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Sensor monitors stress

This Wearable Sensor Monitors Stress by Detecting Cortisol Level

Mental stress is difficult to measure. A hormone called cortisol, a steroid hormone, are closely linked to changes. There are blood tests available to measure cortisol, but a blood test can raise a person’s stress level itself and it can’t be done frequently, nor without a medical professional. Read more Sweat Sensors to Predict Behavioral […]
Stress Sweat sensor

This Wearable Patch Detects Stress Hormone in Sweat

Stress affects us in numerous ways. Affecting blood pressure and metabolism to immune response and memory, stress can lead to the development of chronic diseases. Researchers are focusing on sweat as a way to detect stress levels. However, wearables that use sweat to detect stress normally track heart rate, temperature, and perspiration levels as markers […]

This Wearable Can Measure Your Stress Through Stress Hormones in Your Sweat

Traditional wearable devices rely on your pulse and heart rate to measure your fitness level. But, Stanford scientists are taking a different approach to measure fitness; they’re taking a closer look at sweat. Related UT-Dallas Researchers Develop Wearable Sensor That Monitors Sweat for Alcohol And Glucose Levels Cortisol, better known as the stress hormone, is […]
Patch measures cortisol

Stanford Researchers Develop Wearable That Measures Stress Through Sweat

A team of researchers from Stanford University has developed a wearable patch that can measure a person’s cortisol levels from their sweat. Cortisol is a hormone that increases in response to stress. This important biomarker can measure everything from stress to immune function. Read more This Wearable Device Wants You to Sweat So that It […]