Innovations in Healthcare & Wellness

Overview Innovation World Cup 2014/2015 Finalists & Winners of the current running year, category Healthcare & Wellness.

Winner in this category:

by Feeligreen, France

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Founded two years ago, Feeligreen is set to revolutionize both the pharmaceutical and the cosmetic industry with an electronically controlled medical device designed to actively diffuse drugs through the skin, in an ionized form. Known as active iontophoresis, this administration meth- od uses a direct electrical current to cause ions of a solu- ble substance to move across the surface of the skin and diffuse into the underlying epidermis and dermis.

Measuring about 20x20mm and only a couple of millimeter thin, the compact electronic module driving the iontophoresis seats on top of a flexible printed electronics plaster with the right electrodes in place, doubling as the drug gel carrier. This transdermic drug delivery platform has been proven to speed up drug diffusion by a factor of 4 to 10. One of the targeted medical applications is the prevention of bedsore prevention, and other segments currently under investi- gation cover a large range from controlled pain-relief to wound healing. In the cosmetic world, such technology can be leveraged for more efficient anti-ageing treatments or thinning and firming.

By Bioserenity, France

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Bioserenity’s WEMU is a complete measurement solu- tion for the diagnosis of Epilepsy. WEMU leverages Smart Clothing, innovative sensor technologies and Cloud com- puting to provide a comprehensive set of 35 measurement channels including Electro-Encephalogram, Electro-Car- diogram and Electro-Myogram. The solution includes Dry Sensors, Smart Textiles, a Smart App and a Cloud based diagnosis solution. Targeted to be deployed in Hospitals as a Point of Care medical device, the WEMU is the fruit of the collaboration between BioSerenity and Neurologists.

The development of the WEMU has received the support of 12 European and North American Hospitals. Indeed allowing long term home recording of Epileptic patients could reduce the time to diagnosis from 2 years to a few weeks, while reducing the overall healthcare costs. Bioserenity is a start-up located in Paris’ largest hospital la Pitié-Salpetrière. The company was founded in 2013 and employs 15 people. It is the recipient of the International Innovation Awards, the Connectitude program, the World Wide Innovation Challenge Award and the Innovact Award.

By BitBite, Israel

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BitBite collects & analyzes nutritional data via supported, off-the-shelf Bluetooth headsets.
With BitBite, you eat with awareness: How much? How of ten? How fast? When? Where & What? BitBite helps you chew more, digest better, snack less, and recognize when your stomach is full. BitBite monitors your eating pace, quantity, frequency and location. BitBite enhances eating awareness; giving you better control of your diet.
The results:

  • Lose weight
  • Eat healthier with minimal compliance
  • Monitor eating habits

by UpRight, Switzerland

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UpRight is a discreet wearable device that tracks pos- ture in a simple and intuitive way through the magic of accurate real-time feedback. UpRight uses cutting edge technology to detect when you are slouched and gently vibrates reminding you to correct your posture. UpRight is intended to be used alongside a personalized training program that can be accessed on your smartphones with the UpRight mobile app. The app will guide you through the correct and effective usage of UpRight, celebrating your achievements, and motivating you to stay UpRight.

By WinPack, Italy

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Winmedical S.r.l. is a medical device company dedicated to the development, marketing and commercialization of an innovative, patented, modular and wearable continuous vital signs monitoring system for patients in low-acuity hospital care units and at home – WinPack. Winmedical’s mission is to create world class wireless medical systems based on cutting-edge technologies for the wellbeing of the humankind. Winmedical has brought to the market WinPack, the modular medical device platform for con- tinuous vital signs wireless monitoring of patients in hos- pital and at home – [email protected] and [email protected]

WinPack connects clinicians, nurses and patients, im- proves care and safety of patients, streamlines workflows, reduces the risk of liability for medical staff, and drives cost efficiency in hospitals. At the heart of WinPack are the commitment to quality of care and innovation. Com- fortable wearability and wireless technology of WinPack improve patient safety and wellbeing, while its modularity allows endless opportunities to continuously expand and innovate its platform.