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Parkinsons WAND implant

Innovative Brain Implant Reads and Stimulates Brain to Improve Parkinson’s Treatment

Neurostimulation is often used to treat conditions such as epilepsy, effects of stroke, and even depression. In this type of treatment, special devices are used to send to control the activity of the brain and central nervous system. However, currently available neurostimulator devices cannot simultaneously stimulate brain activity and record it. Related Abbott, Medtronic Driving […]
BioSerenity Epilepsy diagnosis

BioSerenity Helping Epilepsy Patients by Diagnosing the Condition Earlier

Hopital De La Salpetriere in Paris is home to the renowned brain and spine institute. Here, Pierre-Yves Frouin and a young team of startup BioSerenity are pushing the boundaries of wearable health solutions. “We are developing ambulatory mobile solutions for the diagnosis and monitoring of patients. We started in epilepsy and we’re now expanding in […]

Everything You Wanted to Know About Embrace2 and More

Since Empatica released Embrace2 two weeks ago, questions have poured in seeking to get better acquainted with the newest addition. So, Empatica, who was exhibiting with us at the WT | Wearable Technologies Show at MEDICA 2017, decided to give its users a quick exploration of Embrace2’s unique features, and address all of their curiosities. […]
Nightwatch seizure detection

Nightwatch – Wearable Night Time Seizure Detection Device Developed by Dutch Scientists

Researchers at Kempenhaeghe and Eindhoven University of Technology in collaboration with multiple partners have developed nighttime seizure alert device for people with epilepsy. Nightwatch, the wearable device is designed to wear at night. It alerts the caregiver of imminent seizure by triggering an alarm. Related Scientists Develop AI System That Can Predict Epileptic Seizure A […]
Epilepsy foundation my seizure gauge

Epilepsy Foundation Awards $3 Million Grant to Scientists for its Seizure Gauge Initiative

Epilepsy Foundation has awarded a $3 million grant to an international team of researchers to evaluate biosensors that can track an individual’s physiology, behavior, and environment to enhance prediction of epileptic seizures. Read more Scientists Develop AI System That Can Predict Epileptic Seizure Scientists from King’s College London, Mayo Clinic, Seer Medical and The University […]
Wearable predicts epileptic seizure

Scientists Develop AI System That Can Predict Epileptic Seizure

Scientists in Australia have developed a low-cost wearable that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) system to predict and alert an epileptic patient when a seizure is likely to strike. The predictive algorithm has sensitivity of up to 81.4% and false prediction rate as low as 0.06/hour. Epileptic seizures are triggered by a disruption in the electrical […]