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Pentagon bans GPS

Pentagon Tells Soldiers to Leave Wearable Trackers at Home When Heading to Warzones

The U.S. Department of Defense has issued an order preventing soldiers from using wearable devices, following a discovery in January that soldiers’ confidential locations were revealed by a fitness heat map. The new restriction means that military personnel in “operational areas” such as warzones or overseas US bases cannot use wearable trackers or smartphone apps, […]
Rockwell Collins fastak

Rockwell Collins Unveils FasTAK Tactical Combat Targeting

Rockwell Collins has launched a new tactical combat targeting system and secure communications gateway, called FasTAK. The company hopes the system can be successfully used in today’s digital battlefield. Rockwell is demonstrating the solution for the first time at the Canadian Association of Defense and Security Industries’ CANSEC trade show May 30-31. “FasTAK simplifies a […]