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PhysiApp 2.0 Physitrack AI

Physitrack launches two enterprise-focused offerings for new or current customers

Physitrack, a digital physical therapy, telehealth, and patient engagement platform, has launched two new enterprise-focused offerings for new or current customers. PhysiApp 2.0 is the first of these platforms. It […]
Mediatek helio a22

MediaTek Introduces New Helio A series for Entry-level Handsets, Starting With the A22

MediaTek, a global fabless semiconductor company, has announced its Helio A series, expanding its Helio family of feature-packed and power-efficient chipsets with its new Helio A22 system-on-chip (SoC). MediaTek has […]
Borns ai surgery

Borns, AI-Powered Minimally Invasive Surgery Has Huge Prospects in Healthcare

Borns Medical Robotic Inc., an advanced robotic surgery startup company that mainly focuses on AI medicine, has developed new minimally invasive surgical robot with own intellectual property to meet the […]
AI radar technology diabetes

Artificial Intelligence and Radar Technologies to Measure Blood Glucose

Artificial intelligence (AI) and radar technology can help people with diabetes manage their conditions without drawing blood. Researchers at the University of Waterloo in Canada have developed a small non-invasive […]
Artificial intelligence semicon west

Artificial Intelligence: A Key Topic At Semicon West 2018

The upcoming Semicon West conference is filled with sessions and keynotes about artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning. It’s hard to believe how much demanding the topic of AI is […]
Wearables in sports

Study Explains How Wearable Technology Can Be Successfully Integrated Into Sports

A study conducted by International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS) explains ways to accelerate integration of wearable devices into sports. Our CEO Christian Stammel, MBA, of Wearable Technologies is among […]