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Big companies in digital health

How Big Tech Companies Are Disrupting the Digital Health Market

In the last five years, big tech companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet have been trying to gain a firm foothold in the digital health market. And there’s a simple explanation for this: the aging baby boomer and the rising cost of healthcare. Read more The State of Wearable Technology in Healthcare: Current and […]
Amazon medical devices

Arcadia’s Choice Brand Consumer-Use Medical Devices Sold Exclusively on Amazon

Arcadia Group, a health brand consultancy, has teamed up with Amazon to sell a new brand of consumer-focused medical devices called Choice brand, which includes app-connected blood pressure cuffs and glucose monitors, exclusively on Amazon’s marketplace. The apps can track a patient’s health data and measurements. Read more North Raises $130 M to Launch its […]
Amazon Walmart patent

Amazon and Walmart Granted Patents for Novel Uses of Biometric Sensing

Walmart and Amazon have both recently been granted patents for novel uses of biometric sensing. Amazon was granted patent for an Alexa feature that would allow the device to analyze people’s voices for signs of illness and recommend treatment and Amazon competitor Walmart received patent for a connected shopping cart handle that can detect the […]
Snapchat Amazon partnership

Snapchat’s New Feature Lets You Take a Photo of an Item to Buy it...

Multimedia messaging app Snapchat is partnering up with Amazon to make it easier for you to buy whatever you come across in real life. Related Drake Uses Snapchat’s Shoppable AR Platform to Push Fans to New Album on Apple Music All you need to do is point your Snapchat camera at a product or barcode, […]
Smart speaker user

More People Will Use Smart Speakers Than Wearables This Year

eMarketer’s new data shows smart speakers are gaining huge popularity. They’re getting so popular that for the first time this year the number of adult smart speaker users will surpass that of wearable tech users. Not since the smartphone has any tech device been embraced as rapidly as the smart speaker, and eMarketer forecasts that […]