Wearable Technologies Conference 2012 I USA

July 24, 2012
San Francisco

On July 24, 2012 our unique networking event WTconference stopped by in San Francisco. At the beautifully located Fort Mason Center the conference gathered decision makers of all sizes of companies, researchers, students, artists, retailers, component suppliers and media/press representatives.

Check out the event’s agenda:


Testimonials WTconference 2012 USA

[quote author=”Mark R Francis” firm=”Intel NBI”]”I have attended dozens of conferences on Wearable Technologies – the WTconference is the best. The sessions are focused and informative, the format promotes networking, and the program is a nice blend of applied research, market insights, and business learnings. Well done.”[/quote]

[quote author=”Joseph Paradiso” firm=”MIT Media Labs”]”It was a great survey into the burgeoning startup activity around wearables.”[/quote]

[quote author=”John Mix” firm=”Finis”]”The conference was a high impact, creative thinking session with fantastic networking”[/quote]

[quote author=”Eric Migicovsky” firm=”Pebble”]”Thanks very much for organizing the event. I had a great time chatting with some of the major players in the wearables space, and linking up with developers and engineers working on really cool projects. Already looking forward to next year.”[/quote]

[quote author=”Deepak Prakash” firm=”Avery Dennison”]”Wearable sensing technologies is a fast emerging category and the WTconference provided a great forum to meet various entities involved in this space, and how they are impacting the market place. The conference format was short and to the point, and provided ample opportunities for networking.”[/quote]

[quote author=”David Icke” firm=”MC10″]”The WTconference offers diverse innovative speakers (from both large brands and startups) in a tight, single day program that allows efficient networking with other participants. Great use of time.”[/quote]

[quote author=”Volker Prüller” firm=”Texas Instruments”]”The Wearable Technologies Conference held last week in San Francisco, the first of its kind in North America, was an exciting event attended by many interesting companies in the wearable electronics industry including well known innovators and new up and comers. The four segments of wearable devices featured (safety, health, sports and lifestyle) gave a clear and compelling picture of where companies are taking wearable technology. It was inspiring and encouraging for me to see wireless connectivity playing a key role in wearable devices and that many of the innovators can leverage the breadth of the TI wireless connectivity portfolio and microprocessors for their products.”[/quote]

[quote author=”Monisha Perkash” firm=”Lumoback”]”Participating in the Wearable Technologies Conference was a great way to stay updated on the latest trends in this space and make meaningful connections with potential partners, investors, and media contacts. The day was packed with a variety of interesting and quick-paced presentations and enough time for networking too.”[/quote]

[quote author=”Horst Merkle” firm=”Roche Diagnostics”]”The WTconference taking place in the heart of technological innovation for the first time once again provided a unique venue where true innovation meets application and business realities. I don’t know any other forum where you can experience such a depth and breadth of advanced technologies, concepts and business ideas.”[/quote]

[quote author=”Brooks Kincaid” firm=”Imprint Energy”]”The Wearable Technology Conference was a great opportunity for a technology supplier, like Imprint Energy, to connect with potential future customers and discuss paths forward to bringing wearable technology products to the masses.” [/quote]

[quote author=”Tom Sherlock” firm=”SoLäTiDo Wearable Computers”]”It’s probably rather difficult to host a conference on the cutting edge of a new technology category like this, but these folks really managed to pull it all together in an interesting and informative way. Speakers were relevant to many of my concerns and the keynote speakers inspired us to delve even further into creative projects. I will certainly be following their proceedings and participating whenever possible.”[/quote]

[quote author=”Jennifer Darmour” firm=”Electricfoxy”]”It was a fantastic day, well organized, and I hope to participate in future events.”[/quote]

[quote author=”Philipp Miehlich” firm=”Varta Microbattery”]”Eine sehr gute Veranstaltung! Technisch sehr interessierte Teilnehmer in einer der innovationsreichsten Gegenden unseres Planeten mit vielen innovativen Firmen, Produkten und Potenzialen.”[/quote]

[quote author=”Mark Hoffman” firm=”QUENTIQ Americas”]”At the San Francisco Wearable Technologies Conference I greatly appreciate the important information that happens with a fast pace and in a single day. The networking opportunities where terrific.”[/quote]



  • Joseph Paradiso, MIT Media Laboratory
  • Mark R Francis, Intel
  • Brooks Kincaid, Imprint Energy
  • Dave Dickinson, Zeo
  • John Mix, Finis
  • Deepak Prakash, Avery Dennison
  • Philipp Miehlich, Varta Microbattery
  • Mark Hoffmann, Quentiq
  • John (Ivo) Stivoric, BodyMedia
  • Dr. Thomas Schmid, Dualis MedTech
  • Horst Merkle, Roche Diagnostics
  • Monisha Perkash, LUMOback
  • Tom Sherlock, SoLäTiDo
  • Eric Migicovsky, Pebble
  • Dr. Chih-Cheng Lu, AiQ Smart Clothing
  • Kip Fyfe, 4iiii Innovation
  • Mikko Malmivaara, Clothing+
  • Tim Bauer, SenseTech
  • Jennifer Darmour, Electricfoxy
  • David Icke, MC10
  • Volker Prüller, Texas Instruments