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First responder wearables

How Wearables and IoT Can Help First Responders During an Emergency

Sensors are making practical uses of IoT a reality. Smart sensors are already telling doctors about a patient’s health condition or informing an athlete that he should slow down because of his abnormal heart rate. The same technology could be used for emergency management system. Smart roads with embedded sensors could tell the first responders […]
VitalTag Wearable

VitalTag Wearable Health Monitor Wirelessly Sends Patient’s Vital Signs Data

A first responder’s job is strenuous enough, but when mass casualty incidents such as shootings, multiple car pili ups and earthquakes occur, first responders can easily be overwhelmed by the sheer number of victims. Monitoring all the victims in a situation like this can be very difficult. Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific […]
Lone Worker SOS Button

Wearable SOS Button to Reduce Lone Worker Hazards

Lone workers work by themselves without close or direct supervision. There are many hazards of lone working. Working alone carries increased risk because any dangers faced are encountered alone. For example, if a lone worker becomes ill or have an accident, there is no one to help them. Additionally, a lone worker is more prone […]
Samsung CAD solution

Samsung Delivers First Computer Aided Dispatch Solution with Galaxy Smartwatches

Samsung Electronics America partnered up with the leading public safety solution providers Northrop Grumman, CentralSquare Technologies, Caliber Public Safety and Tyler Technologies, to extend the reach of Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) with Samsung Galaxy smartwatches. Outfitted with the custom IP68/MIL-STD Galaxy smartwatches, a broader range of responders – such as those on bicycles and horseback […]
Apple Watch 4 fall detection

Apple Watch 4 Fall Detection Turned Off by Default, Here’s How to Turn it...

Apple Watch Series 4 sales kicked off last week, after a flurry of reviews and a week of preorders. The tech giant made a massive upgrade for its new Watch both in design and features. Among the new features are ECG and Fall Detection. The Fall Detection feature uses the new next-gen gyroscope and accelerometer […]
CommandWear wearable technology

CommandWear Wearable Technology Helps Save Lives While Also Keeping First Responders Safe

CommandWear, a Vancouver-based company develops mobile apps and software for wearable technology to keep first responders safer on the job. The company’s web, wearable and mobile apps deal with vital needs of first responders around the world. Public safety and technology veteran Mike Morrow is the founder and CEO of the company launched in 2013. […]