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Abbott freestyle libre 2

Abbott Secures CE Mark for Freestyle Libre 2 with Optional Real-Time Alarms

About 60 million people with diabetes in the European Region now have the choice to be alerted in real-time of hypoglycemia (low glucose levels1) or hyperglycemia (high glucose levels1) through […]

EyeControl – A Wearable Device that Gives Patients with Locked-In Syndrome the Ability to...

EyeControl is simply a wearable personal communication device that gives voice to the patients with locked-in syndrome. Israeli healthtech company EyeFree Assisting Technology created the device, which consists of a […]
RHA CL2 Planar

RHA Announces World’s First In-Ear Bluetooth Planar Magnetic Earphones

When someone mentions planar magnetic headphones, we picture headphones that are large over-ear models such as the Blue Ella or Audeze Sine. But now, RHA, a Scottish headphone company, has […]
FITT360 camera

FITT360: A Wearable Camcorder that Records 360-degree video from your point of view

Imagine a camera that could take 360-degree photos and videos without holding it in your hand. A new camera called FITT360 will do just that, and all you have to […]
Totwoo love bloom

Chinese Company Totwoo Unveils Love Bloom Smart Necklace in the U.S. Market

In this age of smart devices, along with smartwatches and smart clothes, jewelries are becoming smart as well. The small decorative items that once adorned your body to reflect style […]
Apple blood pressure monitoring cuff

Apple Files Patent Application for Blood Pressure Monitoring Cuff

Apple has filed a patent application for a blood pressure monitoring cuff, according to the US Patent & Trademark Office which published a new patent application from Apple. The device […]