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Samsung ISOCELL GN1 50 Megapixel Camera

Samsung Launches ISOCELL GN1 50-Megapixel Camera Sensor With Faster Autofocus

Samsung announced a new 50-megapixel camera sensor called the ISOCELL GN1. The ISOCELL GN1 is Samsung’s first image sensor to offer both Dual Pixel...
UHWK camera

UHWK: Wearable Sports Camera System Made by Athletes, for Athletes

UHWK (pronounced: U hawk) is the first-of-its-kind contoured camera built for athletes. The ultra-light, low-profile and universally wearable sports camera can be used while...
FITT360 camera

FITT360: A Wearable Camcorder that Records 360-degree video from your point of view

Imagine a camera that could take 360-degree photos and videos without holding it in your hand. A new camera called FITT360 will do just...