging years in the volatile market of business, Steve ultimately succeeded in advancing the corporate hierarchy.

    His first job as a manager in a notebook computer manufacture, opened his door to link the world of sciences and that of business management. There, he recognized the importance of product quality and grasped onto the belief that only high-quality products could eventually win the satisfaction and continual support of the market, a philosophy in which he still holds onto tightly today.

    Also a man of ambition and aspiration, Steve established AiQ Smart Clothing, and deeply involved into innovative industries. He strives to stay ahead of the industrial trend eager to steer King’s Metal Fiber Technologies and AiQ Smart Clothing from a domestic firm towards becoming an international role-model in the industry.

Agenda Wearable Technologies Conference 2018 Europe

Tuesday, 30th January 2018
10:00 Welcome and Introduction by Christian Stammel
10:15 Keynote
  Bringing Technology into Football – FIFA’s vision 2.0, Nicolas Evans, Group Leader Football Technology Innovation Department, FIFA
10:45 Digitalization of the Sport and Fitness Industry
  VEXATEC Agility Shirt - Smartwear for Winners Urs Ruggaber, COO, Vexatec
  Making the World A Stadium with Wearable Tech and IoT Neven Murugan, Co-Founder and CEO, Fanmode
  GPS Football Performance Tracking Ben Bruder, CEO, TRACKTICS GmbH
  Next Generation Smart Apparel e-skin Leading Sports and Fitness for Disease Prevention Ichiro Amimori, CEO, Xenoma
  D-Air® - Wearable Technology for Protective Clothing Marcello Bencini, Strategic Projects Manager, Dainese
12:00 Lunch Break & Elevator Pitches at the Demo Stage with Accumold, IEEE Xplore Digital Library, RoweBots, Thread In Motion, Turck duotec and Heriot-Watt University
13:30 Keynote
  Fashion Fusion Antje Hundhausen, Vice President Brand Experience & Dr. Torsten Wingenter, Senior Director Digital Innovations, Deutsche Telekom & Lufthansa
14:00 Artificial Intelligence and Smart Platforms
  AI & Consumer IoT - Why We Need to Give the Power to the Users! Lars Heidemann, Head of Business Development IoT & René Bohne, Startup Program Manager, Telefónica Germany Next GmbH
  Using AR to Intuitively Visualize Sensor Data in 3D Space Josef Kauer, Chief Sales Officer, Robotic Eyes
14:30 Break
15:00 Innovation World Cup Series
  Ready-To-Go Ecosystem for Wearable and IoT Innovators Andrea Onetti, Analog MEMS Sensor Group VP and MEMS Sensor Division GM, STMicroelectronics
  EBV IoT Hero - How to become part of it Markus Vogt, Director Segment Healthcare, EBV Elektronik
15:30 IoT / WT Innovation World Cup Award Ceremony moderated by Christian Stammel, CEO, Wearable Technologies
  || WT Innovation World Cup Pitches ||
  | Lifestyle |
  The Dash Pro: The World’s First Hearable Arne Loermann, Chief Creative Officer , Bragi GmbH
  HUG Innovations - The Future of Gesture Control Raj Neravati, Founder & CEO, HUG Innovations
  Where is Waldo: Still Relevant in the Digital World? Laurent Devos, Founder, Kiddoo Smartwatch for Kids
  A New Paradigm in Mobile Entertainment Kayvan Mirza, CEO, Optinvent
  SimyBall - Digitization of Mental Training Marcel Aberle, Founder & COO, SimyLife Gamification GmbH
  | Sport & Fitness |
  K-FORCE The Intelligent Assistant in Functional Rehabilitation Athanase Kollias, CEO, KINVENT Biomécanique
  Lumafit: A Mind and Body Approach to Heart Health Darran Hughes, CEO, Lumafit
  GPS Football Performance Tracking Ben Bruder, CEO, TRACKTICS
  | Healthcare |
  ViShruti™ - Smart Eyewear with Artificial Intelligence for the Visually Impaired Rahul Karunakaran, Co-Founder & COO, Ayata Intelligence
  Multi Sensor "Dressable" Technological Platform for Near Real-Time Vital Signs Analysis and Monitoring. Anywhere, Anytime. Gary Sagiv, CCO & EVP, HealthWatch LTD
  iBreve - The Wearable that Improves your Stress Resilience Flavia Wahl, CEO, iBreve Ltd
  | Industrial |
  Save Your Workers´Life with Smart Safety Shoes Mathieu Destrian, CEO, Intellinium
  Can a Wearable Tackle Global Pollution? Radu Motisan, CEO, MagnaSCI SRL
  TomTrack Connected from the Road to Track Stéphane Mikaelis, CEO, Tomtrack
  Tabs - The Next Generation of Smart Home Hardy Schmidbauer, CEO & Co-Founder, TrackNet
  The End-2-End Optimization Platform for Manual Work Processes Norman Hartmann, Co-Founder, WORKERBASE
  || EBV IoT Hero Special Prize Pitches ||
  How Environmental IoT (EIoT) is Profoundly Changing All Facets of Urban Life Karim Tarraf, CEO, Hawa Dawa
  MyClose: The Globally Connected Smart Lock Corrado Maggi, CEO, Myclose SRL
  StethoMe™ - Home Stethoscope. A Smart Way to Keep Your Child’s Health in Check Wojciech Radomski, CEO, StethoMe™
  Tip Crop Oasis - Your Personal Food Computer Michael Setton, CEO & Founder, Tip Crop
  || Geeny Connected Living Challenge ||
  Al Bicchiere Smart Wine Dispenser Marco Liviantoni, Business Development Manager , Beexlab
  Vision Quest: Neurotech Fashion Project Joanna Hir, CEO of 4-D Sp.Zoo & Francisco Teixeira, CEO & Founder of MuArts, Joanna Hir & MuArts
  The Future of Lighting Robert Kopka, Co-Founder, Luke Roberts GmbH
  || AiQ Smart Clothing Special Prize Pitches ||
  CardioID Smart Monitoring André Ribeiro Lourenço, CEO, CardioID Technologies
  HeartIn - Trainer and Cardiologist in Your T-Shirt Oleksii Vynogradov, Founder & CEO, HeartIn Inc.
  SUPA Kits: Contextualizing Biometric Data from Apparel Prof. Sabine Seymour, Founder & CEO, SUPA
  || Announcement of the Winners of the Innovation World Cup ||
17:55 Guided Tour Through ISPO Tradeshow and Networking Party at ISPO Fairgrounds
Wednesday, 31st January 2018
10:00 Welcome and Introduction by Christian Stammel
10:05 Keynote
  SUB2 - How Wearables Can Help You Reach This Goal Prof. Yannis Pitsiladis, University of Brighton and Founder, Kyriakos Exadaktylos, Head of Network Standards, Nils Altrogge, Research Engineer & Benoît Mariani, CEO and Founder, 2HRS Marathon Project, Vodafone Group, On Running & Gait Up
10:35 Healthcare Revolution via Smart Products
  How to Use e-Paper Technology to Improve Patient Experience: The On-the-Patch Solution Jennifer Su, Senior Manager, Strategy Integration & Planning, E Ink
  Exoskeleton Robot for Wheelchair Users and his Feasible Application to Sport Tinlan Huang, Head of Business Development, FREE Bionics
  OBPM: The First Ever Cuffless Blood Pressure Monitor at the Wrist Josep Solà, PhD, Signal Processing Expert, CSEM
  Smart Patch for Accurate Medical Non-Invasive-Grade Monitoring Lior Ben Shettrit, Business Development Manager, BioBeat
  MindMaze and Gait Up: Bridging Virtual and Physical Worlds Frédéric Condolo, Global Productor Director & Dr. Benoît Mariani, CEO, MindMaze & Gait Up
12:15 Lunch Break & Elevator Pitches at the Demo Stage with AiQ, Xampion, BPMpathway, noonee germany GmbH, Solos Ltd and VARTA Microbattery
13:30 Solutions for Enterprise and Industry
  Enhanced Working Safety with Smart Devices at Total Stefan Küfner, Director, Total
  Toughbook & Edge Computing John Harris, Global R&D Director, Panasonic
  Exoskeleton for Industrial Applications Zach Haas, Product Manager - Industrial, Ekso Bionics
  AR Solutions for the Optimization of Logistic Processes Johanna Bellenberg, Director Marketing & Communications, Picavi GmbH
  Cloud Services to Foster A.I. Applications Andy Barnes, Executive IT Architect and IoT Consumer Business Architect, IBM
15:00 Cutting Edge Enabling Technologies
  Cybersecurity Aspects for Wearables Sandeep Erat, Director Cyber Security, Sumeru Solutions
  Electrodes - The Interface Between Human and Technology Simon Bachmann, CEO and Co-founder, IDUN Technologies
  Seamless Interaction Between the Physical and the Digital World Hein Beute, Director Product Marketing, Xsens
  Personal Health Monitoring by Smart Medical Patches Emre Ozan Polat, Postdoctoral Researcher, ICFO
  Unique Challenges of Skin Attachment Fiona O´Brien, Senior Product Development Chemist, Adhesives Research
16:40 Closing Remarks - Conference Ends at Approx. 5:00pm