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Octopus-Inspired Biosensor

Scientists Take Inspiration from Octopus to Create Wearable Biosensor that Sticks to Wet and...

Scientists often take inspiration from nature when developing new materials. For example, octopus and mollusks can be excellent specimens of adhesive technology because their technique beats human scientists. Now, a team of scientists from South Korea’s Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST) have developed a new waterproof, wearable biosensor that can stick to […]
Vista Solution 2.0

VitalConnect Introduces Vista Solution 2.0 to Improve Health Outcomes with Real-Time Patient

VitalConnect, a Silicon Valley startup that develops wearable biosensor technology for wireless monitoring, launched Vista Solution 2.01, ushering in the next generation of healthcare where specific health outcomes can be detected through National Early Warning Scores (NEWS) at HIMSS19. NEWS is an internationally recognized standard used for initial assessments of acute illness and for continuous […]
HER-2 detecting biosensor

Low-Cost Biosensor Can Detect HER-2 Breast Cancer Biomarker

Researchers at the Universities of Hartford and Connecticut and funded in part by NIBIB, created an innovative, inexpensive biosensor to detect HER-2, a breast cancer biomarker in the blood, allowing for a far less invasive diagnostic test than the current practice – a needle biopsy. The new technology, which is a combination of microfluidic technology […]
Saliva glucose biosensor

Revolutionary Diabetes Management – Biosensor Accurately Measures Glucose in Saliva

The iQ Group Global, an Australian consortium of life science and financial services companies, developed a biosensor capable of accurately measuring glucose in a person’s saliva. This groundbreaking technology is the world’s first non-invasive, saliva-based glucose test for diabetes management that measures glucose in saliva rather than blood. The saliva-based glucose test is being developed […]
ams Sensing is life

CES 2019: ams ‘Sensing is Life’ Exhibition will Showcase Ground-Breaking Sensor Solutions

ams AG, a global leading manufacturer of advanced sensor solutions, will showcase several industry-first technologies for the mobile devices, computing, consumer electronics and automotive sectors at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2019. Read more Cardiac Insight Partners with VivoSense to Expand the Use of Its Wearable Cardiac Sensors in Clinical Trials […]
Glucose powered implants

Washington University Researchers Use Glucose as Power Source for Medical Implants

Popular health wearables such as smartwatches or implanted medical devices and patches typically require batteries which need to be recharged. Now, researchers at Washington State University have found a method to overcome that obstacle; they’ve developed a unique fuel cell that harvests glucose and turns it into enough electric power to energize a biosensor attached […]