Innovations in Safety & Security

Overview Innovation World Cup 2014/2015 Finalists & Winners of the current running year, category Safety & Security

Winner in this category:

Tech Air Street
by Alpinestars Inc., Italy

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Alpinestars’ Tech-Air™ is the world’s most technologically advanced electronic airbag system for motorcycle riders and the first fully self-contained active protection tech- nology to function completely independently of the mo- torcycle. With a highly advanced electronically controlled pyrotechnic inflation system, the full torso covering air- bag vest is deployed in 25 milliseconds and is compatible with a range of outer jackets to offer the highest levels of protection and versatility, combined with true conve- nience and usability.
Its unrivalled protective capabilities are the result of years of R&D, hundreds of thousands of miles of road testing and a multitude of full-scale crash tests.  Tech-Air™ offers critical rider protection on open roads, busy streets and even off-road adventure terrain whatever type of bike is being ridden. Alpinestars is the leading international motorsports apparel manufacturing company. Established in 1963, it remains the leading developer of performance protection for motorcycling, motor racing and mountain biking

Baseband Technologies
By Baseband Technology Inc. Canada

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BasebandA McKinsey & Co. study once showed that a product six months late to market misses out on one-third of all its potential profit over the product’s lifetime. With the wear- able market projected to grow 2,000% faster than smart phones and with GPS being one of the most requested features, there are significant opportunities for those who can implement GPS without impacting the battery life or battery size. Our patent-pending, battery-friendly, software-based, always-on solution has been 7 years in the making and is available today. It uses hundreds of times less power than the traditional GPS chipset solutions and has near-zero impact on the battery life – one of the most important features the market wants.

Oncall Body Camaras
By FireCam, USA

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Oncall® Live Video System enables police and firefighters to stream live video, audio, and their GPS location from Oncall® WiFi enabled cameras by tethering the cam- eras to a smartphone that has the Oncall® Live Video app installed. The video is streamed to viewers, such as command and dispatchers in real-time using the smart- phone’s 3G or 4G connection.
This patent pending technology is optimized for streaming over mobile networks and delivers the most reliable, low
latency, high quality streaming possible, while keeping the cost of data low which is just over a dollar a day making it very affordable for emergency services. Departments can securely access the live video streams and GPS location of personnel and multiple viewers can watch in real-time from PC, iPhone /iPad, and Android devices. Oncall® cam- eras give the advantage of “knowing” rather than “guess- ing” what’s happening live on the scene.

by First-Mile UG, Germany

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ProgloveProGlove offers enhanced capabilities to its user by add- ing technology in form of a tool that is already used by the majority of workers – the glove. As a combination of a core computing unit that is designed as a wristband and a glove that includes an RFID antenna as well as low cost circuits, the ProGlove enables workers to work faster, safer, and opens up new level of business intelligence for production management.
The four Munich (Germany) based founders are former IDEO and BMW employees. They combine Human Cen- tered Innovation with production knowledge. ProGlove will be available for pilot implementation in Q2 2015.

By Ulocs, Sweden

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Ispopod is a belt, originally for men but we consider one for women as well. The belt in itself is a highly technical carrier of sensors and a sensor hub plus a full communication platform over GSM, BT, Wifi and Dash7. The sensors in the belt is based on an Ulocs platform, Ispopod is separately branded from Ulocs and it contains 4 Bosch BMI160 acc/gyro chips plus a pressure sensor to add vertical height measurement. The output is a complete registration of the person that wears the belt and provide the markets most advanced security checks. The security checks include fall detection, force attack, strangulation, nausea, drug abuse or other physical illness symptoms based on the pattern recognition of body movements.

The sensors pick up the movements from the body and can exclude movements created by various vehicles. The de- rived data is compressed and analyzed in the hub. If the result show any of the identified reactors then a com- pressed message is sent over radio to the designated receiver, being a wireless access point, a smartphone, over the cloud or a standalone receiver within 1.5 km from the belt/wearer using Dash7. The platform is design to send the message until signaled as received by an accepted counterpart. An SaaS is set to control the flow of informa- tion and secure the data.