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Don’t Let Injuries Take You Downhill, Be Safe and Have Fun with These Skiing...

Winter is here, and for the ski lovers it’s time to hit the slopes. However, as the popularity of these winter sports continue to rise, the number of skier injuries also continues to rise. Various firms are offering innovative wearables to help you enhance performance, prevent injury and have fun this winter. Here are few […]
D air ski airbag

This Wearable Airbag Can Protect Olympic Skiers in High-Speed Crashes

Downhill skiing is a dangerous sport. Even the most experienced skiers may get involved in a catastrophic crash. Luckily, there’s a way to protect against such accidents, thanks to the new D-air system by Dainese. The system is based on an existing airbag system Dainese developed for motorcycle racing. In 2012, the Italian company was […]