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3M adhesive 4075

3M Introduces New Extended Wear Transfer Adhesive for Medical Wearables

Sticking a wearable device to skin can be very tricky. That’s why it’s very important to have a good adhesive to hold the device together or adhere the device to the wearer’s skin. 3M just announced it has added 3M™ Extended Wear Medical Transfer Adhesive, 4075 to its lineup of advanced adhesives for medical devices. […]
DowDuPont Soft skin adhesive

DowDuPont Launches New Soft Skin Adhesive for Wearable Medical Devices at MD&M West 2019

DowDuPont Specialty Products Division is introducing a new soft skin adhesive called DOW CORNING™ MG 7-1020, which is especially designed for today’s wearable medical devices. Based on advanced silicone technology, this unique product can be used for an extended period of time while maintaining strong adhesion and causing minimal skin irritation. The new adhesive can […]
3m smart adhesives

3M Exhibited Wearable Smart Medical Adhesives at CES 2019

3M, a leader in the field of adhesives, now offers a variety of products designed for medical applications. The company has been in the medical adhesive business for over 55 years. They offer transparent adhesives, silicone adhesives, smart adhesives and a range of other solutions. Read more Study Assesses Wearable Device Adhesives for Optimal Fixation […]
Study adhesives

Study Assesses Wearable Device Adhesives for Optimal Fixation

With the growing popularity of wearable devices that monitor activity-related information, such as heart rate and caloric burn, wearables are now making inroads into clinical applications, with devices for monitoring blood glucose levels and dispense drug, insulin etc. These devices lessen the patient’s time in medical facilities and reduce healthcare costs. Read more Enabling Tech: […]
Flexcon in wearables market

Flexcon Eyeing Opportunities in the Wearable Device Market

With the help of various wearable devices, from fitness trackers to smart clothing, measuring and monitoring vital health signs has become easy.  Not too long ago, a visit to the doctor’s chamber for heart checkup used to be an event to watch ECG being printed on a paper. But today, a smartwatch offers a range […]
Conformal 3D-Shaped Coatings

Conformal 3D-Shaped Coatings Could Be a Game-Changer in Conductive Ink Business

In conductive ink business, a leading frontier is conformal coating on 3D-shaped objects. A report titled “Conductive Ink Markets 2018-2028: Forecasts, Technologies, Players” explains growing trends of 2 categories of conductive inks: Aerosol-deposited 3D-shaped antennas, and 2. Conformal on-chip EMI shielding. Aerosol deposition Aerosol deposition is controlled digitally and has fewer process steps and a […]