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Koneska data on clinical trials

Koneksa Publishes Data Assessing Wearable Devices for Clinical Trial Participants

Koneksa Health, a New York-based healthcare company focused on making clinical trials safer for its participants, just published a peer-reviewed manuscript showing the benefits of wearable devices for monitoring clinical-trial participants for physiological changes and assessing their responses to the medicine. Read more Oracle mHealth Platform is Revolutionizing Clinical Trials with Remote Monitoring Devices The […]
Kaasa Data Collector 2.0

Kaasa Releases Data Collector 2.0, an iOS App to Help Record and Manage Movesense...

Kaasa solution, a Movesense development partner from Germany, is publishing Data Collector 2.0 for recording Movesense raw data. Data Collector 2.0 is a powerful iOS solution that not only records Movesense data but also manages data collecting in projects where data is collected in several locations and multiple people. Read more Movesense Motion Sensors Helping […]
Oracle Java Card

Oracle Unveils Java Card 3.1 to Boost Security for Applications Running on Smart Cards...

Oracle has announced the latest version of its Java Card, used for securing internet of things (IoT) devices such as smartwatches and other hardware that process large amounts of sensitive information. Read more How Secured is Blockchain for Healthcare Data Security? This extensive update provides more flexibility to help meet the unique hardware and security […]
Cypress F RAM nonvolatile

Ultra-Low Power Cypress F-RAM Provides Nonvolatile and Reliable Data-Logging Memory for the IoT

With the growing popularity of wearable devices an increasing amount of user data and sensor data are being generated. The newest portable medical, wearable, and IoT devices need nonvolatile memories to log on these data continuously and at the lowest power consumption to maximize battery life. Excelon LP enables this with instant write capabilities, unlimited […]