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Run Free Bio

This Hearable Wants to Make You a Better Runner

Soul Electronics, a Lake Mary, Florida-based global leader in consumer electronics and manufacturing, has developed Run Free Bio – a set of smart sports headphones that wants to help runners become better runners. The headphones include innovative tech that’s capable of delivering the same kind of gait analysis you’d normally have to go to a […]
Strava Summit

Strava Summit: Refreshed Subscription Offering With 3 new Feature Packs

Strava, a software service that tracks cycling, running, and swimming activity via GPS, has launched Summit, which breaks down the company’s Premium subscription service into 3 packs. With Training, Safety and Analysis Packs available as an all-inclusive bundle or à la carte, Summit better serves the specific needs of athletes everywhere as they strive to […]
Canadian athletes computerized pill

Canadian Athletes Will Swallow Computerized Pill to Prepare for the Tokyo Olympic Games in...

The Canadian team participating in the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 is supposed to prepare for the Games, which is expected to be held in sweltering hot weather, by swallowing a small computerized pill that measures deep body temperature during training and competition. French company BodyCap, who was among the speakers at the WT Wearable […]
Nexus for athletes

Nexus Uses Revolutionary Tracking Technology for CrossFit Athletes to Quantify Their Workout

Until now, CrossFit and functional fitness athletes have been repeating the same workout after a given amount of time and measuring if the completion time has decreased or number of reps have increased, as the best way to track their progress. But now, Toronto startup PUSH has come up with a way to eliminate that […]
Solos smart glasses

SOLOS is Now the Official Smart Glasses Partner of IRONMAN

SOLOS, a unit of Kopin Corporation, has been named the official Smart Glasses partner of IRONMAN North America and the IRONMAN World Championship. SOLOS’ new smart glasses will be showcased at the IRONMAN® World Championship and several other events in the U.S. and Canada throughout this year, starting with IRONMAN Lake Placid on July 22. […]
Playr wearable Benjamin Hubert

Benjamin Hubert Designs Wearable Device to Track Performance of Aspiring Football Players

Benjamin Hubert of experience design agency Layer has designed Playr, a smart wearable that enables athletes to track performance, enhance their game, and compete against other players. Designed and developed over a period of 18 months, Playr comprises a smart pod, a high performance vest, and a SmartCoach app. The pod is inserted into the […]