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Flexible health monitor

Soft Wearable Health Monitor Continuously Measures ECG, Breathing, Heart Rate

Continuous, long-term monitoring of health is important for treatment process; it provides doctors with subtle information about the patient’s health. However, children, elderly, and people with various conditions often have difficulty wearing body-worn sensors. Scientists at Georgia Tech have developed a wireless wearable device that can be worn on the body for long-term to measure […]
Nanit Breathing Wear

Nanit Releases New Baby Clothing that Monitors Infants’ Breathing

It’s important to monitor newborn’s breathing. The CDC reported 3,600 sudden unexpected infant deaths in 2017. It’s helpful to learn about newborn breathing to keep you informed and take the best care of your little one. There are several types of baby monitors currently available in the market. But most of these have sensors or […]
Zinc iBreve stress managing wearable

Zinc, iBreve Collaborate to Develop Wearable Stress Management Device

Zinc, a consulting firm has collaborated with iBreve, a company that develops self-care solutions, to design a wearable system for tracking and improving breathing patterns. Both companies are former contributors of the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference Series and iBreve was an Innovation World Cup® finalist in 2018. Do not hesitate to join in the […]
Quantum Cardio-Respiratory Monitor

RAM Group Introduces Quantum Cardio-Respiratory Monitor for Full-Body Diagnostics

RAM Group, a Singapore based multi-national Technology Startup Company, announced its Quantum Cardio-Respiratory Monitor (qCRM™), the first-of-its-kind integrated single-point, non-invasive, bio-electro-mechanical sensor with the potential to provide full-body diagnostics and analysis. Read more WhaleTeq Introduces Multifunction Tester Capable of Conducting ECG/EKG Performance and Heart Rate Tests In a feasibility study, the company conducted in collaboration […]
AireSone baby monitor

AireSone Junior: Wearable Baby Monitor Gives You Peace of Mind

Wearable respiratory device AireSone Junior recently launched its Kickstarter. Developed by AEvice Health, the device is designed to help parents of asthmatic children monitor their child’s vitals and sleep quality remotely and receive regular updates to their smartphones. Related Wearable Baby Monitors May Get Vital Signs Wrong AireSone, intended for children aged 3 and above, […]
Raybaby baby monitor

Raybaby – World’s only AI-Powered Non-Contact Health & sleep Monitor for Babies

Raybaby is a baby monitor that tracks respiration and sleep pattern of your baby. This incredibly intelligent and reliable baby sleep and breathing monitor uses radar technology and artificial intelligence. Raybaby alerts you when the baby has a higher respiratory rate which is associated with fever and other conditions. It also comes equipped with integrated […]