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Even H3

Even H3 Wireless Hands-On Review: AI-Powered Stylish Headphones, but Have Their Quirks

A number of new companies are now making AI enabled headphones that claim to adapt sound quality to fit each individual’s unique hearing using a basic hearing test. Even’s H2 […]
Explainable AI bias

How Explainable Artificial Intelligence Could Lower the Effect of Biased Algorithms

We usually expect computers to be more unbiased than humans. However, over the past several years, we’ve witnessed multiple controversies over Machine Learning-enabled systems producing biased or discriminatory results. In […]
Fantom smartband

AI-Powered Fantom Smartband to Keep Manchester City Fans Connected to the Club

English Pemier League champions Manchester City have launched an artificial intelligence-powered wearable smartband called Fantom in collaboration with Swedish start-up Turnpike Group. Read more U.S. Soccer Signs Over $1.5 Billion […]
LG tone series headphones

LG’s New Wireless Tone Series Earbuds Have Dedicated Google Assistant Button

With IFA 2018, one of the year’s biggest technology trade shows right around the corner, LG has announced two new models of its popular Tone earbuds – the Tone Platinum […]
Aira hey chloe

AT&T Pairs Up with Aira to Develop Smartglasses and “Hey Chloe” AI Platform for...

Aira, a La Jolla, California company, is collaborating with AT&T to develop and test a solution designed to help people who are blind or have low vision to read important […]
ReMix system

ReMix, a New Technology That Relies on “in-body GPS” to Help Diagnose Illnesses

MIT scientists are working on a new technology called ReMix, which relies on sensors that act like an “in-body GPS” instead of endoscopy or surgery to help make diagnoses and […]