Innovations in Sports & Fitness

Overview Innovation World Cup 2014/2015 Finalists & Winners of the current running year, category Sports & Fitness.

Winner in this category:

by StretchSense Ltd., New Zealand



Athletes need sensors that can disappear into garments while providing accurate measurements of motion. StretchSense fabric sensors are the perfect field-ready solution for naturally measuring sports movements.
The sensors are lightweight, heavy duty, and connected to a Bluetooth circuit. When an athlete moves, the sensor  stretches and an Android app displays real-time motion feedback. StretchSense also offers an exciting range of integration options.

The fabric sensors can easily be sewn, glued or clipped into clothing. Fabric also allows for a wide range of fin- ishing options including different materials, colors and prints. These features make fabric sensors an attractive technology in the wearables industry. The sensing kit comes with a fabric sensor, a BTLE transmission circuit, a battery and charger, and a free StretchSense Android data capture app.

By Heddoko, Canada

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HeddokoHeddoko™ provides a solution composed of smart com- pression shirts and compression pants that track the movement of the body joints using textile embedded sen- sors. It is designed for amateur and professional athletes and will serve them as a virtual coach.

The smart garments will teach the athletes how to im- prove their techniques and avoid injury by capturing the full body movements, modeling it in 3D on their smart devices and giving them live coaching feedback. The full solution consists of the combination of the intelligent gar- ments, a mobile application, a backend system, and a web portal to the full suite of analytical tools. The company was incorporated in June 2013, counting 17 team mem- bers including the co-founders. The current development stage is designing for manufacturing.

By MioGlobal, Canada

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MioMio FUSE is a sleek all-in-one performance wristband that combines Mio’s patented optical heart rate moni- toring technology with the features of a sports watch and activity tracker. The wristband tracks distance, steps, calories, and goal progress throughout the day, as well as heart rate and pace during workouts. FUSE provides athletes with a more comprehensive look at exertion, re- covery, and overall fitness than any other product on the market.

Notch Wearable Motion Capture
by Notch Interfaces Inc, USA

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Notch is a wearable motion capture interface. Notch ap- plications or “Powered by Notch” products provide any- one with a smartphone to benefits of 3D motion tracking. User places Notch modules on designated locations on their body, modules form wireless sensor network that streams data to smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy. Notch system scales from 2 to 8 modules and enables reconstruction of 3D models of tracked limbs. Notch librar- ies add data interpretation based on user’s biomechanics. Motion tracking and biomechanics features are acces- sible via Notch SDK and can be used by developers and product partners to offer highly focused, activity-specific motion tracking solutions.

By Sentrix Technology Ltd., China

my volt


MYOVOLT™ is a new wearable electronic technology for the sports performance and sports therapy market. MYOVOLT™ is an innovative way to apply vibration energy directly to muscle, soft tissue and joints providing a wide range of physiological benefits. It has been developed by leading experts who have a proven track record in deliv- ering wearable electronics tech to some of the world’s best Olympic athletes. Medical research shows that in- creased sports performance and therapeutic benefits can be gained from applied and whole body vibration.

MYOVOLT™ uses a frequency range known to give an in- crease in muscle power and circulation but is unique in delivering the vibration energy directly to target muscles and joints via an innovative wearable format that molds around the body. MYOVOLT™ is applied using alignment straps, similar to sports braces, which fix the module’s location but allow the wearer to move around freely whilst treatment is in progress.