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Loughborough digital guide dog

Loughborough University Student Designs Digital Guide Dog For The Blind

Guide dogs help blind people by leading them to their desired destination. However, only a small proportion of blind people use a guide dog to get around, and for others, it is not even an option due to prohibiting lifestyle reasons – such as allergies, expenses or house size. Anthony Camu, a final year Industrial […]
5G and wearables helping disabled

How 5G and Wearables Are Changing the Lives of People Living with Disabilities

Approximately 1 billion people across the globe are living with some type of disabilities. Emerging technologies like IoT, wearables and 5G could help people with disabilities live independently and contribute more in the workplace, and enhance their quality of life. Read more Comcast Partners with NuEyes to Help Customers with Visual Disabilities Watch TV Maptic […]
Toyota VR football

Toyota’s Virtual Reality Simulation Lets You Experience What It’s Like to Play Football with...

The Swedish division of automaker Toyota in collaboration with Swedish Paralympic committee has developed a virtual reality simulation that can reproduce how people with different visual impairments perceive the world around them. The aim of the VR-experience is to spread knowledge about visual impairments, and spark engagement for para-sports. In this first of its kind […]
BuzzClip for the blind

Wearable Device Uses Ultrasound to Detect Obstacles for Blind People

Orientation and Mobility is difficult for people who are blind or has partial sight. The major problem with these people is detecting obstacles above the waist, particularly at head level. This problem is further exacerbated in developing countries due to a lack of accessible infrastructure and a lack of social assistance. To address these issues, […]
Blind peoples wearable

These New Generation of Wearables are Empowering Blind and the Visually Impaired

While wearable tech has been more of a novelty for most part, new types of wearable technology are changing people’s lives on a daily basis. From making amputees feel the sensation of touch on their prostheses to enabling paralyzed people to walk, wearable tech is making a big impact on our lives. Wearable device makers […]
Dot braille smartwatch

The Dot Braille Smartwatch Lets the Visually Impaired People See the World from a...

Loaded with features like heart rate monitor, step count and sleep tracker, smartwatches are becoming a part of our daily life, but still most of them are basically useless for the visually impaired. Usually, visually impaired people, who can afford a smartphone, rely on voice technology, but that’s for those who aren’t braille educated. What […]