Wearable Technologies is a pioneer and world leading innovation and business development platform for connected technologies worn close to the body, on the body and even in the body. Since 2006 we have been fully part of the Digital Transformation through connecting and supporting companies with their Digital Agenda with our 360-degree expertise.


We see the power of interdisciplinary networks and are continuously striving to make our daily environments healthier, safer, more flexible, more efficient, more individual and simpler. Here Wearable Technologies and IoT mission to reduce complexity with vertical and horizontal end-to-end integration.


It´s yet foreseeable what Wearable Technologies are capable of and that they will change the way we live and work. IoT and Automation, we believe, are next important steps focusing on the more relevant things in life!

Since 2006 WT Events and Innovation World Cups have been the backbone of our work and we continuously develope and extend our global event platform striving to push digital innovation throughout the whole ecosystem of Wearable Technologies. This dialogue between events and consulting services is a perfect match providing a coherent result for our customers. Additionally, agile and hybrid project organisations guarantee valuable project outcomes. Get support or be part!

Research & Innovation

Sound, user centered research today is the basis of every successful development and application. Therefore, we provide individualized scouting, analysis and reporting at various development stages, from white paper to going to market strategies and clearly follow a two-fold approach bringing together technology-push and market-pull strategies. Check out, how we get the best of both worlds.

System Integration & Application

Integrating and apply new technology needs individualized analysis and set-ups to generate the best possible and effective outcomes. What always counts is the end user so while integrating system we clearly focus on user friendliness, simple designs as key variables. See how we Keep It Simple Stupid.


The Digitalization already has and will have fundamentally new frameworks and provide new opportunities to which companies of every size have to adjust their strategic orientation.


Christian Stammel, CEO

Christian is founder and CEO of WT Wearable Technologies Group and Navispace AG. Born in 1969, he successfully enables innovation and cooperation in the Internet of Things and wearables sector. Christian had already founded his first IT company during his university years, which went public in 2000. He is one of the digital pioneers with a track record of over 20 years in IoT and has created some world´s firsts including an ECG shirt in 2002. He advises some of the biggest tech companies and organizes with his teams important networking platforms in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

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Assistant to CEO

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