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7 Energy harvesting methods

7 Innovative Methods of Harvesting Energy to Power Wearable Devices

Wearable devices come in all shapes and forms. From monitoring your heart rate and step count to measuring blood pressure and detecting fall, these...
Stretchable coils

Researchers Develop Stretchable Thermoelectric Coils for Energy Harvesting in Flexible Wearable Devices

Miniaturized semiconductor devices with energy harvesting features have revolutionized the way wearables use energy. Thermoelectric systems play a crucial in this context. But with...
Energy low frequency vibrations

New Wearable Device Harvests Energy from Low-frequency Vibrations

A team of researchers from Penn State’s Materials Research Institute and the University of Utah has developed a wearable piezoelectric energy harvester that could...
Toppan electronic paper display

Toppan Printing’s Electronic Paper Display Is Powered by Energy Harvesting Technology

Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., a Japanese global printing company, has developed an electronic paper display (EPD) powered by energy harvesting technology. This EPD can...
Energy Havesting for Wearables

Energy Harvesting for Wearables

One of the main difficulties with wearables is how to provide enough energy for the electronics to run over a reasonable amount of time...