December 1, 2014
Munich, Germany

Beginning of December our partner TrendONE will be holding an afternoon for innovators. That means a selected group of attendees learn about trends, trend-scouting and how to implement this in your company surrounding. While being a small group in a relaxed atmosphere it is a good way to listen, interact and learn at the same time more about Wearable Technologies.


Monday, 1st December 2014
02:00 Innovation Insights, René Massatti, Head of Strategy
02:15 Trend Keynote "Wearable Technologies"
02:30 Trend Relevance Evaluation
02:40 Radical Game Workshop
03.10 Innovation Insights, Chrisitan Stammel, CEO Wearable Technologies AG
03:40 Prototyping Session
04:45 Summary
05:00 Session ends