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Hearables trend

From Your Wrist to Your Ears – Hearables Could Be the Next Big Trend...

Wearables aren’t just something that you wear around your wrist anymore, there’s new trend of wearable devices that are meant for your ears – better known as hearables. Combining conventional hearing aid technology with the consumer audio products, it seems the hearables are about to take a big step forward. Read more Audio Augmented Reality […]
PEEX live music

PEEX – A Revolutionary Live Music Platform That Allows Users to Mix Audio from...

A British start-up has developed a wearable device that is designed to enhance connection between fans and musicians in new ways. The device called PEEX, an app platform, allows users to mix audio from live concerts in real-time, making live music more interactive and personalized. Read more Audio Augmented Reality (AuR) enhances our reality by […]
Even H3

Even H3 Wireless Hands-On Review: AI-Powered Stylish Headphones, but Have Their Quirks

A number of new companies are now making AI enabled headphones that claim to adapt sound quality to fit each individual’s unique hearing using a basic hearing test. Even’s H2 headphones are one such hearable with an “EarPrint”-enabled pair of on-ears that were the predecessor to the company’s new H3 model. EarPrint technology builds a […]
Wraps Wristband Headphones

Wraps Wristband Headphones: So That You Never Lose Your Earbuds Again

We have all lost your earbuds at one time or another. Another problem with these earbuds is that they get tangled up and take some time to untangle. Some folks let their earbuds dangle around their neck to prevent them from tangling – but that’s not that all that attractive. Read more Innovative Swings Hearables […]
AuR helps you

Audio Augmented Reality (AuR) enhances our reality by curating or selectively manipulating what we...

If you’ve seen the movie Minority Report, you’ll remember a scene where Tom Cruise’s character fast-walks through a futuristic retail store, with brands calling out to him, offering him deals based on all the data they have on him. We’re now seeing this happening in real life as store beacons are becoming a reality. But, […]
Jabra Elite Active 65t

Jabra Elite Active 65t: Amazing Fit with Great Sweat-Proof Sound

The Jabra Elite Active 65t are the company’s newest truly wireless earbuds. Released in late May 2018, the new earbuds are a great addition to workouts, delivering high quality sound and sweat resistance. Read more Ittiam Plans to Boost Pacewear Smart Wearables with High Quality Sound What makes the Jabra Elite Active 65t stand out […]