Exhibitors WT I conference 2015 in Munich presenting world premieres

The following companies will be represented at the 14th WT I Wearable Technologies Conference in Munich on February 2-3:

The 3D-LIVE project delivers a mixed reality real-time tele-immersion platform that allows people to participate in live sports events from anywhere.
Augumenta develops interaction solutions for wearable electronics. Combining hand gestures and augmented reality, the company’s software enables new ways to control applications and devices. Headquartered in Oulu, Finland, with a support hub in Taipei, Taiwan, Augumenta licenses its products to global OEMs, integrators and developers.
www.alpinestars.com/tech-air Established in 1963, Alpinestars is the world-leader in high performance motorsports apparel, footwear and safety gear. As a global brand, Alpinestars is adding to its motorsports heritage with a distinctive range of casual clothing for a young and dynamic audience.
Bainisha is dedicated to the development of a new paradigm in Body Motion Capturing, we deliver new and hitherto unattainable functionalities in terms of accuracy, speed & differentiation, i.e. capturing explosive kinetics with unprecedented accuracy (e.g. high-speed bowling in cricket), capturing such minute displacements as the onset and development of muscle tremble, mapping kinetics @ medical data quality level e.g. for 3D Spine Movement Measurement.
Baseband specializes in Ultra Low Power GPS solutions for high-volume, low-cost applications. Our patent pending technologies include battery-friendly, on demand, GPS solution that can capture a GPS position in as little as 2 ms and advanced 28 Day Extended Ephemeris orbit prediction service. Our customers are wearable/IoT manufacturers that rely on our technologies for their next generation products.
BitBite is your personal coach for healthy eating habits. Most of us suffer from bad eating habits that are largely responsible for our health and weight problems. BitBite’s patent pending technology monitors and analyzes your eating. By connecting to off-the-shelf microphones that are available on leading headset manufacturers, BitBite “listens” to your eating and guides you with real-time dietary advice.
BodyTel is a telemedicine company, which has developed a comprehensive monitoring and management system for chronic illnesses. The aim is to provide patients and persons authorized by patients (e.g. medical professionals or family members) with the most up to date and precise information possible about the patient. Decisions about changes of treatment can thus be made more quickly, secondary illnesses can be minimized, and quality of life can be improved.
Clothing+ is the world’s largest developer and manufacturer of textile-integrated biometric sensors. With more than 15 years of experience in wearable technology and supplying the key global brands in sports electronics, sportswear and medical instruments with body monitoring sensors, Clothing+ is the pioneering authority in textile wearables.
COBI is the world’s smartest connected biking system for everyone. COBI became famous with being one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns in December 2014.  It upgrades every bike with 100+ modern day soft- and hardware features and many new, advanced and unprecedented functionalities into your smartphone. COBI imports the comfort from modern connected cars into the bike riding experience.
The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence is the leading German research institute in the field of innovative software technology. It ranks among the most recognized “Centers of Excellence” and currently is the biggest research center worldwide in the area of Artificial Intelligence and its application in terms of number of employees and the volume of external funds.
Empatica solves human-centered data problems with realtime biometric data. Our wrist worn device, the E4 band, is part of an ecosystem enabling research and biofeedback outside the lab. The E4 streams lab-quality physiological signals directly into client applications on multiple platforms and our cloud-based Connect platform enables analysis and keeps data organized for posterity.
Feeligreen is a technology startup developing innovative medical devices for the dermatology sector. With demonstrated in-vitro results, and the backup of strong investors, it plans to develop its manufacturing capabilities whilst engaging with major pharmaceutical & medical device companies to co-develop new therapeutic solutions for applications ranging from chronic pain relief to bedsore prevention.
Firstbeat is the leading provider of physiological analytics for sports, fitness and wellbeing. Firstbeat technology turns heartbeat data into rich, personalized and actionable insights on exercise, stress and recovery. Firstbeat analytics is used by hundreds of elite sports teams, thousands of corporations, and millions of consumers to improve their performance and wellbeing.
We are a leading supplier of flex circuit design, rigid flex circuits, flexible circuits and heaters, experienced in a wide variety of industries and diverse enough to take on any technical or design challenge. As our engineers assists the design process, with their knowledge and experience with flexible circuits. We have the domestic and international production capabilities to bring your circuit design to top quality reality.
www.flextronics.com Flextronics, the world’s leading end-to-end supply chain solutions company, partners with companies from startups to multinationals and helps them innovate ‘from sketch to scale’. By providing access to new technologies and delivering design, prototyping, manufacturing and logistics services – Flextronics helps companies lower costs, reduce supply chain risk, increase flexibility, and reduce time-to-market.
Formatec Ceramics specializes in the development and manufacturing of technical ceramic products and components.
With technical ceramics it is possible to produce highly wear-resistant, temperature-resistant, biological- and chemical-resistant products. Products which are used in (high-tech) industry as well as in exclusive consumer goods.
The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is the leading organization for applied research in Europe. Founded in 1985, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS ranks first among the Fraunhofer Institutes concerning headcount and revenues. The Institute provides research and development services in various areas, such as IC Design, Audio & Multimedia, Imaging Systems, Medical Technology and Wearable Sensors.
Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, enables OEM, MNO, Banks worldwide to offer trusted and convenient digital services to their customers. We develop solutions based on secure elements and customized software platforms. With innovative technologies and multiple form factors that match the size and design of any wearable device, Gemalto is a trusted partner to expand wearable business.
Haltian designs and develops new and innovative wireless products and services to market. We focus in new challenges by bringing mobile technologies to new frontiers, creatively realizing any mobile and sensor technology need. You can find SW & HW engineering, design, product and program management – everything you need to design and execute under the same roof.
HealthSPA is the health ecosystem booster from Finland. We create events and enable matchmaking, we are the voice of health startups. We connect you with investors, media and industry experts and thrive on industry cooperation. Jump in the pool!
Heddoko™ builds smart compression shirts and compression pants that track the movement of the body using embedded sensors. Our solution is designed for amateur and professional athletes and serves them as a virtual coach. The garments will teach the athletes how to improve their techniques and avoid injury by capturing the full body movements, modeling it in 3D on their smart devices and giving them live coaching feedback
iGel logo iSP developed protective clothing to avoid injuries e.g. from motor bikes or for people with a high risk of falling. Fashionable clothing like jackets and overalls has 30 integrated double-walled, special formed mini-airbags activated in milliseconds by smart sensors to cover up critical body regions. An inner protective system brings your body in a embryo-position to protect your body safely.
Intel is a world leader in computing innovation. The company designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world’s computing devices. As a leader in corporate responsibility and sustainability, Intel also manufactures the world’s first commercially available “conflict-free” microprocessors. Additional information about Intel is available at newsroom.intel.com.
Wellness cluster iVita connects 11 strong and high technology Lithuanian innovative organizations that have high business competencies in creation of innovative wearable technology, smart textile and various sport products. We present our new product for safe, effective and meaningful physical activity – iPulsus®Squad6D and other iPulsus® brand line products for healthy life and your well-being.
Metaio is the worldwide leader in augmented reality research and technology. Serving over 100,000 developers with over 1,000 apps for enterprise, marketing, retail, publishing and industrial cases, Metaio’s AR software reaches over 30 Million consumers across the world.
Mio Global is a recognized pioneer in sport and fitness technology, having introduced the world’s
first performance-accurate wrist-worn heart rate monitor watch, Mio ALPHA, in 2012. With broad distribution around the world, Mio has expanded its product line of heart rate monitor devices to include the Mio ALPHA 2, Mio FUSE, Mio LINK and Mio VELO. Mio’s team of world-class scientists and engineers strive to help athletes reach their goals by innovating accurate, easy-to-use technologies from the company headquarters in Vancouver, Canada.
MYOVOLT™ is a wearable technology brand for sports performance and therapy applications. MYOVOLT™ is a unique and innovative way to apply vibration energy directly to muscle, soft tissue and joints delivering a wide range of physiological benefits. It has been developed by leading experts who have a proven track record in delivering wearable electronics to some of the world’s best Olympic athletes.
Notch Interfaces Inc. creates new ways to collect information about human body and apply that knowledge to improve peoples’ lives. Notch applications or “Powered by Notch” products provide anyone with a smartphone to benefits of true wearable motion capture. Notch Interfaces Inc.
Fire Cam® is a firefighter owned and operated business. Our fire helmet cameras have been tested at high temperatures and are a valuable tool for training, critique and investigations. Our police cameras implement the newest technology such as live video and GPS streaming, IR night vision and superior 1080p HD video. Go to FireCam.com for more information about our innovative camera technology.
Founded in 1977, Polar Electro invented the world’s first wireless heart rate monitor. Since then the company has been improving athlete’s sports performance as well as helping people enjoy a healthier lifestyle through its in-depth understanding of human physiology, performance, and the environment.
ProGlove is a wearable device designed to work especially in the professional environment. Enabling workers in production, manufacturing and logistics to work faster, safer and easier. Thus increasing efficiency and quality levels at the same time. ProGlove is delivering a new level of data and information for manufacturing line and logistics management.
Sendrato designs and develops wireless wearable technology to build the Internet Of Things. Its products enable improved insights in behavior of people attending large events, while making life easy for individual visitors.
At Sensoria, we are driven by the vision that The Garment is the Computer®.  We realize this vision by making meaningful impact through technology used in natural, intuitive ways.  Sensoria is introducing smart Fitness Socks to runners that help adjust running form, improve performance, and reduce the risk of injuries.The Sensoria technology accurately monitors data including cadence and foot landing technique. For the first time, runners gain actionable real-time feedback not only on how fast and how far, but also on how well they run.
Soitec is a world leader in designing and manufacturing high-performance semiconductor materials for mobile, consumer electronics, IoT and automotive markets. Soitec innovative technology is in all smartphones and enables energy efficiency,performance and cost effectiveness for low-power mobile devices. Applications include digital processing, RF (LTE and WIFI), power management, image sensors.
Sony Mobile is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sony Corporation, a leading global innovator of audio, video, game, communications, key device and information technology products for both the consumer and professional markets. With its music, pictures, computer entertainment and online businesses, Sony is uniquely positioned to be the leading electronics and entertainment company in the world.
STMicroelectronics is one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies. Offering one of the industry’s broadest product portfolios, ST serves customers across the spectrum of electronics applications with innovative semiconductor solutions. ST is found everywhere microelectronics make a positive and innovative contribution to people’s life.
StretchSense’s mission is to precisely measure the subtle movements of the human body. We do this with a new type of sensor that can be directly worn or sewn into clothing. When you move, the sensor stretches – enabling new forms of healthcare, coaching, and entertainment.
Tactonics, LLC is the first company to offer the world a revolutionary form of discrete, personal digital communication called Sensory Messaging or “Tacting.”  Sensory Messaging operates on existing cellular or internet network infrastructure and provides mobile phone users the option of voice-less, as well as text-less, communication. Imagine receiving a message from another cellular user that does not have to be read, heard or even seen.
Teardown.com maintains the largest library of device teardown, design win, and BOM costing data across the consumer electronics, mobile device, digital home, and wearable technology markets. With 15 years of experience and over 2,000 devices analyzed our services provide unparalleled access to competitive intelligence, engineering design, discrete integrated circuit insights, and supply chain data.
Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) offers one of the industry’s broadest IC and discrete product lines including high-end memory, microcontrollers, ASICs and ASSPs for automotive, multimedia, industrial, telecoms and networking applications as well as storage products like HDDs, SSDs, SD Cards and USB sticks. Highlighted at booth will be App Lite, Bluetooth Low Energy, e•MMC™ & eMCP, TransferJet™, White LEDs and Wireless Charging.
TÜV SÜD is an international leading technical service. The experts are dedicated partners in their clients’ processes, offering industry expertise throughout the entire value chain. They focus their services on their core competencies of consulting, testing, certification and training. Almost 20,000 employees are committed to optimizing technology, systems and know-how at over 800 locations.
UpRight is a wearable device that attaches to your lower back and trains your posture by gently vibrating when you slouch. In a world where the average person sits for over 8 hours a day, slouched over computers or smartphones, we have created the UpRight mobile application and personalized training programs enabling you to correct your posture within 2-3 weeks!
Wearable Life Science develops a mobile full body Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) suit. The ANTELOPE EMS Suit is a combination of compressive textile, electrodes and stimulation unit. Integration of all components provides maximum mobility and ease of use. ANTELOPE products are suitable for work out, recreation and rehabilitation.
WinMedical brings to the market the most comprehensive, wearable, modular, scalable and easy to use platform to continuously monitor vital signs of the patient in hospital and at home: WINPACK. WinPack keeps patients continuously monitored by the medical staff anytime and anywhere on any device and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical workflows. WinPack is clinically validated on 4,000 patients.