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Medical Ledger EHR

New Startup Medical Ledger Offers Health Data Privacy with Blockchain-Powered EHR

EHR, or Electronic Health Record is crucial for digitized healthcare system. EHR can both improve patient care and increase efficiency in healthcare. However, many...
Sidera DWD

Sidera Blockchain Technologies Launches World’s first Wearable Decentralized Device

Sidera Blockchain Technologies has developed BitSmart, an ERC 20 wallet integrated smartwatch with amazing features. It is the first Decentralized Wearable Device (DWD) in...
Walmart blockchain

Walmart Wins Patent for Blockchain-Based Medical Records System

U.S. retail giant Walmart announced that it has been awarded patent for a system that will store customers’ vital health information on a healthcare...
Loomia smart fabric

These Smart Clothes Sell Your Data and Make You Earn Money

LOOMIA, a Brooklyn, NY-based smart-textile startup has developed a material that, when connected to sensors, can heat up and emit light. Loomia envisions that your...
Walmart blockchain patient record

Walmart Files Patent for Blockchain-based System for Accessing Medical Records

According to a recent document, Walmart is seeking to protect a method that allows a patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) to be obtained from...

HTC Reportedly Working on a Blockchain-Powered Android Smartphone

Smartphone revolution may have stumbled to a stop in recent years, but Taiwanese firm HTC has come up with a plan to revive the...