Wearable Technologies Conference 2014 | ASIA

October 8, 2014

Wearable Technologies is one of the most compelling new technology areas today. From devices that constantly monitor and improve health and wellness, to technology that literally moves entertainment to the next level, to improved workplace productivity – the potential for wearable technologies is huge.

The 13th WTconference 2014 I Asia was held in Taipei on October 8 highlighting what’s here today and what’s coming next for wearable technology. The WTconference in Taipei took place in line with the 40th International Electronics Show – TAITRONICS at the TWTC Nangang Exhibition Center in Taipei. The WTconference and expo can be found in room 402. The address of the Conference Center: No.1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, 11012, Taipei City, Taiwan.

Conference sponsor UL  organized an exclusive side event on Ocotober 9:
“UL CONFERENCEWearable Technologies: What you need to know about testing and certification”
Delegates of the WTconference can register for the event free of charge.

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  • Juliana Chua, Zensorium

    Juliana Chua, Zensorium


    Zensorium, headquartered in Singapore is a start-up initiative of Japan multinational corporation Nitto Denko. Juliana Chua joined Nitto Denko in 2009 as Principal Analyst, to lead the Business Development and Intellectual Property Group. In 2011 she was appointed to her current role as Principal to lead the Zensorium’s Business Innovation Group. The Business Group is focused on executing business and marketing strategies to reach audiences, as well as to generate sales and distribution channels. Juliana has over 10 years of experience in the new technologies industries with a background in Computer Science and Intellectual Property Law.

  • Mikko Malmivaara, Clothing Plus

    Mikko Malmivaara, Clothing Plus


    Mikko Malmivaara has been an active member of the wearable technology community since 1998 representing the Finnish smart clothing pioneer Clothing Plus. With a background in design, product development, research and marketing he is well versed in the technical requirements of body monitoring but also has a decade and a half worth of experience in the business side of wearables. Mr. Malmivaara travels the world spreading the word on biometric sensing and textile-integrated electronics.

  • Jacky Hsu, TE Connectivity

    Jacky Hsu, TE Connectivity


    Jacky Hsu joined TE as the Manager of Business Development for the new Wearables Team in Menlo Park. The Wearables Team is focused on solutions for wearable products, the many emerging Wearables customers, and new technologies like contactless data and power transfer that will be used with these kinds of products. Jacky has 10+ years of experience in the ICT industry with companies that designed and manufactured RF/Antenna system, connector, and Electrical-Mechanical component integration. While the majority of his career has been in business development and product marketing, he also has experience as a mechanical, RF designer. Jacky was most recently a Business Development Manager at Hi-P Electronics, a global vertical-integrated manufacturer based in Singapore.

  • Jong Chern (JC) Lim, Shimmer

    Jong Chern (JC) Lim, Shimmer


    Heading up Shimmer’s Mobile Application Development for the past two years, Jong Chern works on prototyping and user interface design to meet end user requirements for wearable sensing based solutions in Clinical Assessment, Rehabilitation, Elite Sports, and Neuro-Marketing.

    Having worked as an Engineer in Texas Instruments, Ancores Ltd, and lectured in the area of Wireless Networks in UTAR, Jong Chern’s expertise stretches from Machine Learning to Wireless Sensing and Mobile Application Development. His studies included Communication and Electronic Engineering at University of Northumbria before completing his MSc in Information Technology at Malaysia University of Science and Technology, and his PhD in Computer Science at University College Dublin.

  • Leopold Beer, Bosch Sensortec

    Leopold Beer, Bosch Sensortec


    Leopold Beer joined Bosch Sensortec shortly after its foundation in 2006 and has been working as a sales director and afterwards global marketing director. Since March 2013 he is the Regional President of Asia Pacific.

    Prior to joining Bosch Sensortec, Leopold Beer held various engineering and managerial positions in the semiconductor and the automotive industry.

  • Melvin Lee, VARTA Microbattery

    Melvin Lee, VARTA Microbattery


    Melvin Lee is Bachelor in Electronics and Electrical Engineering as well as expert in the field of innovative batteries and applications. He joined the VARTA Micro Group for more than 18 years. He is President of our Marketing and Sales Operations in Asia Pacific.

  • Michael Li, Rooti Labs Limited

    Michael Li, Rooti Labs Limited


    Michael Li was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1970. He received the B.S and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from the National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan in 1992 and 1994, respectively.
    From 2001 to 2014, he was with Foxconn Limited, Taipei, Taiwan where he led the mobile device business unit. He is currently the founder and CEO of Rooti Labs Limited. His business interests include wearables and biosensors.
    Lately he successfully launched two KICKSTARTER projects:

    "W/Me is a bluetooth enabled rhythmic breathing coach that can also measure your autonomic nervous system."

    “CliMate is a bluetooth tracker that syncs your environment’s real humidity, temperature and UVI to your smartphone”

  • Shao-Wei Lu, Brain Rhythm Inc

    Shao-Wei Lu, Brain Rhythm Inc


    2010 Attended for 3 years pursuing a Ph.D degree in Electrical Control Engineering, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
    2007 M. S. Life Science National Tsing Hua University Hsinchu, Taiwan 2004 B. S. Physics National Tsing Hua University Hsinchu, Taiwan
    Currently Co-Founder and General Manager at Brain Rhythm Inc.

    2008 – 2014 Assistant researcher at Brain Research Center, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan

  • Bruce Bateman, Bateman Research

    Bruce Bateman, Bateman Research


    As THE wearable guy, Bruce is well known Quantified Self’er, (自我量化) working on the Connected Life. Bruce collects data on himself (Connected Body), Car (connected Car), and his environment (Connected Home). On any given day he wears 6 to 8 sensors and trackers on his body. As frequent educator and speaker at Wearable and Data Center conferences, help explain how we will evolve into the Connected Life and what impact on technology will be.

    Bruce is CEO of Bateman Research; Bateman Research is highly sought after international private technology thinktank firm focused on future technologies. We enlist industry technical experts from the fields we are researching. Experts who were/are users or developers and academic researchers’ working on future technologies. Research results are delivered in face to face discussions with senior management teams or one on one. Unlike commercial research firms, Bateman Research does not predict market sizes but instead focuses on the technology details and impact on customers companies.
    Current research has covered Big Data Meets Little Data – The Predictive Connected Life, Wearables, IoT, M2M, Mobile, Telecom Datacenters, Retail, and Telematics.

  • Sam Webster, Exosite, LLC

    Sam Webster, Exosite, LLC


    Sam is responsible for driving Exosite’s operations forward.
    Sam received his BS in Chemistry from U.C. Berkeley and returned to Asia where he entered the investment banking division of a regional bank in Hong Kong. In 1995 Sam set up and headed the China office (in Shanghai) for this bank before moving on to Credit Lyonnais ( France’s biggest bank) in 1996 as Head of Asian Petrochemicals research.

    During his time as head of petrochemicals, Sam was recognized by Asia Money magazine, Euro Money magazine, Institutional Investor magazine and the Greenwich survey as one of the top analyst in Asia. In 1997 Sam was hired by Credit Suisse First Boston to establish and head up their petrochemicals product in Asia. This he did hiring bankers in 12 countries throughout Asia. His team became top ranked across all surveys and Sam took up the additional position of Director of Research in Taiwan. This team also became highly ranked by the international surveys. In 2000 Sam joined the ING Group as Managing Director and Head of Equities based in Taiwan and sitting on the regional executive committee overseeing 11 countries. Sam brings a wealth of financial and institutional experience to Exosite. Sam’s laser focus on process and performance is an ideal complement to Exosite’s entrepreneurial energy and spirit

  • Steve Huang, AiQ Smart Cloting

    Steve Huang, AiQ Smart Cloting


    Steve Huang, the co-founder and Vice President of King’s Metal Fiber Technologies, is a man of vision and determination. Coming from a business savvy family and equipped with a higher education of Solid State Physics, he is cognizant of the balance between technical expertise and the art of corporate management. After obtaining his bachelors degree from the University of Taiwan, Steve departed for Japan, where he further acquired a Masters degree in the studies of super ion conductors for fuel cell technologies. His scientific background guided him to make informed and methodological decisions throughout his career. Persevering through a number of challenging years in the volatile market of business, Steve ultimately succeeded in advancing the corporate hierarchy. His first job as a manager in a notebook computer company, Chaplet Inc. of Panvest Group, opened his door to link the world of sciences and that of business management. There, he recognized the importance of product quality and grasped onto the belief that only high-quality products could eventually win the satisfaction and continual support of the market, a philosophy in which he still holds onto tightly today.

  • Grace Yang, Gemalto

    Grace Yang, Gemalto


    Grace currently serves as the Gemalto Asia Sales Director for the OEM and Consumer Electronic sales channel, responsible for the development and sales of all Gemalto products and solutions in the Asian market. These include secure elements with embedded software and service platforms to address mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, PC and also wearables.
    Grace has more than 12 years’ experience in channel sales management and key clients direct sales team management. Previously, she worked for Beijing Research Institute of Telemetry Technology, China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT), Tektronix (China), Motech Industries and Motech Industries, leading business development and sales team management. Grace joined Gemalto in 2002, and worked as Business Development Manager and China Mobile Communication Solution Sales Director.
    Grace holds an Electronics Engineering Bachelor degree in Jilin University and a MBA from Peking University, Guanghua School of Management.

  • Ron Gong, Lonshine Technologies Co.

    Ron Gong, Lonshine Technologies Co.


    Ron Gong – Founder and President of Lonshine Technologies Co. Has over 18 years of experience in mobile industries. Before founded Lonshine Technologies, Mr. Gong worked for BYD Electronics in charge of BYD smart phone ODM division. Mr. Gong also held multiple technical management and design positions in Qualcomm, Aeroflex and Hughes Network Systems before. Graduated from Georgia Tech with MS.EE degree.

  • Dr. Vincent Chou, US Micro Products

    Dr. Vincent Chou, US Micro Products


    Dr. Vincent Chou is the CTO of US Micro Product’s Asia operations. US Micro product is a leading provider of engineered display solutions. Dr. Chou has over 15 years experience with different types of displays, such as OLEDs and TFT-LCDs. Dr. Chou holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan. Prior to working at US Micro Products, Dr. Chou was a project manager, Technical Director and Sales Director at display companies. Dr. Chou has extensive experience with the use of displays in consumer, industrial, medical and other applications. He also has experience with the development of leading edge technologies used in wearable display applications.

  • George Tai, President, ChipSiP Technology

    George Tai, President, ChipSiP Technology


    George Tai has over 30 years of management, marketing and R&D experience in system level chip, computer systems and software areas
    with background in University of Oregon, M.S. Computer Science. George Tai joined ChipSiP Technology in 2011 after working as CEO in System Chip Solutions Limited, Executive Vice President in VeriSilicon, Inc., in China and the USA, CEO in Shanghai Zhonghua Electronic Co., and Vice President of System & Application Engineering in NeoParadigm Labs, Inc., in the USA.

  • Dr. Joan Vrtis, Flextronics

    Dr. Joan Vrtis, Flextronics


    Dr. Joan Vrtis is the senior director of the Interconnect Technology Center of Multek Technologies Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Flextronics. One of the key initiatives of the Center, located on the Flextronics campus in the Silicon Valley, is the advancement of printed circuits in wearable and stretchable technologies.

    Prior to Multek, Dr. Vrtis was chief operating officer of Shocking Technologies, an embedded ESD protection product company, and chief operating officer of Kemeta, LLC, a medical device start-up company that develops biofeedback devices. Between 2004 and 2007, she was a principal owner and chief technology officer of FlipChip International in Phoenix, Arizona.

    Dr. Vrtis started her microelectronics career in the early 1990's at Intel Corporation developing polymer and substrate solutions for the Pentium product line. She has been awarded several patents and holds degrees in polymer engineering, metallurgy, chemistry and an MBA from the DePaul University, Chicago Illinois.

  • Robert Yu, STMicroelectronics

    Robert Yu, STMicroelectronics


    Robert Yu is Sr. Technical Marketing Manager of Analog, MEMS & Sensors Group of STMicroelectronics Greater China and South Asia Region. Yu is responsible for the marketing promotion of Analog, RF, Bluetooth and Audio (Microphone) Products. Yu has more than 19 years of experiences in semiconductor industry.

Tentative Agenda

Wednesday, 8th October 2014
09:30 Welcome and Introduction
  Keynote - Interconnect and Assembly Solutions – Transforming Wearable Electronics Joan K. Vrtis, Ph.D. Senior Director, Interconnect Technology Center, Flextronics
10:00 Enabling Tech Part 1
  Wireless Power in Wearables Jacky Hsu, Business Development Manager, TE Connectivity
  The right energy for wearable technologies Melvin Lee, President Marketing and Sales Operations, VARTA Microbattery
  Driving the Next Wave of Wearable Devices Robert Yu, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, STMicroelectronics
  Designing wearable devices with security in mind Grace Yang, OEM & Consumer Electronic Device Sales Director Asia, Gemalto
11:15 Coffee Break
11:35 Enabling Tech Part 2
  Key Display Features for Wearable and Emerging Display Technologies Dr. Vincent Chou, Asia CTO , US Micro Products
  Smart Clothing in Healthcare Mikko Malmivaara, Manager Sales and Marketing, Clothing+
  Sensor Requirements of Wearable Devices Leopold Beer, Regional President Asia Pacific, Bosch Sensortec
  Five Phases of IoT Evolution Sam Webster, President Asia, Exosite
  Simplify your Life with Wearable Technology Juliana Chua, Principal, Zensorium
01:10 Lunch break
02:40 Best in Class Products Part 1
  Creating your own friendly environment Michael Li, CEO, Rooti Labs Limited
  Discovery in Motion – Prototyping and UI Insights Jong Chern (JC) Lim, Lead Android Applications Engineer, Shimmer
  Smart Analogue Watch Ron Gong, Founder and President, Lonshine Technologies
  Provide live cloud service in real time with SiME Smart Glasses George Tai, President, ChipSiP Technology
03:55 Coffee Break
04:20 Best in Class Products Part 2
  Beyond Machine: Human Solution to IoT Steve Huang, VP, AiQ Smart Clothing
  Brain Computer Interface for Natural Cognition Shao-Wei Lu, Co-Founder and General Manager, Brain Rhythm Inc
  Big Data Meets Little Data – Moving to a predictive Connected Life Bruce Bateman, CEO, Bateman Research
05:30 Wrap-up Session
06:00 Networking