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Google Soli blood glucose

Artificial Intelligence and Google’s Radar Technologies to Noninvasively Measure Glucose Levels

Diabetes management may soon become ouchless with a new invention by researchers from the University of Waterloo. The research team have described a proof-of-concept system that uses Google’s Soli, a sensing technology that uses miniature radar to detect touchless gesture interactions, to track accumulation of glucose within a solution. Related Valeritas’ V-Go Shows Enhanced Clinical […]
AI cancer detect

AI Tool Accurately Detects Cancer Type and Genetic Changes in Patient’s Tumor

In a new study published in the journal Nature Medicine, scientists at the NYU School of Medicine trained a Google deep learning algorithm called Inception v3 to distinguish between two of the most common types of lung cancers, adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, with 97% accuracy. Read more Netherlands-Based Haga Teaching Hospital Partners with physIQ […]
Wearables for workers

Wearables with IoT Connected Sensors Helping to Improve Worker Safety

Every 15 seconds, 151 workers have a work-related accident, according to the International Labor Organization. Each year, 317 million workers have non-fatal occupational accidents worldwide. Even more concerning, 321,000 people die each year from workplace accidents. Despite safety regulations and procedures, work-related accidents remain a huge, cross-industry problem. However, there is good news. Advances in […]
Wearables for mental health patients

Wearable Devices and Mobile Apps Exploring Users’ States of Mind to Tackle Anxiety and...

The worldwide epidemic of mental illness is putting great strain on health systems and societies. Prevalence of mental health issues is forcing some researchers to seek alternative ways to treat mental health conditions; they’re turning to technology such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a way to offer help to those suffering […]
LG executives IFA 2018

IFA 2018: LG CEO and CTO’s Keynotes Outline Ambitious Strategy for Artificial Intelligence

In a joint opening keynote at the IFA 2018 in Berlin, LG Electronics CEO Jo Seong-jin and CTO Dr. I.P Park outlined their vision for LG’s ThinQ strategy for Artificial Intelligence. This is the first time the company’s top executives have delivered a keynote address at any major global exhibition. The speech marks a significant […]
Livio AI

Starkey’s New Livio AI Hearing Aid Doubles As a Fitness Tracker

Hearing aid giant Starkey Hearing Technologies, which back in 2014 launched one of the first hearing aids that connect directly to an iPhone, has unveiled Livio AI, an Artificial Intelligence-powered hearing aid that automatically translates foreign languages, and tracks both your physical and mental health. With the new device, Starkey wants to prove that hearing […]