Exhibitors WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2016 ASIA

An overview of the exhibitors at the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2016 ASIA in Hong Kong on  October 12.

Accumold is a high-tech manufacturer of precision micro-molded plastic parts and components for markets that include micro-electronics, medical and micro-optic applications. Processes include: insert molding, clean room molding and 2-shot molding. Materials include: PEEK, Ultem, and LCP.
aiqAiQ Smart Clothing Inc. is where electronics merge with textiles to create fashionable, functional, comfortable solutions to meet your everyday needs; whether it’s in sports & fitness, outdoor & leisure, home & leisure, home care & health care. We have the drive and capability to make Smart Clothing concepts into reality.
antelope-150x150ANTELOPE sportswear increases training efficiency. This athletic clothing of the future is a combination of premium sportswear and wearable technology. ANTELOPE is composed of compression textile with integrated electrodes, a smartphone-sized power device and an app to control the whole system.
Babaali is a world leading helmet manufacturer focusing on combining application of technology with performance and safety for the wearer in all aspects of life. Everything we do at Babaali is designed, tested and continually improved, in the field or on the trail, also persistently strive to make improvements and incorporate the latest technologies.
As a leading manufacturer of ferroelectret sensor based health tech products, Emfit focuses on contacless under-mattress vital signs measuring. Applications include bed occupancy and wellness monitoring in senior care and athletes’ recovery measurement with all-night heart rate variability. Now expanding to sleep apnea diagnostics supported by numerous published clinical studies.
http://evenamed.com/Evenas Dual Modality imaging products deliver informatics and truly wearable technology right at the bedside and point of care. Evena’s initial portable vein finder, the Evena Owl®, launched in early 2013 and is available worldwide (with Regulatory Approval). Evena’s Eyes-On™ Glasses unit is a breakthrough wearable design that brings an entirely new vision to vascular access. All Evena products are multifunctional devices that will modernize IV access procedures, and over time, improve medical care.
flexFlex is a leading sketch-to-scale solutions company that designs and builds intelligent products for a connected world. With approximately 200,000 professionals across 30 countries and a promise to help the world Live Smarter, Flex provides innovative design, engineering, manufacturing, real-time supply chain insight and logistics services to companies of all sizes in various industries and end-markets.
http://www.i-lume.com/i-Lume is a wearable technology brand that’s all about high visibility, helping to increase your safety on the road, pathway, workplace or anywhere outdoors. We design and manufacture the world’s brightest integrated lighting products for apparel that are lightweight, simple to use and seamlessly wearable. i-Lume LED trims are used by global sportswear brands for many technical lighting applications.
http://www.jin-co.com/en/“JINS” is the leading and innovative eyewear brand in Japan, and develops “JINS MEME” which is the world’s first eyewear that lets you see yourself. Having a style of ordinary glasses JINS MEME offers smartphone apps that help you know your status of mind and body so that you can start changing your daily behaviours for “better me”.
Lifesense Group brings design and tech together to revolutionize healthcare. With wearable technology we empower people to understand and work on their health independently. Our international team is based in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) and Tokyo (Japan).
pulse-on-logoPulseOn offers highest quality wearable OHR solutions for sports, fitness, wellness and healthcare. The patented sensor solution and advanced algorithms provide scientifically validated continuous accurate low power HR and HRV in wide range of conditions. Solution is available as sensor modules, white label products and technology license.
Our clients seek out SmartCap because they know us as Thought Leaders in Driver Fatigue, and the instigator that changes driver behavior. Our unique ability to provide accurate and truly predictive information enables the elimination of microsleeps, the number one cause of driver accidents in the workplace.
tuvTÜV SÜD is a premium quality, safety, and sustainability solutions provider that specializes in testing, inspection, auditing, certification, training, and knowledge services. Since 1866, the company has remained committed to its founding principle of protecting people, property and the environment from technology-related risks. 800 locations and 24,000 employees offer local service across the globe.
innovationsThe WT | Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup is the worldwide leading innovation competition in the area of wearable technologies. It was first launched in 2009 and thousands of contestants already took part in it.The finalists of this year´s edition will present their innovative products live at the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference & exhibition floor.