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Zive Receives CE Clearance

Zive Receives CE Clearance For Its Wearable ECG Recorder

Lithuania based smart medical company Zive received medical CE clearance for its ECG recorder. World Health Organization (WHO) statistics show that cardiovascular diseases are on the rise. Many people suffering from cardiac arrhythmia are unable to find a solution. Existing Holter monitors are expensive, complex and uncomfortable to use, reports MedGadget. Zive ECG provides long-term […]
Apple Watch ECG

Why the ECG in the New Apple Watch May Not Be So Great After...

Apple’s heart-rate monitor is meant to give people warnings if their heart rate goes too high or low and let them take a readout of their heart’s electrical activity. While it’s being billed as a big improvement, critics say it will lead to large number of people getting wrong reports on their heart. Read more […]
Maxim HSP 2.0

Maxim Develops New Wrist Worn Platform For Developers to Create Highly Accurate Health Wearables

Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. has created a wrist worn platform Health Sensor Platform 2.0 (HSP 2.0) for designers to develop unique and highly accurate wearable devices that continuously monitors various health parameters. Also known as MAXREFDES101, this next-gen rapid prototyping, evaluation and development platform has the ability to monitor electrocardiogram (ECG), heart rate and body […]
Lifesignals ecg

LifeSignals Gets FDA Clearance For Its Wireless LP1100 Life Signal Patch

LifeSignals, a company that provides solutions for businesses improving health and wellbeing, announced that it received FDA clearance for its wireless LP1100 Life Signal Patch for enabling the next generation of wearable, healthcare monitoring devices. The patch is built on two solid technology foundations to provide unrivalled characteristics achieved by any other ECG patch product […]
Maxim ecg monitor

Maxim Enables a Healthier World with Health Band and ECG Monitor

Due to the complexity involved in designing good optical solutions and motion-compensated algorithms, many designers find it very difficult to develop good optical heart-rate solutions for health and fitness wearables. Customer expectations, accuracy, and longer battery life must also be considered while designing these devices. With that in mind, Maxim has developed MAX-HEALTH-BAND and MAX-ECG-MONITOR […]
Wearable ecg monitoring

Wearable ECG Monitoring Patch Can Detect Atrial Fibrillation Earlier and More Efficiently, Says Study

A wearable ECG monitoring patch can identify people with asymptomatic atrial fibrillation (AFib) earlier and more efficiently than regular care, according to a research published in Jama. Researchers from The Scripps Research Institute used an ECG screening wearable called iRhythm Zio patch to monitor patients with a risk for the condition. Researchers found that patients […]