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Validic high frequency data

Validic’s High Frequency Data Support Will Enable Wearables to Deliver Minute-to-Minute Readings

Validic, a provider of solutions for personal health data, announced the support of high-frequency data, enabling organizations to receive standardized activity, heart rate and blood glucose data at a rate up to one reading per minute. The availability of these data for use in healthcare and wellness programs indicates an important shift toward more real-time, […]
Apple Glucose monitoring sensor

Apple’s New Patents Hint at Watch that Detects Smell to Monitor Glucose

According to patents filed at the US Patent and Trademark Office, Apple might be working on smell sensors for a variety of uses within healthcare. One such patent points to a sensor that could monitor blood sugar levels by analyzing sweat particles in the air. The two sensors could also be used to detect pollution […]
Know labs bio RFID

Know Labs Bio-RFID Platform Detects Blood Alcohol Levels

Know Labs, Seattle-based company that provides diagnostic solutions, developed a small device that uses artificial intelligence to identify blood alcohol levels non-invasively. The Bio-RFID™ platform technology is more accurate than the conventional devices that monitor blood alcohol levels, according to the company. The device can also detect blood glucose. Read more UT-Dallas Researchers Develop Wearable […]
3D bioprinted proximal tubule

Researchers Develop 3D Bioprinted, Proximal Tubule Model that Mimics Functionality of Real Kidneys

Our kidneys are continuously cleaning our blood to prevent waste, salt and excess fluid from building up inside our bodies. This process is performed by glomeruli, which are an array of capillaries at the end of kidney tubules. But other parts of the kidneys, the proximal tubules, are responsible for reabsorbing the “good” molecules and […]
3 D printed glucose biosensor

Researchers Create 3-D Printed Glucose Biosensor for Wearable Monitors

Managing diabetes can be a troublesome process. For people living with diabetes, the traditional method of monitoring glucose involves finger pricking. Continuous glucose monitoring systems are an alternative, but they are expensive. Scientists have used screen printing, photolithography, and other traditional manufacturing practices to develop flexible, wearable devices that conform to patients’ skin. These devices […]
MIT non invasive glucose test

Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Test as Effective as Finger Prick Test: Study

For diabetics, managing their blood glucose is crucial in order to prevent diabetes-related complications such as heart attacks, blindness and coma. However, managing diabetes can be a tough work. Current methods for checking blood glucose requires needles or a finger prick. Now, researchers from the University of Missouri School of Medicine and the Massachusetts Institute […]