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Acesight smartglasses

Augmented Reality Smartglasses Deliver True Visual Independence for People with Severe Vision Loss

Massachusetts-based Zoomax developed a novel device called Acesight, wearable electronic glasses that deliver true visual independence for the millions of people in the USA and worldwide who suffer from severe vision loss. Related AT&T Pairs Up with Aira to Develop Smartglasses and “Hey Chloe” AI Platform for People with Poor Vision An estimated 1.3 billion […]
Stylish smartglasses

These Smartglasses Aren’t Just Smart They’re Also Very Fashionable

The arrival of 5G, followed by advancements in Augmented Reality and the need for a more efficient workforce are driving the popularity of smartglasses. Their popularity is rising so rapidly that some experts believe smartglasses could kill smartphones in the next few years. Companies like Vuzix, Bose, North and even snapchat are offering smartglasses that […]
Wave Optics raises 26 million

WaveOptics Raises $26m in New Funding Round, Sets Eyes on Making Affordable AR Hardware

WaveOptics, a UK-based designer and manufacturer of diffractive waveguide optics for AR displays, has raised $26 million (£20m) from existing shareholders and new investors. The money will be used to continue building a large volume supply chain for the company’s optics. Read more VR optics could help the elderly keep their world in focus This […]
Mind control VR

Controlling Virtual and Augmented Reality with Your Mind

Neurable, a Boston-based startup has developed a software that makes it possible for users to control virtual and augmented reality with their mind. In other words, it’s a “brain mouse” that connects your intentions to a computational device. When you think right, it goes right; when you think left, it goes left. Read more MindMaze […]
Unity ar ads

Unity Now Serves Mobile Augmented Reality Ads

Game engine Unity’s huge mobile ad platform is now serving Augmented Reality (AR) ads. “Whether you’re an agency or game developer looking for new storytelling techniques, or you just want to experiment, Unity offers everything you need to unleash your creative potential,” according to Unity. Related Apple Seeking to Boost Position in Augmented Reality Space, […]
INS vertical farming

Insider Navigation-AR Automation Partnering Up to Bring AR into the Vertical Farming Industry

Insider Navigation (INS), the first company to offer hardware independent Augmented Reality indoor navigation, has partnered up with AR Automation Ltd, a joint venture between Visionaries 777 Ltd and eventa AG bringing Augmented Reality to IoT, to create an innovative control and monitoring solution for the vertical farming industry. The novel solution presented by the […]