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WA11 headphone amp

Woo Audio’s WA11 Headphone Amp Makes Your Sophisticated Audio Portable

New York City-based Woo Audio has been producing some of the most eye-catching, coolest-looking products available since it was founded in 2004. However, their latest product is somewhat unlike anything they’ve produced so far. While their previous DAC/AMP products used vacuum tube circuitry, making it a signature item for them, their new product, the WA11 […]
Libre MAVID Alexa

Libre MAVID Embedded Wireless Device and Software Now Has Amazon Alexa Built-in

Libre Wireless Technologies, a leading embedded Wireless Voice/AI solutions provider, announced its MAVID super compact, ultra-low power mic-to-cloud platform, now supports Alexa voice assistant. This breakthrough platform incorporates a complete hardware and software solution for embedded voice, IoT, audio and wireless connectivity, and now features integrated AVS. Read more CES 2019: ReSound Launches LiNX Quattro, […]
Bose frames audio

Bose Frames: Smart sunglasses with Superb Audio

Although initially publicized as audio augmented-reality glasses, Bose’s Frames is a pair of sunglasses that sound “surprisingly good,” according to CNet’s David Carnoy, who gave it a 7.9/10. The sunglasses house speakers in its frame and a microphone near each temple, allowing users to play music and take calls. Read more These Smartglasses Block Out […]
Nuheara Ear ID

Self-Assess Your Hearing Threshold with Nuheara’s Ear ID Hearing Personalized System

Nuheara Ear ID Hearing Personalized System Featured in IQbuds BOOST Series Nuheara’s IQbuds™ BOOST features the company’s proprietary hearing personalization system called Ear ID. With this easy-to-use feature you can measure and analyze your hearing thresholds for both ears in less than 10 minutes. The application then generates your personal Ear ID hearing profile, which […]
Bose Frames

Bose Announces Frames – Revolutionary Smartglasses that Combine Sunglasses, Wireless Headphones and Audio Augmented...

Bose announced Frames – a revolutionary smartglasses combining the style of premium sunglasses, performance of wireless headphones, and the world’s first audio augmented reality platform. Frames take micro-acoustics and voice control to an entirely new level, debuting the future of mobile sound in the tiniest, thinnest, most lightweight Bose system ever. With a proprietary open-ear […]
Emmesphere sound necklace

EMMESPHERE: Fashionable Sound Necklace with Built-In Wireless Headphones

Emmesphere, a Hong Kong-based functional jewelry brand, launched its very first wearable collection, the Emmesphere Sound Necklace. Related J’adore Adorn Launches Luxury Swarovski Elements Crystal Earphones for Women The simple but useful headphone is a harmonized amalgam of aesthetics, ergonomics and good sound. By merging together jewelry and accessories with headphone functionality, the EMMESPHERE Sound […]