DarioHealth to Integrate Dexcom CGM Data

Partnership with Dexcom to integrate the CGM into DarioHealth’s multi-chronic condition platform.

Image credit: Dexcom

DarioHealth, a leader in the global digital therapeutics (DTx) market, announced an agreement with Dexcom, the global leader in real-time continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology, to integrate its market-leading CGMs, into Dario's multi-chronic condition platform.

Dexcom CGM uses a small, wearable sensor to continuously measure and send glucose levels to a receiver or smart device, enabling people with diabetes to make real-time decisions about their health. This agreement enables the integration of data from Dexcom CGMs directly into Dario's metabolic solution, making it easy for people using the wearable device to benefit from Dario's highly personalized support. Dario's integrated digital health solution provides highly personalized support for people living with chronic conditions by using clinical, engagement and behavioral data to adapt each user's experience over time. Data from glucose monitoring devices such as Dario's proprietary smart meter and now Dexcom CGMs enable highly personalized journeys that guide users to the most effective and engaging path to better health, according to a press release.

"Nearly two million people use a continuous glucose monitor today, and the ability to capture that data in Dario's platform expands our ability to deliver a dynamic, highly relevant experience to more people living with diabetes. It's an exciting development that will ultimately benefit every Dario member as the CGM data enriches our overall data ecosystem," said Rick Anderson, President of Dario.

The integration with Dexcom builds on the collaboration between Dario and Sanofi US which aims to establish an ecosystem of dedicated technology partners and industry-leading digital therapeutics solutions.

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"We're proud of our ongoing collaboration with Sanofi US which is helping Dario to establish new innovations to meet the needs of our customers and members as demonstrated by this Dexcom integration," continued Mr. Anderson.

About DarioHealth

DarioHealth Corp. is a leading digital therapeutics(DTx) company revolutionizing how people with chronic conditions manage their health through a user-centric multi-chronic condition platform. The platform and suite of solutions deliver personalized and dynamic interventions driven by data analytics and one-on-one coaching for diabetes, hypertension, weight management, musculoskeletal pain, and behavioral health.

The user-centric platform offers people continuous and customized care for health, disrupting the traditional episodic approach to healthcare. This approach empowers people to holistically adapt their lifestyles for sustainable behavior change, driving exceptional user satisfaction, retention, and results. Dario provides its high user-rated solutions globally to health plans and other payors, self-insured employers, providers of care, and directly to consumers.

Sam Draper
February 13, 2023

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