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E Ink Spectra 3100 Plus

E Ink Launches Spectra 3100 Plus Five-Color ePaper

E Ink, a global leader in digital paper technology, today announced the launch of E Ink Spectra 3100 Plus five-color ePaper. Spectra 3100 Plus...
Flexible Color E Ink Displays for Wearables

Flexible Color E Ink Displays for Wearables Could Soon Become a Reality

Flexible displays have been discussed for years, but product designers couldn’t bring them to the market due to limitations in TFT manufacturing on non-glass...
Ossia E Peas E Ink Electronic paper display

Ossia, E-PEAS, and E Ink Partnership Develops Wirelessly Powered Electronic Paper Displays

Bellevue, Washington-based technology company Ossia, semiconductor company E-peas and electronic ink technology innovator E Ink Holdings have successfully developed the first-of-its-kind wirelessly-powered Electronic Paper...
e-paper report

E Ink Needs to Invest in R&D to Retain Dominance

A new report by Research And Markets suggests E Ink should invest in R&D to retain market dominance. The report detailed separate comprehensive analytics...